: She's somewhat naked tho, i don't see shoes on her. Edit : I mean, you can downvote me but guys what the f*ck don't i say the truth? Old Eve had high heels but this one is not the same model, ffs guys : http://puu.sh/xKqiw/148facb1c9.jpg At least dare tell me where i'm wrong instead of being jeras :/ I don't bite (unlike Eve).
One of the first teasers we were shown was just her leg. With a heel. You can see them in some of her model previews on the Champion Reveal page. There's turn-around screenshots out there of all her skins where you can see her heels. https://image.prntscr.com/image/1fK0OgZJQGK3MHxIHtI9NQ.png You can even see them right in the bloody teaser video that you clearly took a screenshot from but didn't take the time to even try to look for heels.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
So far my only issue with Eve is her Charm feel a bit too hard to land. I'm sure it's not meant to be easy, but the fully cooked mark fades so quickly there's very little room for error. If you try to use your Q to charm your target so you can get as much E damage as possible, you might not have time to E before the mark expires and if you just use E to get the charm then you won't hit your E as hard as it could.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Shyvana!
Something I just noticed, but her visor could use some darkening like in her splash art, it's a little unsettling seeing her give you a wide-eyed stare when she laughs https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-hHHeiE0KpgQ/Vyj0YuzNC0I/AAAAAAAAOb8/Lxylh4TNDqYYUbzKjR2RFcChzD8j4mx3QCKgB/s1600/shyvana.jpg
: Her passive doesn't feel like a significant part of her kit. It only ever shows up when you're traveling and it feels a bit awkward to keep getting on and off the board while your moving to another wall. edit: I might as well post my thread. Yay for gloryhoring. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/Tg4c8ZMV-feedback-on-taliyah
This. It feels tacked on for flavor and even when you're using it it feels bad because you have to be _right on the wall_ to use it. I know they're not really looking for ideas, but if they made her keep the surf for a second or two when switching walls it might feel better, and making her surf on the worked ground from her Q would probably make it feel more significant. As it is it feels really gimmicky.
: I don't agree with this at all. My mastery shouldn't be tied to Hextech Crafting in any way, not when it involves RNG. I'm glad you're wanting to add these coins to give us shards so we can actually _have_ essence but it's still a bit much. These coins better not be expensive because if they are there's going to be a problem. My mastery should not be IP/RP/RNG-based. I shouldn't have to buy my mastery.
This. I absolutely hate that you have to use the crafting to get higher mastery on a champ. Because you likely aren't going to get the champ token and need at least 2 tokens to get 500 blue essence from the *ONE CHEST YOU CAN EARN ON THAT CHAMP PER YEAR* you're forced to play *OTHER CHAMPIONS* to get that one champion's mastery up. The same problem comes up from before when they brought up their plans for rank 6 and 7 mastery, it's reliant on playing the champ that isn't the one whose mastery you're trying to level up. It's a shame too because the idea of having to get S- or better on the champ to earn the Mastery tokens required to level the mastery is an **AWESOME** idea. Levels 1-5 are essentially measure of how much you play the champ, but beyond that could be an actual measure of your skill on that champ but they're ruining it with the crafting system.
: Why would you buff Jinx? She's already sitting at a 52% winrate with a decent 10% playrate i Ranked Platinium+ There is no reason to buff her. There are other ADCs who could use the little touch (Corki, Urgot, etc.)
The point of this is to make her feel better to play, not buff her (even if it clearly is a small buff). Calm down bro.
: Lemme take a look - I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. If not, we can get it fixed up! Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean directly on top of it?
Sure. What I mean is when you're within the circle(s) of the worked ground. When you're standing on the worked ground circles they light up to indicate that you are indeed standing on worked ground and fade out when you aren't, and I found it very hard to see the worked ground when I left the ground and it faded out. Here's an image I made using screencaps from SkinSpotlight's video demonstrating what I mean: http://puu.sh/oFrdJ/6b655f51d6.png It's quite visible when you're on the worked ground but just about disappears when you leave it (it's still there mind you, it's just very very hard to see).
: We realize they share similarity with Neon Strike, but we felt this name was a better choice.
