: playing against nocturne/sivir with it is even worse.
Go bot lane against {{champion:15}} and {{champion:25}} ... Sivir gets a {{item:3140}} and {{item:3814}} and {{item:3102}} and takes {{summoner:1}} with {{champion:25}}'s black shield + a {{item:3222}} . Anti CC duo of doom.
: CC him, focus him, that aint hard i guess ?
CC ? With MF? Sounds great. Especially that shitty ass 28-60% slow which is barely enough to kite him for 1mm. And even if you focus or cc him it doesn't bring shit because in the time while your team kills Garen they get killed by the rest of his team. Oh did I even mention there is a summoner spell which he can use when you try to kite him? {{summoner:4}} Thinking before typing. That aint hard, I guess ?
: ARURF Feedback
This is probably the shittiest game mode Riot ever came up with. It's **ALWAYS** one sided stomping and that's it. Nothing special, nothing fun, and especially nothing balanced. The whole ARURF is just 100% garbage and I never played a game/game mode that was this bad. I'd honestly rather play 30 years Snake on an old ass phone than one more round ARURF. (Personal Opinion. But I'm not the only one who hates this trash game mode)
: ARURF is a terrible idea and should never be allowed to make it to live servers again.
I agree. I don't mind if they remove it. Tbh this game mode is trash. The entire game is about which team gets the most cancerous champions. It's not about fun or skill or anything like that, it's literally about which team has more luck... That team is going to stomp the other team and will have fun while the "not so lucky" team is tilted to the limit and thinks about to ragequit the game. That's crap. Even if it's AR URF there should be options like both teams get only tanks or assassins or fighters, whatever, but it's really really really hardcore unfair if your team has for example cait, ashe, kindred and the enemy team gets champs like kata, zed, lb, talon, kha... If Riot will not change anything to make the game a bit more balanced or at least fair or fun I don't really think it will perform well on the live servers. People will probably hate this game mode and play it once or twice and never again.
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: To be clear, damage number aren't completely turned off. We've just reverted them to the normal numbers you're used to. For a while there URF had crazy huge numbers as part of the 2015 joke, but we don't really need them anymore.
To be honest I really liked those extremely high numbers, it was kinda funny that you could never calculate how much dmg you're going to take/deal...
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: Not a bug.. you just displaced yourself during the jump animation with flash, thusfore cancelling the damage and knockup effect.
Go to 0:39. I think that's what he means
: Riven Bug in practice tool
It happens in normals aswell.
: Katarina hitbox delay
Are you living in the EU ? Or somwhere else far away from NA ? Because in that case it could be a delay caused by the distance lag. I'll just upvote this...
: Bug in my newly created pbe account
I think you have to relog to get lvl 30 and buy something in the shop and it will refresh your IP/RP balance. Just read [this](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/G2h6QTbN-useful-information-for-new-pbe-players), there are all informations about new pbe accounts.
: Zyra Q mana cost going up???!! ARE YOU JOKING?
"Unlike most mages she has no way to stop a melee champ at all (Roots animation takes up most of the Roots duration)" {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:21}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} Movement speed, Slow, Kiting, + she has a snare. More than enough to stomp a melee Champ. (Except it's a full tank with a s**t tons of mr)
: Additional champions to Blood Moon game mode?
{{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}}{{champion:4}}
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
{{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:143}} Some of these are more like... Mages, yet they can still 1-100 you in 0,1 sec... Maybe you should add a few of them to this game mode.
: it is really annoying, i don't think Warwick should hear it at all especially obnoxious because it's fucking global so I have to hear it while i'm clearing camps on the other end of the map
Like I said: It's just annoying and useless.
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