: Idea: Muting certain chat rooms ? (Doesn't give a sound or notification for messages and not due to spammers , just due to the fact you may be in quite a bit of chat rooms at once and with a lot of people talking you don't want the sound to keep coming up for certain groups along with a flashing LoL icon in the taskbar) It should be available to everyone , even the members . For those who know , think kinda how Kik has their mute function . SILENCE! {{champion:90}}
If only you had used Cho'Gath for the icon... {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: New Upgraded Private Chat Rooms!
So I had a thought. People can change their summoner names whenever they want (for the most part). Will changing your name have any effect on retention of officer status, or anything of the like? I could see how it could go either way depending on the coding. I guess it depends how you have it go about checking whether or not someone is an officer as they enter the room.

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