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: My game's freaking out
Having this same issue right now.
: Issues with Games not starting - Report here!
Happened to me today and yesterday. But doesn't happen that in all games. Some games start just fine.
: Your client is broken
We all have that problem right now. It creates what is called "ghost games". Well, I'm sure Rito is working on the fix ;)
: About the PBE server
I play with a constant 350-400 ping simply because I know that there is no solution for now. Imagine managing 2 or more PBE servers. Imagine pushing all the updates, corrections, information to all those PBE servers. BTW, everything AMY said is true.
: I thought this was pretty funny. Though this does show that the new Maokai skin (meowkai) isn't available in the overview yet.
It might not show there, but you can buy it. Just go to the last skin and put your mouse a little to the right. There it is.
: Game Crush
Just came in to upvote "Game Crush" because it sounds funny :D it's "crash", not "crush" ;)
: [PSA] Here is the list of skins you can NOT get from hextech crafting.
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: I think that certain skins such as victorious and pax are not available via hextech crafting
> [{quoted}](name=jimmy th brave,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=ZVd7o0mk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-06T18:05:06.159+0000) > > I think that certain skins such as victorious and pax are not available via hextech crafting That is correct since this system applies the same criteria as mystery gifting. Also, I believe we can't get the "Riot" skins this way. I used almost 300 premium and normal boxes and didn't get any.
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: [BUG] Quinn Ult (Bird Mode) does not disengage upon walking on Nidalee trap
That's no bug in my opinion. "**Taking damage from champions or turrets, or suffering immobilizing crowd control while Tag Team is channeling or active ends it immediately, and puts it on cooldown. All other damage instead briefly slows Quinn and Valor.**" <- That's Quinns Ultimate.
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: Mastery Page Names
Relog or wait a few minutes. That happened to me today and now is just fine.
: No IP or RP , limited to normal draft or tutorial.
Read the FAQ please. It says everything there. Or just play a game where you get IP rewards.
: How are PBE testers picked? Any skill required?
That is actually a very bad idea. League of Legends aren't meant for ranked (or Hi Ranked) players only. Remember that ALL of us were new to the game at some point and we made a lot of mistakes when we started. PBE also exists for us to give RIOT our opinion about what will be the best experience for ALL players around the world, good or not so good. Did you stop to think that maybe the other team wasn't interested in winning and just wanted to test something within the game? Or maybe they decided to throw the game off to give you the win because you endured so much during those 57 minutes? I've done it. Why can't others? And don't forget that to be invited to play in PBE, Riot needs to know you've been in the game long enough and you helped enough players to qualify. This is RIOT's PBE FAQ: "Since our goal is to get the best possible feedback to improve the game, we're looking for players who are highly engaged with League and have proven to be a positive influence in the community. We're also looking for people who give excellent feedback. Visit the PBE page to apply or check the status of your application. Sometimes we look for specific types of players, depending on what we're testing in a given cycle. For instance, if we're about to release a new tanky support champion, we might invite a batch of experienced Leona and Taric players to help us out." Just check this link please. -> [LOL PBE FAQ](
: What do you mean by "those champions", you mean the ones that are meant to be testing?
That's a nice excuse for bug-abusing. But I'm not judging you or anything.. I'm just pointing out that some players won't turn a new page ever and just go into PBE to play what's OP.
: Create a way to make notes during/after a game in PBE
: yeah, i took the laptop to my otherplace and i could download it without any problem, but ofc when im back to my first place and going to play some PBE its a new patch so i cant {{item:3070}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I feel sorry for you man..{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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: New TB and Duo Bot lane
have you tried to queue as supp and adc? because I've seen premades doing that and they found the games as fast as I did (around 4~5 min).
: Cant patch
It is usually a internet related problem. I experienced it myself a few days ago and noticed that i had an unstable wifi connection. Once I changed to cable or got a stronger signal it downloaded okay. Maybe you should try one of those.
: Caitlyn is now saying ''boom headshot'' every time she headshots someone.
