: Draft Pick Champ Select Timing Improvements on PBE
I think the runes are the biggest cause for stress. Sometimes at the end of the draft, I have to figure out things on the fly. I think making the tree icons bigger so it's easier to switch between trees would help a lot.
: My first game... hasn't commenced yet
They just need to modify the queue system for new champs. Not a problem usually, but with the increased PBE playerbase (which is good), they should schedule queuing for new champs rather than let it be RNG-based.
: @Riot: The PBE needs to handle dodges differently.
Feel like a simple solution is to change the way queues work for new champs only. So when you queue, there could be a new champ option. Click it, and you select a _future_ time slot where the new champ is available to you. The amount of new champ given out/hour could be moderated based on popularity. Then, when that time slot comes, that queue becomes active, you click it and automatically get new champ in the lobby. All others queuing normally would have new champ disabled. So those that know they want new champ have certainty of when they can get him/her and can plan around it. All other testers would queue normally and know they won't have access to the new champ unless they go through the alternative channel. Is it perfect? No. But it's simple and it would reduce uncertainty and queue dodging.


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