: I really like this lux changes These are the changes we've needed for a while now
Yea seems cool. I think it would be cool if Lux's w put her passive on whatever it hit. This would give it some offensive capabilities, while also incentives buying lich bane which i think would up lux's dps rewarding wise positioning and auto weaving.
: it DOES completely gut the item... it has 50 base ap meaning if you have 3000 mana you get THIRTY more ap.. going up to 80 AP. rather than getting 90 more ap. going up to 140 AP. like out of all the damn things in the game to be nerfing.. they touch the ONLY fucking mana item in the game not only did {{item:3147}} get compensation buffs with a stronger blackout passive when the item got every so slightly nerfed.. BUT EVERY DAMN CHAMPION THAT BOUGHT IT GOT BUFFS AS WELL. but if its an ap item.. NOO just straight gutting... whoever though of this change needs to be flat out fired. you dont even NEED to test this.. all you need to do is look at the damn math to see the is the stupidest idea ever. does ANYONE at riot even PLAY a a single damn AP mid laner? have can they possibly have no idea how much a 50+ ap loss is going to affect champs. when the item is a completer necessity to buy.
> does ANYONE at riot even PLAY a a single damn AP mid laner? Yea not like their main play tester is a Diamond 1 cassio main http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Riot+KingCobra Yea so no one at riot play the mid lane. I feel like tear is already broken and is going to be bought even more. I think riot should add more ap mana item options that would serve as second or third buy. This means that midlaners might need to take presence of mind for late game team fights, but everyone is still definitely over exaggerating the changes.
: Why Nerf Taliyah?
They nerfed because she was the 3rd best midlaner in proplay. Esp in Korea. She can be a very reliable champion in proplay since she basically does everything they need midlane to do. also a funny thing about all these changes to mana is I bet mages still get played primarily in proplay
: Does riot even play mages?
The resolve changes probably helped mages more than assassins. Few mages actually took that as a secondary. while many assassins, especially katarina abused the resolve tree. This change hurts mages, but I feel people are over estimating it. Mages might need to take presence of mind now and actually focus on their mana pool more. I also like how you point to ad and assassins being the better roles, when support is clearly the strongest role. Supports have so much power in their kits and items that that should be the thing that everyone complains about, but alas
: Why are you nerfing the AP support item while you want to hit mages? For example, Nami/Karma get ZERO compensation while getting a big hit to their mana usage. It honestly makes zero sense to nerf the AP support item while refusing to compensate the enchanters that use it. They already get OOM very quickly in some teamfights and now you look to make that even worse, what the hell?
Maybe mages will have to look for mana in other areas like presence of mind. lol
: Spellthief's item line gets significant mana regen nerfs, but there's no mana compensations for mage supports other than Brand, Zyra and Vel'Koz? What about Karma, Lulu, Janna, Morgana, Nami, Soraka (sometimes) and Bard ?
To be fair support enchanters have the highest mana regen almost doubling some mages. Im not saying they are compensated, but they do have fairly high mana regen. And I think some of these enchanters being able to poke less aggressively and serve more as a late game threat is good(like janna and lulu), but i think for some of the enchanters it could definitely hurt.
: Lux's E still costs 130 mana, and Jhin's Q 30. And now Jhin have a higher base mana pool than Lux. Vel gaining like 20 base mana per level, while the lowest base mana p/ level in the live is Irelia with 30. ALL ther other champs have a higher mana pool than mages. SURE, IT WILL WORK, TRUST ME I'M RIOT {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yea, because 300 mana on Jhin is higher than Lux having 480 mana? Maybe the game will be less nonstop waveclear. Also ADC's are the ones to run out of mana the most often. Playing mid after lost chapter makes it feel like mana is not a resource. This will add more resource management which I think is ok for the game. Honestly the change that will probably feel the biggest is mages wanting to back at 1300 gold. Now everyone will understand the pain of not getting the hexcore upgrade on their first back
: About press the attack
I rather like the rune. I was using it on tristana and lucian and they seemed to utilize it rather will. Lucian can auto e auto then q auto and deal insane amounts of damage esp with sudden attack(in domination tree) I feel the rune is more of a bursty one. It works well on kled aswell with his w. I had a game on trist where it did 8k damage in a 30 minute game.
: Can we get Rune performance in the end of Game stats?
I agree, I also think they should show how much items did in the end game stat screen.


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