: He has to click "I want to help." Be sure you're logged into League of Legends with the account that was accepted. Then click the link. By default, the link refers you to the PBE sign-up page for NA, so if you're EUW or EUNE, change the “na” part in the url to whatever region your account belong to. Otherwise get to the PBE sign-up page manually by going to a search engine and search for “na pbe” (or euw/eune depending on your server) and use the link from there. If you (still) get a Error 500, spam that refresh button until it works.
ok i tried but now it says that something went wrong etc., i'll try later
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: My opinion why Malphite should be nerfed a little bit.
it's not malphite itself, it's also because the defensive mastery tree offer him way too mutch benefits early and lategame, also the last whisper now afflicts only bonus armor and deal with him it's a bit harder imho
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: My god Riot does not like Mordekaiser's w. More like "Sharecropper of Mild Disappointment"
maxing e is still better for the base dmg and the shiel value it gives, also the q scales with items, not by base dmg
: Mordekaiser Q should be rebalanced instead of nerfing W
seems a good idea to rebalance q, since w is almost only utility. What made mordekaiser so strong after the juggernaut rework is the sterak, it's ridiculously overpowered on him and with dead man's plate and triforce he can get the mobility he needs. I also suggest to rebalance the shield value cause it's a bit strong since now he builds ad and hp mostly, turning him in something almost unkillable
: I hear ya but most of the champions I mentioned with be outclassed by one of the better pick. For example , Renekton. He is tanky , does a lot of damage , has CCs and gap-closer. He can easily outclassed Garen or Darius and will contribute more for his team.
renekton gets outscaled pretty hard by both, since he is basically a lane bully. Darius can decimate your team with his ulti reset and new passive and 2 90% slows, while garen now will deal a crapload of true dmg to the "villain" of the moment Also, upvote for the nickname.
: Mordekaiser Build Discussion
i am more for a rylai instead of the gunblade since the slow is mutch more reliable
: [Discussion] Is this new Juggernaut rework suitable for Garen, Darius and Mordekaiser ?
i agree for most of the parts, but you are complaining about the mobility of theese champs when riot said that a juggernaut is a "tanky pg that deals dmg and low mobility"
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: I believe MF needs something more
I dont really like your idea on ult, it's a burst when you are totally immobile and in the end of it you obtain nothing, since on mf it's better get ad and penetration rather than too mutch as
: It is already posted. Look below -_-
slow connection because i was on vacation, didn't noticed. Less salt in replies pls
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: Hmm, i thought all tanks cleared that slow... you mean Rammus has a slow clear speed? (I mean leave Sej out of the equation she is weird)
i'll leave some exemple: -nautilus: a % hp shield that deals dmg over time and protects you -sion: sane as nauti, but he also has his aoe knockup and the e that deals a shitload of dmg to minions -gragas: % hp smack and passive for sustain -maokai: sustain and nice clear speed -shyvana: no sustain but a very fast clear speed -nunu: insanse cleare speed and sustain then we have rammus: - no sustain at all, high mana cost, his w gives armor (tons of it at least) and a wanna-be thornmail that does little to no dmg to camps, the only thing that helps the clear are gromp and his low cd ult, but both of them are not so reliable so mi idea of giving him bonus dmg on camps on his w could help
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: Am agreeing with SGTJENKS if you look at 5v5 teams then you start to notice a couple of regularities TP/SMITE top has a couple of strengths #1 TP is TP it does what TP does i'm not discussing it #2{{summoner:11}} is interesting because unlike before it now effects champions: lets look at what smite tops are taking you have {{item:3717}} over {{item:3709}} {{item:3721}} and {{item:3725}} Poachers is ALMOST useless in terms of jungling in general <- i said almost And trailblazer is a BAD idea for top Chilling is good but gap-closing hasn't really been a problem and flash is much more reliable. But, Challenging smite: This smite is{{summoner:3}} AND {{summoner:14}} in one, it works well from BEHIND and works well from AHEAD Now, Tdub, a question, why is Cinderhulk the only item that is taken top? Because the only 2 decent top laners who can Smite/tp top are Hecarim and shyvanna. why is that? because {{champion:120}} has E which gives him mobility and his R gives him more reach than flash {{champion:102}} has W which gives her increased mobility and an R which gives her a little more than flash. Both champions have 2 mobility spells, which means that they can match up against other champions who have 1 mobility spell + flash which gives them 2 mobility spells, however that only EQUALS what these two have on low cooldowns... Now, why cinder-hulk, well after having eliminated the other 100+ champions we now have two people that: Do OK with AD But don't really need Armor Pen neither do they need CDR so warrior's is out Neither of them really benefit from AP or Penetration, so magus is out and while Shyvanna can and does benefit from AS, an expensive snowball item with few beneficiary stats is not what you want. this leaves cinderhulk because reasonably, a top-laner CAN go for a sunfire cape! And this sunfire cape also has Exhaust, Smite, and Ignite in one, which makes it very strong, however it has some weak stages, especially if ganked often as A. Hunter's machete is worthless for the 400 G it is, and dieing early traps a top-laner... so it has that problem because you're still easy to gank and are further behind than the other top-laner because you have bought no useful stats. i DON'T think CinderTop is going to stay a thing... its already (somewhat) falling out of favor.
