: Can you tell us what the old bugged AD ratios were?
Probably whatever they were on release, something like .55-75
: "a few more Silver Bolts procs never hurt anyone" its true
Not sure if best pun on this board yet, or unintentional and still the best pun on this board.
: Champ Select Timer Changes - Seeking Feedback
A few thoughts: 1. I find that rune/mastery selections feel "flimsier" than skin selections. Skins take up a large portion of the screen, have a satisfying audio cue when selected, and the one chosen is prominently displayed and highlighted. Runes and masteries don't give this feeling. Despite being something I will change almost every game (whereas I'm never not going to go Spirit Guard Udyr), there's a lot less feedback and confirmation of rune/mastery choices. Even Summoner Spells feel like they're given their own space: a popup screen, and the icons prominently displayed. 2. I want every last second possible to choose runes and masteries. Whether it's because I forgot, or someone AFK'd and didn't swap champions with me, I might just need that last second to switch things around.


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