: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Thresh!
Plz Riot, another blood moon skin and we will have a full team! {{champion:412}} support {{champion:84}} mid {{champion:98}} top and Kalista adc. All we need is a jungler! But it looks so cool! Good Job, Rito! (PS: Pew Pew)
: It's almost like the Level 1's and 2's that don't know the abilities are assigned to hotkeys, and so they click the image icon for the ability at the bottom of their screen. I too, wish that bots were smarter and had better decision making. At least make the Intermediate Bots available for custom games PLEASE! They are much better than the "Beginner" Bots by far.
I see where you are going with this. I would like there to be a difficulty based on your level. So if you are level 13 the bots would act like they were the same level. They would program all levels with level 30 being the best and level 1 being the worst. Also I would like to see IP and XP earn when you are playing against bots on your level. Thank you for all the feedback on this thread! Grog to you!{{item:3028}}
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