My first reaction to that: "HAHAHAHA! Amazing!" Everytime after that: "Damn this is getting annoying..." So yeah, I have the opinion that she should be scripted to say that maybe in a few minutes or like when she shuts down someone or maybe even when she gets the best of a very difficult situation.
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: Actually, the 0 rp/ip is indeed visual. As soon as you buy something, you force the system to update your amount and it will accept the purchase. Did you by any chance try to buy the champs bundle? Playing a game also works, since the end of it gives you IP and thus forces you to update the amount. The problem with this, however, is that some people cannot select the FTP champions and thus cannot even start a game. I have never seen relogging work for players but if it works then I won't complain
The store will say that you don't have enough IP/RP to complete the purchase. It happened to me when I started on PBE. And champions bundle wasn't working at the time.
: The 0 rp and ip thing is visual. They can actually buy stuff, I'm fairly certain. Wouldn't know but I'm like 95% sure. You raise a good point, have my +1
> [{quoted}](name=Lunar Umbreon,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=47i4gm1H,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-04T20:43:19.179+0000) > > The 0 rp and ip thing is visual. They can actually buy stuff, I'm fairly certain. > > Wouldn't know but I'm like 95% sure. You raise a good point, have my +1 This is wrong. Visual or not, I tried that in my first day at PBE and didn't work. I played a game since I was very eager to test anything and voila. You can also relog.
: Question about runes!
Hi, You have the free rotation. Just play 1 game, doesn't matter if you lose, just make sure its a game mode where there's IP rewards for playing. That should update your RP and IP. Easiest solution, just restart the client.
: Please, Please, PLEASE Stop Banning Champions We're Meant to be Testing
I'm sure you've noticed those champions are also banned to prevent in-game abuse. Many players like to troll even in PBE so we just ban those who are more likely to reduce the gaming/ testing experience for everyone.
: I believe that's already the case, these two are just in a duo custom. The chance to get a game with bots in the _featured games_ box is just so small
I assure you its not just the 2 of them. I spectated some of the games featured in there and all of them was vs Bots. You yourself can test it out. Maybe just happened with the 3 games I picked.
: That's just a custom~ Probably just a duo, since you need 2 players to start one.
I know that, that's why i said "Shouldn't we be able to know if players are playing bots as well?"
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: [Visual Bug] Summoners spells a little misplaced out of border squares
: Bug: Ward skin is blank in shop
Not just the shop, when you buy them, even when you select them it doesn't have the icon. You can still use it ingame.
: My account was stolen
Please give us a little more detail. Anyway, you should send a ticket to Riot and explain your situation, not just make a thread with the Title: "My account was stolen"
: New features
**This is Riots Official FAQ:** **Where can I find information on PBE updates?** The primary source of information on PBE updates is the list of stickied threads on the PBE Community, which will be created for discussion of new features, champions or remakes. Keep in mind many PBE changes aren't yet (and may never be) ready for prime time. At this time we unfortunately can't provide detailed day-to-day lists of changes that go to the PBE. **How can I find other testers on PBE?** Join the "Public Chat 1" Chat Room on the PBE client to coordinate with other testers. You can take the following steps to auto-join this Chat Room when you login: Upon starting up the PBE client go the "View your Chat Rooms Control Panel" button located in the center bottom of your friends list tab 1. Click "Public Chat 1" to join the Chat Room 2. Click the gear in the top right corner of the chat window 3. Click the "Autojoin on Startup" Button for more information, please check the [FAQ](
: LoL Pbe Europe Servers!
I'm all in favor of having our EU PBE server. The problem is the costs and maintenance needed to keep it running with the latest updates. Imagine all the work they have with the actual PBE server in USA. Now double that work and the number of people needed to make it run. If that's not enough, think about the number of players needed to play there that actually are going to test the game and submit bug reports. I play with a 250 ~ 350 ping and I'm not happy about it. Still, I enjoy the opportunity to be helpful and to be able to test the game and be part of one of the biggest communities ever.

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