My issue is more with the fact that this (and the other new Super Galaxy skins) don't match at all with Super Galaxy Rumble, which is clearly a direct reference to Gurren Lagann, both in name and theme with the drill covered mecha and over-the-top voice lines (which I realize is out of the 975-1350 budget of course). These new "Super Galaxy" skins look like Power Ranger type guys with neon colored clothes and particles. These are traits not shared by Super Galaxy Rumble, who in comparison has very tame, consistent colors and no techno-neon particles. Besides that, the fact that their robots are more robots that assist them rather than mecha that they need to pilot to fight also makes them more generic Power Ranger, but that's not a huge thing since you can't really avoid that considering Rumble is the only mech pilot in the game (unless Nunu get's skin in the future where he's piloting a Willump mech ;D) These skins are fine on their own, but they don't fit into the Super Galaxy theme at all (at least considering Rumble's original SG skin) and should at least be renamed since I'm sure it's too far along development to bring them in line with Rumble's aesthetics. If I might make some suggestions, _Space Ranger_, _Space Guardian_, _Galaxy Guardian_, or something along those lines would fit their theme nicely. They also fit well enough with _Neon Strike_ Vi that you could probably name them that.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Freljord Taliyah!
Something I noticed is her Q's worked ground is really hard to see if you're not directly on top of it. Not sure if her base skin is like this as I didn't play it yet or if it's intentional but it makes her a bit awkward to play at times.
: \>Blue hair \>Orange suit Why isn't this named Neon strike Kindred?
Seriously though. We have these new "Super Galaxy" skins but they seem to have forgotten what the first one was even a reference too.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Fizz!
: Stuck in Champion Select (in custom)
: ​ ​PBE Bugs (heh.. bug.. Kha'Zix) & Feedback Thread: Death Blossom Kha'Zix​
I noticed a pretty strange thing with his wings. You may have to look close to see it in the following image. Also pay special attention to his blue shoulder petals. http://puu.sh/nlMYL/3f12ea007e.png Looking through them makes his body parts disappear. I'm not unfamiliar with this phenomenon, looking through certain effects makes certain other behind them disappear, it's just strange looking. It's not terribly noticable right away, and I actually didn't notice until I evolved stealth (I don't even know if it does it in his default colors, though it's safe to assume they do). I couldn't stop noticing this when I finally did and now it's really bugging (heh) me.
: are you blind? I mentioned that I don't count Fire Diana. What if she didn't won the Allstar voting? she wouldn't get skin for another few years since RIOT don't want to give her skins at all. Leona is getting skin every 1 year, there are champions that get 2 skins per year, there are champions that have already 6+ skins and still get more and more very very often while Diana gets nothing for few years in a row
You can't just ignore skins that are happening, that's not how reality works...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Yasuo!
Really cool skin, a little disappointed that he doesn't have a new instrument like his other two skins, but I can get over that. One gripe I have is that his particles are a little hard to see. By that I mean his red particles, especially his tornado and windwall, are a bit too transparent.
: I -REALLY- don't like this idea. I really don't like it. Champion mastery to me is champion mastery. Emphasis on mastery. It shows how much I've played a champion, how well I know it. I have over 250k on Quinn and I feel that I know her in's and out's extremely well. I have 80k on Vayne and Nami and I feel I know them pretty well. I like the idea of champion mastery and champion mastery points. But this just leaves a sour taste in my mouth just reading about it. I don't care about the rewards that champion mastery may have to offer, I care about it from an achievement point of view and a progression point of view. Unlocking additional mastery levels with hextech will never give me any sort of a sense of achievement, nor will it give me a sense of progression - my overall skill with the champion has not magically doubled because I decided to unlock this mastery level. Any special rewards you have planned for champion mastery, just stick them into hextech. Give it a champion mastery requirement to unlock and it's the exact same thing in the end, just without the terrible feeling that I would get. Finally reaching level 7 mastery so that I can unlock the champion icon with the shard I've saved up for it would feel a lot better than piecing together shards so that I get level 7. Champion mastery is an addition that I thought was really cool, but if this comes to pass I don't think I'll enjoy it anywhere near as much. **The time where individual champion mastery tiers no longer reflect skill and dedication to a champion is the time where I can no longer view it as champion "mastery".**
This. It's ridiculous to think that I'd have to play _other champions_ (OR BUY CHESTS <:U) in hopes of getting a shard to unlock higher mastery tiers because my favorite champions only get one chest per season. Mastery is supposed to be a measure of **how much you play _that champion_**, not how much you can farm chests and keys.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Beast Hunter Sejuani, Draven, and Tryndamere!
