: Aw man the enemy team had an insane comp. A good shaco will snowball out of control, run around the map and place traps everywhere and just murder everyone from behind and he will almost always escape. Granted every single champ in the enemy team is OP (Leblanc is impossible to chase) TBH if I was you, I would’ve just quit. I feel so bad for you!
We wanted to :/ I think the most painful part about it is we all tried super hard to just shut down Jax, we came up with different strategies on voice, and nothing worked it was exhausting.
: I personally don't even 'kill' people as Shaco. I let my allies do all the work for me. I just take more pleasure in being this sneaky sack of shit clown putting 'presents' everywhere.
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: Snowdown ARURF needs some serious balancing
Jax, and Tryndamere are HONESTLY a problem. Irelia can be dealt with but Jax constantly dodging no matter what, no matter who is on your team, even if you have a Maokai, you will probably lose. It's not fun to just be one shot then not have any escapes honestly it's just overall frustrating.
: Did Maokai go tank? Also, always get Red Trinket vs. Shaco.
Yeah he went tank. Feelsbad. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Riot games sacrificed a game mode for a theme.
https://i.imgur.com/ZTRvLzm.png :] Here's shaco ruining the game for us ! Singlehandedly!
: Maokai URF
https://i.imgur.com/ZTRvLzm.png You think Maokai is broken? Try this.
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: Please refrain from insulting people on the board for future reference. Just because you ran out of things to say, doesn't mean you should insult others.
Insulting? Lol, relax. Stop mini-modding. You're not cool.
: I'm the nicest Queen of PBE. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Cool another girl gamer, my name is Jasmine, don't feel special sweet heart. The reason why we have the boards is to speak up. Take a break baby, it's past your bed time.
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: Only 1% all players on PBE are testers.
I wanted to test but my ms skyrocketed on PBE then the game crashed and disappeared it was weird but maybe its fixed now?
: The store has already been re-enabled. Riot has limited skin purchases to a few skins, namely the Death Sworn skins that need testing. They will also be keeping the loot system disabled for the time being. They will return sometime after the weekend.
I reset my client the store is still down (im also new)

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