: What region are you on live? There's one PBE server and that's in L.A. Could ask you all the typical questions like: Are you sure you don't have something downloading in the backround? Are you watching youtube? Do you have pages up like facebook who constantly like to reload? Have you forwarded your ports? Have you tried to run a speed test to see if your net speed is where it should be?
Everything is fine on me sir, not downloading, everything closed exept League. I have 50/50 Mb/s internet and I have 16 ping on the normal servers. I come from EUW, but the thing is I used to have about 100 ping so..
: List of bugs i have been seeing
The Summoner's Rift is supposed to be darker, to fit with the whole doom thingy.
: Insane lag on PBE
Is there nobody that can tell me anything about this?
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: [Nidalee] - Passive tooltip spelling error
I noticed this too a couple of hours ago and forgot to make a thread about it. Here's a screenshot as well that I made at the time. (attachment)
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: [Bug][Minor][Client] Champ select screen randomly contracts.
I've had this too severall times, also on the normal LoL. Confirmed.
: [UPDATE] PBE Community Site Updates - 7/23/2013
I love this new update, finally seeing what Reds are doing haha!
: [UPDATE] PBE Community Site Updates - 6/11/2013
: [Rune pages and combiner] Huge bug after unlocking the 7 rune page bundle
This is definitely a bug that occurred when buying the rune page bundle and after that, they should definitely look into this =)
: [ARAM matchmaking] Some of the skins cannot be selected and also giving an unrelatid error message
: Thanks for the report Platinum. Good find!
No problem Riot! I'm here to help! I honestly don't get all the commotion about the compensation of EUW. I'm from EUW and play on it and I'm very happy with the 20 Win IP boost. I mean, I know what a huge amount of work Riot has to do... It's more than just making something and boom it's on the table... Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for bugs like these ;)
: A marked-as-favourite-thread is pretty solid I think. You only get notifications of the threads you want to be kept posted on. Then, there should also be an option where you can find a list of all your marked-as-favourite-threads and easily un-favourite them ^^
Yeah, something like a star button you could click behind the title that would favorite (subscribe) the thread?
: Unable to install
This is a common problem, go to your PBE installation directory: C:\Riot Games\LOLPBE\RADS\projects (example). In there, remove the 'lol_launcher' folder. Restart your launcher and see if it works.
: Awesome idea, as long as there is no annoying sound when it happens and it shouldn't distract too much
I completely agree, no sounds!
: Agreed, that's one thing i dislike in these new forums D:
;) I also hope that this will get rid of the cut posts.
: Thanks for the suggestion. We'd love to see the ideas you guys have for this.
: I like the idea but it should optional, just for those who don't like it :x Also, how about if you could like favourite a thread and those would count? And IF you want your thread/post with the notification thingy you should have to do it manualy, just so everyone is happy :) And as for Amy, if Riot wants to make a sound announcement then sure! But make it optional! :x Everything must be optional to satisfy the desire of all ! G_G
I must agree with you, 24Seven. Every feature like this should be an optional feature, so people can turn it on or off.
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: Thanks for the feedback nojito. We are constantly iterating on this experience, and I can confidently say that having a way to permanently link to a specific comment is on the roadmap (and we're actually working on it now)
I'm very pleased to hear this, RiotKrylhos. Almost every newly created (modern) forum (software) contains this feature, and it's quite handy! What I would really want to ask you: is the size of the text on this new forum design going to be bigger? I feel it's just TOO small, I do like the feel of it, but then when I see what room is left behind the posts I feel that it should be used. Another thing I'd like to ask: is the text box (the one I'm actually writing in now) going to be improved? I notice some minor bugs in it, for example: when going to a new line in this text editor the top line briefly disappears and then reappears.
: ARAM Surrender Vote -- Time change needed please Riot
I kind of disagree with this, simply because I think people will start spamming the surrender option. I personally play with a feeling like: 'Keep playing, keep positive and never give up!'. I do feel it is good that the surrender timer is going to be shortened whenever a player goes AFK or leaves the game.
: [new forum] long link bug
What do you mean with this? Usually, the url bar of an internet browser is only 1 line and can only wrap to that line.


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