: I was quite excited to see the poppy rework, Tristanas update was perfect. However its missing some character, I think the ultimate is good but it feels very out of place for poppy who is someone who goes in your face, has an ability to send the enemy back? Its a good skill, but it seems odd. I think the radius on the q needs to be altered, instead on a square in front make it a small circle radius around poppy (similar to riven q or w) as other people said I think her dash should take a small amount behind the enemy to help set up the q and emphasize how she should be in their face. As for a new ult, I think poppys last ult was good, but if people find it that bad (isnt it just like kayles ult? I dont see the problem with invincibility) maybe a huge boost to armor and MR for a few seconds? For visuals, Scarlet hammer poppys skin looks far too neon, its an eyesore since blue and red are compliments so they both bring each other out and I had to quit that custom game because it was so bright. I think two shades lighter/how it is in default skin is fine. For default skin, her hair seems a very very pale blonde, I prefer white, but I think in game it is too bright of a blonde, I think to make it match the splash and lighten that to a platinum blonde like the splash will look more pleasing. Her chin seems like it can be molded a bit smoother like tristana, but I think the rest of face is fine. For her voice. Im really torn on it, its nice, but it doesnt match her personality, I really liked poppy saying she doesnt know any jokes and she really seemed like the more serious yordle and it was what made her cute, she seemed really determined and confident and strong, here I feel like Im listening to tristana pretending she is poppy and, well thats not poppy. Some lines are good but it feels too, cutesy and innocent. And she keeps mentioning some hero and it makes all the lines sound too similar. I think some of her classic lines should still be there. Such as, Jokes? I dont know any jokes Valoran will know harmony If it will bring peace. I think those lines are very important for Poppy as a character and I hope that at least you consider altering some lines and remember who Poppy is as least in character.
Her voice and lines being "out of character" is only when compared to old Poppy, which is kinda the point. She has a new character and personality. Cutesy and shy but still tough is her character now and is much more intersting in my opinion when combined with her new lore. Before she was tough and that's about it, she has more to her now. She much more endearing and that alone is a pretty unique trait in League. We've known since the rework was announced that it would be 'Sion level' and that meant a complete overhaul of the champion, character and all. As far as jokes go, I think she still doesn't know any :^)
: -Feedback- **Q** - i wish it was splash around champion or just more clear zone of aoe. it is tricky to hit sometimes. **W** - Feels good, not just push to the wall but disable escapes or counter aggression. Radius is a bit too big. **E** - This one is tricky. When Poppy pushes forward without wall hit she creates an empty space between champion and target wich is bigger than autoatack and even Q so it is hard to land both on target. It feels like she pushes targets from herself, when she clearly must stay near. **R** - It is better clarify in description that ult just knocks up if not channeled. And it is not clear in what radius targets are sent to fly. I still cant feel that "danger zone" and neither animation nor skill frame shows it. It feels a bit random when u cant zone close targets from eachother. Charge mechanics is also a bit strange: it is either maximum or minimum not as smooth as Varus Q, mb there is a reason. **P** - I just dont see on model when passive is charged. Shiny animation are fused with model and it is hard to read. Model: God, this face is creepy. Shining everywhere, my eyes are in pain. Yellow shining. VO: Repeats too often on skill cast, just like Caitlyn. Skins: I hope you will make difference in skill animation, because my "~~black metal"~~ Noxus Poppy feels bad right now. I want to see noxian rage in yordle eyes. Not the pathetic "paladin-style" thing. **MORE GOTHIC NOXIAN STUFF.** On the same reason all other skins feels the same, even color difference in shining will be enough. _Shining again._ When i first saw new Scarlet Hammer Poppy 1st thing i thought was "Kill me". How is about make it give a piece to refresh your passive when blocking a jump? So they fall off like coins when enemy crashes into the area with sound of church bell. Collect all the shields. And make refference to Draven or Mario. Rework is nice. Just a few cosmetic and balance stuff to work with.