i'm very agree with this, there is counterplay to cinderhulk (anti-tank champs, anti-tank items etc.) it's only about to learn how to work around this
: what do you think about luden's on new ryze?
i kinda tried it and it's not bad considering he can basically spam 2 rotations of his spells, it's like a mana cassiopeia version. It gives also mobility and a bunch of ap
: Iceborn might be a viable option now and considering it has more mana and adds a slow to Ryze's basic attacks, you're basically CC locking enemies.
so instead of a burst mage is getting more as a dps mage like rumble or something, right?
: Ryze Update Gameplay Discussion
considering the mana ratio on his q reduced, he won't deal too mutch dmg, but even having low ap ratios, you can't even play him ap. i sincerly dunno how to build him anymore
: Ryze Changes Thoughts
i didn't feel it deals THAT damage. q)55 / 75 / 95 / 115 / 135 (+ 40% AP) (+ 6.5% of max mana) to Fires an orb, dealing 55/80/105/130/155 (+.55 AP )(2/2.5/3/3.5/4% maximum mana), cooldown increaed by 0.5 secs w)MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 60% AP) (+ 4.5% of max mana) DURATION: 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 to Ryze instantly roots a target for 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 second(s) dealing 65/95/125/155/185 damage (+ .40 AP)( 2.5% max mana) magic damage Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 cd increased by 3.5 e)MAGIC DAMAGE: 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+ 35% AP) (+ 1% of max mana) MAX MAGIC DAMAGE TO ONE TARGET: 150 / 210 / 270 / 330 / 390 (+ 105% AP) (+3% of max mana) MAGIC RESIST REDUCTION: 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 to Unleashes an orb that deals 50/68/86/94/112 (+ .3 AP )( 2% max mana) magic damage and reduces the Magic Resist of its target by 8/9/10/11/12% for 5 seconds,stacking up to 3 times. After hitting, Spell Flux bounces to up to 4 nearby enemies and Ryze before returning to the original target. Instances of damage on the primary target after the first deal 25/34/43/47/56 (+ ,15 AP)( 1% max mana) damage. r nothing to say, it's awesome the point is, the q now is more efficent when you have more ap than mana, and items like frozen hearth are not so cost efficent or worth buyng THAN BEFORE cause you bring 30% cdr from rank 3 ult, so i don't realli know if he build path after rework will be still the same
: Recent Item Changes
i am agree when you say that now there is no early penetration item, what about make the phage upgrade another item itself? so you have a third penetration item for tanky-ish champs and leave the black cleaver what it is now
: I have a better suggestion than completely buying Chroma Packs by IP, RP or Mastery Rank. Why not all 3 together? You could need to unlock them by Mastery Rank then are able to buy them for RP and you get an discount if you pay with additional IP. Sounds ok for me.
it's like, you have insufficient rp so you have to play even more to get something you still have to pay, i don't find this a grat deal
: Omega Squad Teemo - Reccomendation
gonna upvote this, it seems still too cute
: Rammus's W's interaction with Dragon
this is actually relevant, till you simply cut off him from being usefull on objective control. You still have the cinderhulk passive btw
: URF = NURF?!
n-urf is negative urf, so... yes it's for april jokes
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Omega Squad Teemo!
