: Ezreal must be nerfed (Evidence)
He had 21 kills and 0 deaths at the end of this game, I'm really not sure what you expected.
: Account locked?!?!
You trying to convince the rioters or anyone on the boards isn't gonna help you, this thread could just cause you more issues than you already have. Rioters will only lock your account if they have evidence that you've scripted, they don't ban on what-if statements, if you have scripts and they have evidence then you will be banned, that's about it. I suggest cleaning out your client and starting fresh on a new account, since if they have evidence, lying is not going to help you
: I can't confirm; hovering the tribute penalty debuff, I get the [normal message](https://imgur.com/a/bdlIJs8) (practice tool). Maybe a difference between normals and practice tool?
May not be occurring in practice tool, not sure why it wouldn't though.
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: Scuttle Is Invincible
This was already fixed, not sure how you're getting this & cannot replicate it
: Chat feature that needs a big flashing light
If you disable it once then it's disabled for the future, some people just don't realise that they left their mic on and the best thing you can do is hint them about it, that's why most people disable it altogether
: Singed Q damage not being applied
As far as I'm aware that damage isn't supposed to stack, so it's intentional
: Braum making no sound
Any skin in particular? More specifics would help Rioters with their search ^^
: That is for Windows XP **Service Pack 2** Service Pack 3 still supported, they mention that (a bunch of times) in that post. > If you're on a 32-bit OS, you can download and install Windows XP Service Pack 3 Plus, a similar problem appeared in the client before. They solved that one, why no this one?
> The only versions of Windows compatible with the latest protocols are XP Service Pack 3 and above for 32-bit, and Vista and above for 64-bit. I assume you don't run 32-bit Windows, if you do, why?? plus you didn't specify which SP you're using in your official post so had no clue
: Can't Start The Game
Riot dropped support for Windows XP about a month ago, so you'll have to upgrade to Vista or later to play it, more info [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/210106803-Dropping-Support-for-Windows-XP-Service-Pack-2)
: PBE dosn't show ban card
If you were banned you wouldn't be able to log in at all, It'd just tell you to check your associated email address to the account right at the login screen, are you sure you're banned?
: Can't View My Profile or Anyone Else's. Friends' Levels Not Showing Either.
Hello, have you tried repairing your client using the Hextech Repair Tool? That's the first suggestion we usually give, if that doesn't fix it let me know
: Cant do anything after loading game.
If you have Discord, the overlay they have seems to be causing issues for many players, so disable it, if you don't have discord then let me know!
Noone can help you buy that skin, if you didn't get it from your "Mystery skin" then you won't be able to get it at all. It's not a skin that needs testing that's why the price is so high.
: Victorious Morgana
Like Savatasher said, you can only get it from a mystery skin, if you buy all the skins and don't get it by then you won't be able to obtain it
: PBE actualization weights 14gb? Anyone?
This isn't a bug, a few days ago they started moving the audio to a new engine which gave us a 10gb patch and about another 3gb when we received kai'sa onto the PBE, so it's normal you're just a bit behind on updates.
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: Sorry for not clarifying! We don't have a way to access these automatically. A link on google drive would be great
getting plenty of logs but not lag every single game, this game I'm adding I had 5-10 fps past 40 minutes and teamfights just didn't happen for me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oOENnU_Yh4PIVkX9ACLe8aSAirmiFLnj
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Will be quoting here, Blind pick is up: > please do draft pick i hate trolls that don't follow call order. i hate seeing champ x every game. Draft pick is up: > please get blind pick back. people ban new champs and skins so we can't test them
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: No Blue Essence or RP on Login
As far as I am aware, you do not get your BE or RP straight away, it may take from an hour up to 24 hours, so you might just have to wait. Also you do not receive BE after games, as you get it on a daily basis instead {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}


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