Yeah the Q is a bit wonky. I swear the damage is a bit bigger than the vfx. I too noticed her E does have a bit of a knockback but I personally dont have much problem following it up. I think the ult being either min or max is intended, you either knock them up or send them blasting off and I think the range being binary is to help solidify it for the Poppy player. Definitely agree on the face. It's almost offputting when compared to the splash, which is much softer where ingame it almost looks like you could cut glass with her chin.
: I definitely noticed that too. Her splash arts are mind blowing, but in game the face is off-putting, the chin feels far too angular compared to the slash arts, and feels bloated compared to the rest of the body because of the smaller eyes it seems. I hope they tweak it a bit before release.
I noticed this too. She's not nearly as cute ingame as she is in her splash :(!
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Graves is a top laner now I guess? So what does Hurricane do for Graves now that he has that crazy passive?
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Will there be a cap on the stacking Jinx passive attack speed? I get why it's there (offset the attackspeed lost from rockets) but +75% total attackspeed seems a bit absurd. Even if there's no champions to take down at that point there's still towers and such that could be nearby, and the scale up during the fight still seems like it could be pretty huge. Maybe limit it to +30% total attackspeed?
: I will try Quinn jungle. With these changes it looks like it could work :o.
It already works great dude. Early clear can be tricky but it quickly becomes very easy to farm jungle without taking any damage thanks to the blind. If anything her jungle might be a bit harder now that there's no AOE blind, though you might clear camps faster with the new Q, so we'll see.
: Kha'zix Target Indicators!
You should probably add some sort of targeting sound like with the Mecha skin too, currently you don't even have to watch for isolated targets you can just hear the targeting beep.
: The new skins are not buyable
: New skins not selectable
Noticed that purchasing them doesn't do anything either. I load up the store again and there they are waiting to be purchased again. Edit: still subtracted from my IP by the way.
: [Poll] Should Kindred's Passive Deal % Missing Health Damage?
%Missing Health would make them into another AD Fizz before they changed his W (when it did %missing HP on hit), synergizes WAY too good with BoRK, not to mention a passive on-hit execute would be OP in general. Just build a ton of armor penetration, Kindred has high base damages to finish opponents off with.
: I'd like to try that tomorrow when Kindred is available again. Although I have to say, bork and runaans seem like a rough first build since none of her abilities scale well with bork. I'm sure it'll be devastating when finally built, but it seems like a rough mountain to climb. It's almost like picking a champ who's ONLY good with Sated Devourer, if that makes sense. I'll try it.
None of their abilities really scale well with anything lol BoRK is to stack %currentHP damage with their passive, and Runaan's to apply the damage to two extra targets as well as apply it more often thanks to the huge attackspeed it gives.
: Is hurricane good on Kindred?
Hurricane is good for team fighting, definitely. Applying large amounts of %currentHP damage to multiple targets is huge! I'd replace BC and ER with Last Whisper and Youmuu's though. Armor penetration is important on Kindred since they have low AD scaling but lots of %HP physcial damage, and Youmuu's has that very nice active as well. I'd probably still get AS boots though because more AS = more damage but speed boots are good too. I would not build lucidity boots on them them though because her Q goes on a static 2 second cooldown inside her W, making CDR practically useless in fights because you aren't likely to use their W or E more than twice if that even with 40% CDR. A build I would suggest is this {{item:3931}} or {{item:3714}} > {{item:3153}} > {{item:3006}} > {{item:3142}} > {{item:3035}} > {{item:3085}} Can probably switch Youmuu's and Hurricane around if you go Warrior instead of Devourer and are ahead. This build (especially the Warrior build) ignores a ton of armor (almost all of the armor on carries unless they build some) so your passive and BoRK can dish out a ton of damage and quickly whittle down targets. This also benefits their other abilities as well as they have high base damages but low scaling, for when you're fighting alone and don't have teammates to finish off opponents as your %currentHP gets less effective the less HP they have.
