: Then make the small ones pop so he has to wait for a second time? The 4 second channel is totally fine. Obviously it's not as long, but small krugs don't take a long time to clear anyway.
yea it feels kinda weird that a full clear doesnt give ivern as much gold/xp as it gives to others :/
: The thing is he bypasses the "wait" for taking Krugs. Riot will have to figure something out to compensate for that.
Aye that's true, maybe taking them should just take a bit longer or something like that :) Or maybe that they Split up and after that Ivern can instantly clear them, just like he does with camps where the large creep already died.
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: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
Guardian Angel is acting weird. It happened to me that I got Skaarl back in the second I "died". When I got revived, I had Skaarl. In other Situations where I lost Skaarl anyway, I got revived without him. I didn't test it yet, but I could imagine that you get revived WITH Skaarl too, if you get one-shotted while being on the mount.
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