: Shadow Performance Improvements
You should check out http://diff.pics/ for posting image comparisons, since that has better usability for this. Here's an example: http://diff.pics/PdTyNkaPHlHm/1 PS: This would obviously work better if you shared PNG images instead of JPEG.
: We walk a really fine line on the Skins team of maintaining gameplay integrity when we update audio and particles for a skin. Ultimately, purchasing a skin should _never_ give you a competitive disadvantage or advantage. In Diana's case, her Q was too dark and hard to read, and in the highest levels of play readability of VFX is everything. We upped the brightness to be closer to her base, which will make it more readable in a team fight. I hope this context helps!
I just find her Q explosion to be *barely* noticable. Technically it is already too late to dodge if you get to see it, but being able to see the proper size of the explision should help with readability for future encounters, mostly dodging it.
: MAke the Q an on hit AA enchanced ability ... then you can queue it up before the dash. It would start the ability just in front of poppy and draw a line straight in front of her through the target being attacked. This would regain some of her original feel, resolve the targeting issue, and give her some added item synergies (IBG anyone?) I posted another comment in this thread about this before seeing this post also commenting on how AA enhancers can be hard to read (which was one of the original complaints about poppy's original kit) but it could be fun to have a great audio or spell effect cue for it. Thoughts?
I prefer Q remaining as a skillshot. You have more freedom with aiming for the second proc which I can imaging would become a pain if it was an on-hit. Instead, I suggest increasing the Q range backwards a little so it's harder to miss targets you are on top of, which is quite frequent due to E. Adjust visuals too.
: [Poppy] E is hard to champs in a group of enemy units
Use the keybord shortcut to only taget champions. It's in the key bindings. I think the default is 'T'. It could also be that it's unusually harder with her E than with other abilities, but that shouldn't be related to the ability code and most likely not the issue.
: Blacksmith poppy hammer [Request]
It actually does look like on the splash, except it's not glowing. Which makes sense because there is no stove on Summoner's Rift. It would be more badass however :)
: Is this seriously something that would help anything if they changed it? You act like the whole world is ending because you're always on the left. It's not even a minor inconvenience, it literally has no negatives.
>Is this seriously something that would help anything if they changed it? >[...] it literally has no negatives. Obviously not, I only came to the PBE forum and wrote this post to waste everyone's time reading it.
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: I think the option for just 1 role would be a lot better; it would probably help those who are duoing together. In any case, it's still silly to not want to play what you were assigned and chose to do. :/ And if people are going to rage/QQ over what they got, it would probably be better/easier to dodge in the long run because you probably wont have a positive team atmosphere after that. But that's just my two cents. That argument would probably be more valid on live servers as opposed to PBE.
If you duo, you can just chose the primary of your partner as your second position. Than swap during champ select.
: Bugs found on PBE should be reported using the tool. In fact, you'd have to be logged in with a PBE account to report the bug. Good question tho.
Well, I have a PBE account but I rarely play on it due to high ping from EU, which is why I asked. Restricting the reports to PBE is also a good call to reduce the number of reports and raise the overall quality because only a limited but interested subset of people has access to it. I'll just treat live bugs as "also present on PBE" (as mentioned by Kshaya) and report them as well. Already did, in fact. The bug type selection is pretty neat.
: Report a Bug page is now LIVE!!
Should we only report bugs unique to PBE or would this also include bugs present on Live?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lux!
This definitely looks to be the best skin in a long time, but I have one concern regarding her ultimate that I haven't seen mentioned before. Basically, the ultimate (the laser) is a rectangular shape, for all her skins. That looks fine at the end, but next to Lux where the particles start it looks a bit angular and not cone-ey enough. This is a lot better with the SG Lux skin than with the default particles&Steel Legion, but you can still see the angular start of the laser particle quite clearly. Considering that you tried to improve that with this skin you are likely aware of the issue but don't have a fix yet. Please try to work on that that not only improves the visuals of this skin but also the particles of her other skins, including base, where this is way worse currently.
: I'm so so so happy that this skin is a thing now. I absolutely adore the particles, sound effects, and new animations! I would love if the new hand-on-hip idle animation was incorporated into all of her skins. There are a few things that kinda bother me though. * Prismatic Barrier's rotating speed seems a little slow. It looks like the missile is awkwardly floating away and back and doesn't quite sync up with the sounds. * The tiny red stars for the Illumination procs are kind of subtle compared to the big yellow star for basic auto-attacks. The single yellow star pops out more than the multiple red stars. Maybe the two effects could be switched for clarity? The Illumination mark is already a yellow star anyway. * Her hair. Sure it's a homage to Madoka (I think) but when both the style _and_ the color are drastically changed, it doesn't really read as "Lux" to me.
That's what happens when you get affected by magic (think of all transformations). Visually the model does not have to read "Lux" immediately because of that, imo. Agree with the other points.
: Passive needs a visual cue you've triggered it in addition to audio. Other skins have a small explosion effect when she AAs a target with illumination.
Completely agree. Individually, the AA hit particles and the passive proc particles are cool, but they are too similar. (SFX-wise also a bit.)
: Could we help Lux out?
I think making the passive provide vision to the marked champion/unit and maybe the buff for E where it continously applies the passive buff is good. It's a nice interaction and situational, meaning it doesn't just grant her raw power. Some considerable number changes would be to buff her E AP ratio slightly like Riot did with Ahri. It doesn't need to one-shot caster minions, but it should at least bring them so far down that you can kill them with a single auto + E (in that order and NO passive). Currently you need to either auto each caster twice and then pop E or pop E and then auto each once. Bringing down its *ridiculous* mana costs would be nice too. Lux is kind of hard to balance with numbers because if they are too big she just gets to destroy people with her combo and is rather weak otherwise. These two more-on-the-utility-side buffs sound like all that Lux would need to become a more reliable mage that does not run around one-shotting people.
: [Victory/Defeat screen red button]
Use F12 to create screenshots in-game. The print key doesn't work if you run LoL in full-screen mode.
: Vi's (Q)
When it happens, self-cast it. It's a known bug and self-casting somehow fixes it (temporarily).
: Click anywhere along the length of the tunnel, not the entrance or exit portals.
Yeah, do this. Riot could still add the changing cursor or flashing the border of the tunnel when you hover it, but generally I think you are supposed to click the tunnal and not the portal itself.
: Ez ult not doing damage
Probably the same bug as the other "go-through skillshots", which only happens occasionally.
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: My team just surrendered when we have destroyed enemy nexus, it was a defeat for us. It was like, watching enemy nexus breaks down, and then defeat. Fix that bug, end game when nexus is on 0hp ..
The game has technically ended as soon as the surrender vote succeeded. Any action after that will not change the match outcome. It's a feature.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Headhunter Akali!
I especially like the E particles since they finally show her range and she's not just fumbling around with her kamas. Will she get similar ones for her other skins as well?
: Health and mana bar missing
Had this as well on Akali. Disabling HUD animations made them appear again and it also worked after reenabling. Not exactly sure if this happens every game or how to reproduce.


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