: Unfortunately, there is nothing "quick" about a deploy, even to the PBE. We have a ton of bug reports to work through already so the extra day of testing was not worth the time and effort of the team that would need to do the build and deploy.
Unfortunate indeed. Waiting a day isn't a big deal anyway, I was just curious. Thanks for the insight, and good luck with the everything you're working on!
: [WE'RE BACK FOLKS] Kindred disabled until 9/18
Can you really not just quickly deploy the fix? It's been done before has it not?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Shadowfire Kindred!
Beautiful skin. Only thing is I think Lamb's fiery hair could be a bit more opaque near the base, it's weird seeing her tiny, round head behind the mask and under the flames when her base skin has a more full looking head thanks to the hair.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
Love the champ! Very cool stuff. Their aesthetic and kit and everything is awesome, but I have a gripe about her E. It feels really weird to use. Up until the 3rd hit it feels fine, but Lamb's different attack animation and using Wolf as the projectile throws me right off every time. It feels really inconsistent and even a bit slower. Edit: Something else that occurs to me is their Q could use a radius indicator at the end of the dash range indicator for the shots that are fired after the dash.
: Hiya! Thanks for the feedback! We don't have plans to make any of the visors toggle for the PROJECT: skins. The loud ult is a known issue and we're working to tone it down a bit. Not everything was completely mixed before hitting PBE, so you'll notice some adjustments to several of the skins' sounds before the end of the cycle. :]
Wonderful! I can't wait to hear it :D
: I mean, going off the Metal Gear style we're pulling here, why not just make her hair an edit of her original with Mistral's style? http://www.metalgearsolid.be/images/preview-metal-gear-rising-ph-personnages-11.jpg I was really hoping for a whole set. Zed being Monsoon. Fiora being Mistral. Leona being Sundowner. Yi being Jetstream Sam. Toss in a new Sion skin instead of Lucian and you have Senator Armstrong. Instead everyone has this weird white hair. Maybe Project Warwick for Bladewolf and Technician Lulu for Sunny, and we would have had my dream skins. In my opinion not all the project skins needed full helmets covering their faces. There should have been a lot of partial-covering faces allowing their natural hair and such. The skins are too uniform as is.
I'd argue Yasuo is closer to Jetstream Sam. But anyway, Fiora looks more like Raiden if anything.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: PROJECT: Fiora!
Love the skin! The only thing I'd add is a pink streak in her hair. That's kinda a signature thing with Fiora and it'd look good on the skin. Love the heavy Raiden inspiration by the way! The visor is awesome, especially how it opens during her recall. It'd be really cool if you could open/close the visor manually like with Night Hunter Rengar's hood Edit: something else I just noticed is her ult is way too loud. It sounds like a jet taking off or something
Rioter Comments
: Just got back from a test session on PBE. I found a lot of issues: 1. Crystal placement- The positioning is mediocre at BEST for teamfights around jungle objectives. It also is janky around camps- for example, at red buff, you can't hit one of the little guys with your Q unless you're on the very edge of the crystal range (I'm talking just past the visual effect, where it's dubious that Skarner should even have the crystal buff). If you lure it out you can get it. But the little guys don't move so much. Also, if you want to get the movespeed while going through the jungle, you have to micromanage your pathing cause the range just barely clears walls. 2. Crystal buff power- The attack speed sucks early game. I lose more hp doing camps than with the live Skarner. And that's the camps IN RANGE of the crystal buff. It's probably also due to the Q-auto cooldown interaction being nerfed by half on anything but monsters. The mana regen is really nice. The movespeed buff is really nice. But the attackspeed buff? WW was attacking as fast or faster than me. And I lost that fight, with similar items AND positioning so that he was tanking red buff the whole time. (lvl 6) 3. Skarner feels TERRIBLE to play if you aren't standing on, or at least near, a shrine. -Ganking- If you don't have ult and your lane can't burst the enemy within 2 seconds, don't do it. You might be able to get them low, but you won't finish them off. Skarner has VERY little sticking power once he uses his E. Several times in my testing, ganks which would have been successful on live skarner weren't even close on this version of Skarner. -Dueling- Skarner has mediocre up front power at best. Once you get past the first 1-2 seconds of the fight, forget winning. You'll be lucky to make it out alive. And if you by some miracle do start winning, he has no way to keep up with a fleeing enemy, other than using his ult, which he had to use to win the fight in the first place, so it's on cooldown. -Teamfights- Skarner can lock down a player temporarily. After that, he walks around slapping people with a cooked noodle. You can easily ignore him the whole fight if you engage the rest of his team. 4. Early tankiness- he isn't. At all. Couple that with no damage, and you've got a recipe for extreme team reliance. 5. Speaking of team reliance- I'm just glad their team didn't invade my jungle at all. I had a hard enough time keeping dragon and baron crystals, even with mid and top constantly roaming to capture them back. 6. W changes make buildpath larger- You need more items to be tanky. Before, the high base on Skarner's shield meant that building CDR and resists made you very tanky, very fast, and deceptively so. Now, you need a bunch of items to get that tanky (although, you do get tankier at some point) That's all for this round of testing, I'll see about testing him out some more tomorrow.