: Varus Q cooldown change/buff discussion - ADC vs. AD Caster Varus
during trades on lane, it helps to proc more times his w passive pre 6. from AA+AA+AA+E+AA+AA+AA+Q to AA+AA+AA+Q+AA+AA+AA+E+AA+AA+AA+Q again, and that's a lot of dmg
: Leave Juggernaut in the Game - Removing it is a Massive Nerf to Elise
maybe what am i goingto say is pointless, but you can still use the elixir to have some tenacity at least for the lategame
: Bard Bug Report Thread
bard nash-drake ult bug Step to reproduce: 1) dmg consistently drake/nash 2) ult the pit hitting drake/nash WITH at least an ally or an enemy espected result: nothing as changed actual result: drake/nash regain a big chunk of health
: You should probably report this to bug thread on Bard. I also wondered about DoTs on Baren and Drake and they are affected by the ult.
thanks for the hint, i also laughed cause baren is a tobacco lol
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: The DFG replacement
unlike statick, the passive scales on 15% ap aswell, so the more ap you get, more will be the dmg on the first spell. Think about a tf card with that item, it is a nice burst on mid-lategame and gives you mobility
: The item "3751" or "Bami's Cinder" discussion
i am a fan of tenacity, but that item is extremely gold efficent considering that it gives you a sounfire-like passive for only 1000g. I think that it works better with pure-tanks oriented pgs like nauti or malphite rather than fighters like j4. i don't realy like on support cause it forces you to buy a sunfire cape, that is not so worth considering you have to spend gold in utility items and vision
: Cinderhulk, great item great idea bit too strong atm.
i notice too teh fact that the dmg of the passive ramps up very quickly, btw it makes junglers like sion, nautilus, zac very strong combined with the new gromp passive. Damn i never cleared that fast with nauti in my life
: Firecracker jinx
also, splashart has too mutch boobs
: Rek' Sai can use Hydra while burrowed
i think it's like activating randuin's while burrowed, hydra's active is not coded as a basic i suppose
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: I second this. Please make the rune page tabs movable! BTW, it's not OCD, its CDO! :D
it depends on your language xD
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: > [{quoted}](name=Pierma,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=WixpjoZd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-18T00:35:38.017+0000) > > her combo at early levels with ap runes of 3 stack q and powerchord leaves enemy adc with 1/3 of the hp with little to no counterplay, her zoning potential in ealry game is too huge While I concur that Sona can deal a huge amount of damage if she goes AP runes + pen. that also means that even a sneeze can kill her. IMO they need to go really slow and with small changes when adjusting her damage, she's known for her poke aftear all.
considering the fact 40% instead 50% is not that nerf at early stages of he game, so her ealry poke is still nice
: Riot has stated several times that they will not open an EU Server. Playing with 200 ping isn't so bad, btw, your max delay is about 0.2s, if any at all.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheAceInShades,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=EmJEAMju,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2014-12-17T03:19:29.664+0000) > > Yeah since monsters in the jungle scale by the average of the team levels junglers can fall behind very quickly unless they are the highest leveled they will be in danger. Eve has no sustain to make up for the slow risks adding up. Yeah, and it wasn't really that bad when the initial pre-season patch was released. I have been jungling with Evelynn on a 3 different preseason patches and it has gotten worse with each consequent patch. At first I was starting at gromp and I could get it, then get blue, then wolves, then base and go to red. Then they made jungle a bit stronger and I had to choose certain masteries and micro a little bit, but I still could do it. These days you can't even get Gromp without a strong leash, so this jungle path is now unavailable, so you just gotta abuse the soft reset on Krugs, because this is the only way that's left that doesn't slaughter her. The problem is that you can't even micro against gromp, so the only thing you can do to make it better is to position yourself in the best possible way, then smite it and start smacking that Q button and auto it. But the more Riot changes the game these days, the less HP she has left after killing Gromp, but there is NOTHING you can do to avoid taking so much damage. Hell, you can't even go cloth 5 because you are forced into machete since it gives like 30% of the jungle rewards.
with lifesteal quints and starting with e (which now applies on hit effects), would it be better?
: My thoughts on the 12/16 Corki changes and why I think it's bad (if left like this)
i think that if they are going to increase the mana cost they have to compensate by lowering the cooldown
: Nautilus shield value comparison and possible ideas to give him strength in the jungle
i like the shyvana treatment, otherwise nautilus is a high cc tank for mid-lategame teamfights, so the little nerf in early is higly compensated to the capability to be almost immortal in teamfights
: Seriously, think about this Sona nerf
her combo at early levels with ap runes of 3 stack q and powerchord leaves enemy adc with 1/3 of the hp with little to no counterplay, her zoning potential in ealry game is too huge
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