: Downloading patches on pbe takes longer than on live?
To add a bit more explanation, I haven't been on pbe in a few months and theres a 2GB patch. at 30kbps that's insanely slow lmao.
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: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
Can you CUT OFF THE PIZZA CHIN. in game she seems like she's just.. got a really pointy chin.
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: Solution for the Unintentional Queue Dodging Epidemic
How bout if a ban isn't selected in time, it moves down the list? Aka if theres five people on your team, three bans - one of the people who were banning misses it.. The ban goes down the list. The two people at top being 'failsafes' incase someone skips a ban. Honestly if someone has a champ selected, it should auto-lock in. If they do not, kick them. They don't require an initial pick, I go in alot and just don't chose anyone and its fine.
: [Client] - Champion Select Crashes Masterpost
I dislike people who blame the people for it crashing Alot of people are acting like "Oh your dodging your a dodger, someone didn't give you the champ you wanted." No, people I plead you remember that this is a bug causing crashes, don't rage at teammates for disconnecting.
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: Kindred not what I expected
I think we should wait for the lore really.. before we judge? I mean.. kindred is something special. Something new. Just a marksman made for jungle makes me cringe- She'll be camped in her own jungle- vi walks up and smashes her face in. She is going to be weak. I think they could do with maybe making wolf somewhat sentient, with maybe he could attack camps on his own accord and farm the jungle for Lamb? Like.. If Wolf targets a camp, instead of waiting for kindred to go for it - he will leave her side after a set amount of time and start attacking the camp? It would go slow- it would make lamb a bit weak because shew on't have wolf. But wolf would beable to kill the camp and bring her back a nice juicy damage boost. This seems a bit like.. "What?" wolf can't be damaged. But maybe he could just continuously drain the camps hp by attacking it. or set it into a 'panicked' state and make it run through the enemy jungle. Giving a greater chance for the enemy team to find and steal the camp from wolf. Maybe let him actually 'hunt'? Lamb seems to be content with just wandering and killing but wolf wantsto HUNT. He's not able to though, and that's just.. sad. It's like caging a dog and not letting him run. Lamb will already be weaker without wolf around - aka her w would be useless and her e would be too. It would be like when she casts w, she has to wait for wolf to zip back across the map to her. wouldn't take 'long' just wouldn't be immediate.
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