As far as ganks go, he sorta feels like Warwick, almost worthless without ult. Riot says Skarner is just "run at guy" (he certainly is not) but Warwick is the definition of "run at guy." Really, Warwick should be worked on here in this "Juggernaut" update, not Skarner.
: I realize that a lot of Riot's decisions regarding the game can often undergo serious backlash (just like the HUD update), and I emphasize with Rioters about all the negative backlash they receive for things they possibly spent a lot of time on. I am typically one who applauds Riot for their successes, rather than shame them for failures. I have enjoyed the other reworks they have put out over the past year or two (My favorite possibly being Xerath's). The only last time I was seriously disappointed in Riot, coincidentally, was with their first iteration of Skarner's rework (the one prior to the addition of his stun). I regret to say this Skarner rework may possibly be a much bigger disappointment in my eyes. As a long standing Skarner main, it seems like Riot did not concern themselves with maintaining Skarner's identity. In my eyes, Skarner has always been about sticking to an enemy champions, dealing sustained damage in fights, as well as using his ultimate to pick off champions on the enemy team in skirmishes and sometimes teamfights. Skarner has always thrived in skirmishes much more than he does in teamfights, which is most likely why he has not seen competitive play (Organized teams who stick together have always made it difficult for Skarner to do his job). It seems like whoever was behind this rework really liked the idea of adding this new passive to Skarner, that they completely gutting him outside of the zones trying to balance him. His Q feels super sluggish and unresponsive in the jungle (due to the nerf to his Q passive against monsters and the removal of the attack speed/movement speed bonuses), and as a result, his first clear took a significant hit. Prior to this rework, Skarner could solo clear Gromp, Blue buff, then Red buff, and come out at around 75% health or more. Now, Skarner emerges from this route with ~20% health, making it unwise to try and gank after. Additionally, Skarner lost all his stickyness with the removal of his Q bonus movement speed and with the nerf to his base movement speed. Skarner is going to have a MUCH bigger issue with kiting, and its going to make it make him feel much more useless. Skarner's high movement speed has always been something very fun and unique to his kit after the removal of his Q permaslow, and I'm quite sad its being cut. Lastly, while the new passive definitely makes you feel strong within its zones, it leaves you feeling VERY weak outside of its zones. I personally find this passive to be very gimmicky and not viable. It seems like rarely will you ever fight in these zones, as it is very easy for teams to step outside its confines are return you to your sluggish and weak state. Ultimately, I am unsure as to what this rework hopes to accomplish, as it will leave Skarner in a significantly worse place that where he currently is. I'm sure I am not alone when I ask you to please refrain from taking this rework to live servers. I'd rather you keep Skarner how he is on live and have you call off all plans to rework Skarner, but I know the odds of that are very low. So instead Riot, I ask you to revise your current approach to Skarner and possibly come up with a new rework altogether, as this one seems to be such a misfit in regards to keeping Skarner as Skarner. Thank you to all of those who read this comment.
Something I liked about Skarner is he played like a "stabby racecar" as I believe someone put it. That's how I played him anyway. Stabby racecar fun. In comparison, this Skarner plays like a like a tricycle with a foam bat. Tricycle not fun.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Riven!
