: I have played in all the rounds so far and I am going to give my two cents about the team builder so far. 1) It has expanded how I play. I never jungled until I started playing team builder and now I love the role. Great farm, fun ganks, and minimal lane partner bull. 2) You guys have a big problem. People just don't want to play the support role. Almost every game I play in has people waiting for this role to be filled. It is because playing this role is not fun for most people. When you play the game 'right' (i.e. meta) it means you need one person to pretty much remove themselves from the game. No CS, self-sacrifice early game, and become irrelevant for the second half of the game. I think you guys are not going to solve the lack of enjoyment in this role by going with team builder. Which brings me to my suggestion. 3) Free Item: Supporter's Ring - all CS deaths within a radius are given 100% to the nearest ally and 30% to the wearer. This item would allow the support to engage in CS but at the same time make sure the Carry is fed. This plus a gold item would allow the support to have a full, engaging gaming experience and thus solve the lack of satisfaction with the role. 4) Various Sightstones - like with the jungle items, it would help people purchase and use these items more if they added to the build. If I am playing AP, have an AP/CD style sightstone, etc. This would also help supports develop a more focused, useful build that adds to their mid/late game Finally, I want to say that I really like team builder but it just won't solve the support part of the puzzle. No matter what you guys do you are going to have to make playing support not equal anti-fun to most people. Otherwise team builder will not survive due to the bottleneck.
Before i let my opinion loose on this topic, I would like to state that i main support and use my opinion as support on your suggestions. Starting off with your sightstone idea. I like the idea, since i always end up not fully warding the map with a ward limit of 3. The warding trinkets everyone else has just have too short of a duration and not everyone uses their full potential. Though your sightstone looks a bit too much like the warding trinket. As for the item, I do not agree with the idea. It would give about the same amount of gold you would get from the current items, given the fact you choose the right one. Plus, if the support and adc keep cs'ing, it will result in a minion-less lane every once in a while, making both sides wait for the next wave. Aditionally, a lot of supports prefer to stay in the bush to apply lane preassure or pull off pokes or initiates. The fact that support is just not played as often as the other roles is sadly hard to change.
: You should be able to change Summoners, Runes and Masteries once you are in the Team Lobby. Please let us know if you see this problem today! The only thing you cannot change in the Team Lobby is Champion, Role and Position.
I based my review on an earlier teambuilder test, the previous one, if I'm correct. So it could very well be possible there was something wrong with my version of teambuilder, or just not updated.
: Team Builder will be coming back on Monday (2/3) and Tuesday (2/4) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM PST!
My thoughts on teambuilder: -Not being able to switch summoners, runes and masteries can be annoying since you might want different ones for certain teamcomps. But it will stop people from picking last minute teleport revive (which doesnt happen very often). -I suggest making players trying to find a match able to select multiple champs so that the host can pick one of them that he thinks will fit in his teamcomp. -as for ranked, I suggest people only being able to call positions and roles using teambuilder, then the match will be transfered to draft. This will help get rid of the AP Nidalee "supports" or Sejuani mids as well as people that are forced to play a position that they are not familiar with. -My last suggestion is just an idea that might or might not work out: a few seconds before you go to the loading screen you will be able to see the enemy teamcomp (in normal, not ranked. Since ranked would be in draft). This will allow you to change summoners, runes and masteries as well as discuss lane swaps. Feel free to leave your own opinion!


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