: Camera TFT
Same issue. Regardless of the bug, it would be pretty cool if we could move the camera as we wish! At least for the victory screen. No? :)
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1 World Championship Skins!
Overall I'm impressed by the designs (especially the color schemes), but I have some important critics about Ekko, Zac, Syndra and the Kkoma ward : {{champion:154}} : His hair color mixed with the color and style of his helmet and other aspects of his skins evokes too much what would be a Zac Star Guardian skin. That's disturbing. That's why I think you should change his hair color, or change the "hair style". I don't know. It's really a beautiful skin but now I mostly see a Star Guardian skin... {{champion:245}} : The skin itself is gorgeous to the point I bought Ekko and 20euros of RP to buy it...**BUT ** now I'm really skeptical for 2 reasons. Firstly his recall animation lacks fluidity and something special. Right now it's not only cheesy but a bit weird because his movement stops in the air for no reason. Maybe you wanted to emulate an "anime style" through the animation, but it looks not polished, very rough. Especially when you compare with Project Ekko at the same price or even the last part of the (awesome) recall animation of SKT Olaf. The second reason is his vfx that are very weak, limited, when you compare with Project Ekko... I'm thinking about his W that lacks details on the bubble itself, for example. I have high hope behind this skin because the art style is incredible, but I clearly won't buy it if it looks like a scam. Don't give up, it has an incredible potential. **Kkoma Ward :** My only issue is his skin color that doesn't evoke a Yordle but something from another planet. I think you need to change it or at least tweak it. It's too purple and curiously it makes me incomfortable because this alien thing has no race. {{champion:134}} : Her balls look half finished (when they are on the ground if I'm right). It lacks a translucent effect above them to make the vfx blend together. Otherwise I think Jhin and Nami feel really finished (and great) and the recall animation of Olaf, Nami and Zac are perfect.
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: Opinion on Plants
You complain about the plants for not being "exciting" enough or a "positive addition" because you think they are only there to randomly save your ass from a gank. The plants are little objectives that make a low mobility jungler more viable (dash in and out from the baron's pit), a low sustain champion more viable, etc. Many people don't realize that the plants slightly increases the diversity of viable champions and matchups while making the outcome of the games less decided by the draft and counterpicks.
: Here's the problem, the plants are dumbing down the game. Sure it's easy to clear wards now, because you have another free way to do so. You don't have to invest your own gold into vision control as much as you used to nor do you have to risk personally walking your ass into a bush on the other side of the river to sweep for wards. The honeyfruit is beyond busted. It allows laners to just take 10 steps into the river and get a free heal....even if they took a horrible trade they don't get punished for it anymore because poof...FREE HEAL.
If you're not smart enough to take the heal before your opponent, that's your fault.
: Plant Spawn System Iteration 10/25
I hope you don't kill your idea too much. If all the plants become predictable, we'll fall back in the "optimal route" meta for the jungler and the role will become more complex and boring in the same time. If both teams were able to ping or know (written on the minimap) where the seeds are, it would solve the bad impression that some players have (especially those who didn't even test the changes on pbe..).
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: Position Preference In Testing
_(Sorry for my english)_ The idea will please many players but I don't think it will solve the real problem : the rejection of many players (low elo players at least) for the support role. I always mained support, I love that role but you should admit that most people don't want to play support and when they are forced to play it, they troll. Of course, a 20/20/20/20/20 distribution of players in each position will never happen but you really should work on the support position. As a support we're not rewarded by the game, the system. The only gratification comes from ourselves only and smart teammates who understand what we're doing for the team. - "Triple kill" "Pentakill !" : Who cares about the support who peeled for his laner ? The game congrates the killer only. - Oh you roam a lot and successfully gank and kill the enemy jungler while your botlane is warded for your adc : Too bad you lost so many xp ! Poor boy ! Stay afk near your ADC, you're his dog, especially when he's doing bad. - You buy a sightstone and ward strategic spots because that's an important part of your role : Well...everyone can ward now. You're not special. - You get some kills : half of the playerbase hates you. - You die to save a laner : no thanks. - Gold starving and laners who don't give a shit about your relic shield passive. - Your adc dies out of position : half of the playerbase will blame you for not being there (to die with him I guess). - Other lanes have badass champions with flashy plays. Support players have to play slow "good guys" in most cases. So basically, the support role is not sexy. For the majority of players, playing support is being a victim even if good supports can lead a whole team. My wishlist : - Stop punishing roaming supports. - Break the cliché of the slow support with slow spells, etc. Create some high mobility supports with flashy spells (more focused on utility than damage, with a high risk high reward gameplay (I loved playing the old shen support for that reason)). - Reward the good supports through the UI and some specific items that help the whole team. The vision game was great but for some reason, since you gave 2 yellow trinkets to everyone, I really don't feel special anymore. - Take a look at the support champions created for the game Battlerite. They don't feel like victims and some of them can make some flashy plays (Sirius, my main).