A few points: * Not a fan of the bright yellow jacket, it sticks out way too much and not in a good way. Personally, I think matching it with her shorts would be a better route. * I feel like the aqua/blue/teal/whatever on her sword could match her visor a bit better, or have more distinct colors if it's meant to look like a powerful sword she found that doesn't necessarily match her outfit (like in an RPG or so). * Something _very_ subjective, I personally think her hair would be better some other color (maybe white like her default hair with the blue highlights she currently has or maybe green highlights), I just don't feel the green. * The SFX on her W could have a bit more impact. On her other skins it sounds louder and heavier, like a _ki burst_, but here the sound is very underwhelming and much less noticable. Overall though, you guys did a great job. Really like the particles and her recall is especially fantastic. As well, me and a friend of mine noted that the skin looks very "Kingdom Hearts." Might you have drawn some inspiration from there? I mean she even has a keychain on her blade o;
: Runeglaive Changes
I'm going to miss the phys->magic damage conversion. It was an interesting interaction and made things a bit better for those AP junglers that used it. AP Fizz jungle was one of my favorite things to play in the last couple of patches because of Runeglaive. It's really disappointing to see Riot change the item so drastically just because one or two champs used it out of the jungle. I can see why they would make the AOE on monsters only change but if you ask me that's the only change that should be made at this point. They should see if champs like Ezreal still pick it after that before removing the damage conversion. Right now the damage conversion is the only reason to pick up Runeglaive over Lichbane or some other AP item because lord knows the mana restoration barely helps, and the waveclear just isn't needed. To use Fizz as an example because that's who I was using it on, the mana restoration at best gave me a free Q or W and I usually clear most camps with just Blasting Smite and E. It really did help me most outside of the jungle, where all my damage was now Magic Damage thanks to Runeglaive making 100% of the damage from my Q magic, making Void Staff that much more effective. If they really want to make an AP item for the jungle, they're going to have to scrap Runeglaive and give us something more useful. Maybe they should just bring back Spirit Stone
: > [{quoted}](name=Bladesteel,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=gVxTtEcV,comment-id=000200000002,timestamp=2015-06-10T03:19:14.575+0000) > > Then do red or a different color than yellow Silver!!!! MErcury Zac :D
Or white! Uh.... vanilla.... soft serve... zac. yeah, that's it. Nailed it
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Teemo!
Wonderful skin, I can't wait to see the new mushroom model when it's implemented. The only major gripe I have is he hasn't many special taunts. He taunts yordles (and not even all of them, also Zilean, a total of 6 special taunts on him), and only one of them is a top laner. More taunts for more top laners would be nice ***cough***[Dunkmaster Darius](http://i.imgur.com/AMcyBQ1.png)***cough*** Seriously though, amazing skin. I can't wait for it to hit live.
: Really love the skin, my compliments to who handled the animation its really smooth and makes him feel more alive (i enjoyed watching his goggles actually react to him moving) only thing that caught my attention was his cloak/cape sometimes stretched like {{champion:154}} during the final phase of of his recall animation
I've noticed that too, I think that's on purpose to give the quick upward movement a little more emphasis. It's like how Dunkmaster Darius's arms stretch like Mr Fantastic during his dunk animation to add some oomph to his powerful slam.
: They're still changing some textures, for example the Dragon Pit :)
I liked those new textures they had for a short period. The seams and whatnot were rather unsightly of course but the overall darker look of everything was cool. Plus the dragon pit texture was cool as heck
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Headhunter Akali!
So I played around with this skin, and I love it. The sound effects are satisfying (I thought they weren't added yet?) and the particle effects are pretty. I have but one gripe with it. Seeing as how she has that mouthpiece, I think her voice should be modulated similar to Project: Yasuo, Full Metal Jayce, etc. I think it'd really top the skin off nicely and make her feel more like that weird futuristic Predator type murder machine. Also her boots look like metal slippers and I find that a little silly. Edit: Something else I just remembered is the new recall doesn't have a wind-down animation. She turns and walks away as she fades out with her cloaking but then at spawn she's crouched down in her idle stance again, uncloaking. Giving her an animation where she sort of walks in while she uncloaks would be cool.

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