: Can you take a ss of it? I did what you did (maybe I did it wrong) and I saw flashes, but nothing significant, at least for me. And they weren't over the wall, they were on champs and minions in lane.
I will try to get a ss/Recording of it
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: Ashe Bug
the first shot on any target not slowed by ash's passive will not be a crit ever. if you are last hitting you will never crit. if you auto things continously they will always crit but at a lower damage output
: Well, it turns out, it's just that Ashe can't crit anymore. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/KWbANxMr-meddler-is-ashes-new-cant-crit-but-gets-bonus-damage-from-crit-chance-a-test
Ashe does crit but ONLY and always when the target is slowed from her frost shot. the way the math goes is its your crit rate (chance) is 55%+ the 110% but the IE gives a 50% crit damage increase being added to the crit chance increase as a multiplier. 55%*1.5 55% + (22.5%) = 82.5 (rounded up to 83%) my thing is she would be losing overall crit damage compared to every other champion, but be critting more often. so would it be more benificial to just invest in flat damage with an IE?
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: Cinder hulk bugged
It isnt the ratio on it is off, its the speed its applied is .1 or .01 ssecond instead of per second. it is also range bugged on amumu when he has his W on, it expands the range of the Cinderhulk to that of his W.
: I've played a lot of quinn lately. Never had this bug happen to me yet. I've always had my passive proc after "vault"
i noticed it in a ranked game on it today and tried it out on some minions, its sketchy and seemed to happen more in the game. Might be an intended action between graves smokescreen and vault though.
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