: 1) You can't help people not knowing the game mode, it's new and they're new. 2) You win some you lose some. Or just 1v9 like every ranked game. Learn to enjoy losses, make the best of every game. 3) This is a fun game mode, not LCS. Stop worrying about metas and other stuff. You're not losing any lp. It's nice to spice things up once in a while or it gets too boring. 4) Report them and Riot will take care of them.
1) The game mode has been playable 2, 3 times or more. I don't blame the "newbies", it's just that the game mode is nearly too complex to be a temporary "fun" mode that most people will try 1 or 2 times before going on another mode. 2) Tell me how you 1v9 in defense. You can't be everywhere and destroy all the enemy constructions by yourself. 3) Read again. If you stop worrying about valuable strategies, you'll be fucked because most players just want to win the safest way. I'm with you and that's how I'd like to enjoy this "fun" mode, but that's not the reality. 4) Reporting them won't fix the fact that you can't surrender a whole round (with afks) without being punished.
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: YO. It's time for some SHEN REWORK TALK.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} _ slow clap_
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: [Teambuilder Draft] Primary "Fill" Should Let You Exclude a Lane as the Secondary
I think Riot won't implement it because it's a bad idea for the matchmaking. Everyone's gonna choose "fill except support or jungle"... Like the actual teambuilder and most drafts. I'm a support main and I don't want to feel forced again to play this role to avoid longer queue times.
: We have a report system; use it. It works :> Go to the public chat and make friends with people there. Play games with said friends~
I've been hardly insulted in champ select. I reported the guy and made some screenshots for Riot but his account is still there, after one month. So I think Riot doesn't give a fuck, and just want data from PBE.
: Agree. The buffs to minions when you have an advantage now is absurd, making comebacks extremely difficult/almost impossible. Its just going to be "win lane, win game".
The buffs to minions of the winning team AND that crazy nerf to the turrets. Now, the more you wait, the less you can destroy enemies turrets like they destroyed your squishy turrets before. I have no words to describe that...
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: could probably be added as it's own report offense "refused assigned role"
We need to report them before the game. Why are we forced to play with a troll ?
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: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
Suggestion regarding her R : Make her fly above the walls, but while being unable to see in bushes. When she call Valor, make the noise audible by anyone, like reksai/Sion but in a much more limited area. This way, we might feel an hide and seek game. (I never played the new Quinn but people in my teams complained about her, so...)
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: The wrong direction of Zac buffs and what needs to be prioritized by Challenger Zac player
I appreciate your view on the subject. By the way, what are your runes for Zac ? thx
: still there are others he can test. he can also test in custom. and he is able to test hexakill. everyone is either gonna ban ekko or play him. I think that those who only come to play ekko and nothing else don't deserve pbe. (most don't even bother using boards either)
Look my match history, I don't care that much about Ekko. I just don't understand some trolls
: can you be more specific? or give more details about what happened.
1/3 of hexakill games, some ask to ban Ekko. 1/2 of Hexakill games, Ekko is banned.
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: Ekko Feedback Thread
I like this champion but this is my critics so far : - I really don't like his posture, it's too impersonal and it reminds me wukong. Why a kid who can control and PLAY with time has this frightned posture ? Like he was chased. It's a little bit the case but to feel SMART he must share a sense of nonchalance, arrogance and "mystery". When I see him, I want to feel something between "catch me if you can" and "I'm waiting...;)". In my opinion, his lore and powers don't match perfectly his visual attitude. - His spells effects are fancy but too complex to understand in the middle of a teamfight (when you play against). There's not enough clarity, especially with his W. When, for example, a Bard and a Lux use their AOE spells in the same time, I understand **nothing**. I don't know when I should avoid the circles, I don't know if it's my team or the enemy team and, seriously, there's too many little things to look at, between the circle, the "shadow", the animations inside the circle(s), the sounds, the little "high tech" logos. I'm sorry because in 1v1 it's pretty, but in a teamfight it's a visual nightmare. - I didn't played him enough (only customs) so I can't critic the stats, but I feel his Q is way too perfect. Great damages, easy skillshot, great slow, without risk. - I don't like his additional skin. Not really original and there is not enough details on the texture, the colors. Looks sloppy to me.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
I'd like to play him as support because I see so much potential, but I think I'm gonna wait many days before a team let me try without dodging... {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Bard Skin
I just played a game with the regular skin. it crashed as well.
: [General]- Experiencing substantial Bugsplats
I confirm. I played Bard and I think it crashed when I met the enemy bard and too many spells/assets or whatever were on the screen. All my team was crashing all the time... Especially Kalista.


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