: New HUD Feedback
What happened to the framerate and ping bar?
: I swear if people complain more about his R nerf...
It was the biggest Nerf in the Univeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerse!!!
: Could you elaborate on "darker"? Just looking to understand your complete meaning here. The previous Kass was rather bright in value, so the current one is significantly darker in that sense. [Seriously.](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZrRp-aZTa-Y/VOzs5V7nXdI/AAAAAAAABgQ/BgrNFRhebfk/s1600/kassbasecompare.jpg) For darker in color, I've seen some people ask for him to be more Black and less Purple, and I've also seen the opposite. I'm assuming you mean the skin tone?
I love what you guys did with Kassadin! But I would just make his skin tone and probably his clothes a tiny bit darker (but not a lot darker... just enough for him to look less "like a toy" as someone here said). And perhaps add a bit of shine in the metalic parts of his armor... and maybe in the patters as well? - that's just an idea... not sure if it's a good one :D Thanks for your time
: http://imgur.com/W1G2K44 Isn't this model like 1 year old ? This looks more like a texture update. Pretty dissapointed.
Hey! I was just about to post that! XD
: Kassadin Voidwalks in!
Kassadin Update: YOU JUST MADE MY YEAR!!!!! :3
: Good grief! These kind of discussions are really hard to objectively approach, given how quickly they hit hyperbolic ends. I'm saying this not because I don't want to discuss these things in a civil manner but because you've created a situation where that's not possible. I really dislike giving visibility to these 'methods' of holding discussions hostage by having the most aggressive stance. So while this can't be the case, I do wish this discussion could be between me and you (but I can't, and I do want to address this): *you're not being blunt*, you're stating opinions and using them to beat us up in the most aggressive way possible. You have certain points in here that, honestly speaking, I might agree and engage with (obviously not nearly as black and white as you represent them), but that's not a way of 'holding our feet to the fire,' that's just shouting because things aren't as good as you expect them to be. Genuinely speaking, it's great and I love that you have such a passionate stance as to how quickly we should be iterating, how correct our designs should be and how balanced the game should be (at least your view of what a balanced, healthy, awesome game is). That feedback with that intent (a shared desire for a great game) is fantastic. Right now, however, that motivation is completely drowned out by what appears to be your desire to be right and vindictive. It's our job - and we love to do it - to parse that and see what your real desires are ("he really wishes we could work faster and address player pain faster, got it"), but that in no way excuses you to be so aggressive in making your points. Not only does it make it even tougher for us to see what you're truly trying to get at but it reinforces this culture of hyperbolic shouting to get points across. We have a new forum and my genuine hope is we can have more civil interactions from it. I just think people need to take responsibility for the feedback they give - while this is a relationship where we totally accept that it takes more sympathy and empathy to get what your big pain points are, there are still real human beings on the other end of the conversation and I'd love for you to respect that.
Just ignore those people, they are probably just mad at their lives and probably are the people we call flamers and get reported in every match... Anyways, I'm thrilled to see what you will bring us now!! Can't wait to play in the new SR live with all the new changes! XD Btw, I'm relatively new to LoL so I don't know exactly how it was in the past years but is the pre-season right after the end of this season or is it a bit later? And is the new SR going to be released with the pre-season or a bit later? Thanks for your time
: The E is both a setup for big Q's (armor shred and slow) and a poke tool when you're around minion waves with the extended range.
Im not even a Sion player and now I'm thrilled to play him! You have done an amazing job with him! ;D And that kit is amazing! Seems like a lot of fun! Sions mains must be proud. Btw and this is off topic. Do you know if Kassadin is getting a VU or a texture rebalance at least? I main him and I feel like you guys are forgetting about him... His model is probably the worst after Sion's old one... It would mean a lot to me if you replied. Thank you for your time.
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: I had some good reception to this post, so I wanted to just flesh it out a little further! --------- Rebalancing would be repairing any sun damage, or filling in any chips in the paint. Maybe even just washing some dirt off the car. (LeBlanc) A Texture and/or Model Update would be repainting your car. You might even add a spoiler during the process. Man, what a cool car! (Anivia, Renekton) A Visual Update would be like if you decided to completely redo the chassis of your car. It's still the same car in there, but holy crap! That thing looks amazing! It looks like a completely different car... but the engine and all the interior parts are still the same. [Kinda like this!](http://imgur.com/gallery/bFAGq/) (Karthus, Twitch) A Gameplay Update would be fixing up all the problems under the hood. Problems that you don't really see just by looking at it. Perhaps it's running slow, or the gas mileage is acting funky. Perhaps the engine isn't working at all, or perhaps it's just the Check Engine light that's on. At the end of the day, you have a better car, but it probably looks the same. Since you're already working on the car though, you might consider making it look better. (Soraka as a basic example (though she's getting VFX), Sona as a more mixed example) Mixing a large scale Gameplay Update and a large scale Visual Update would be as you'd think. You're fixing that engine, and you're spit-shining the car. Damn, this car is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. (Heimerdinger, though it was over a few patches) There could be larger projects too (hi Sion!), but those generally get pretty specific to the case at hand.
Hi, it seems that nobody remmembers Kassadin ({{champion:38}} ).... XC I know he got a particle update (relatively) recently but his model still looks pretty terrible.... And some of his skins don't even match the spash art... So... are you planning on giving him a model update? I would be happy if you guys do a texture update like you did with Akali and Nautilus (they look awesome btw ;D). I've been waiting for sooooo long to get the slightest visual upgrade on Kassadin and I see champions that are not a huge priority getting VU's and TU's....... Plz reply... It would mean a lot... Thx for your time.


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