: Out of curiosity, could you see the new splash arts in your client? Any of the skin arts for Rek'Sai, Thresh, Malz, Elise, or Sejuani?
Nope. If I click the empty space next to their last skin then the champion screen turns black apart from an empty splash border and I get the option to unlock the skin (if I have yet to unlock it).
: Raptor Cloak was removed from HA since Ohmwrecker isn't available on that map. I guess Zz'Rot Portal isn't intended to be on other maps than SR. But yeah, it's disabled from SR for some reason. Probably they want to deploy the 4.21 patch next week and aren't 100% certain the item is ready for it. It's missing SFX/icon/particles and there were a few bugs to it.
That makes sense. I hope it's back soon! I didn't get a chance to test it and it looked like fun.
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