: [Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread
Just finished trying out the new reworked Katarina and I can safely say I was completely blown away by the new options you now have at your disposal. She feels infinitely better to play and I already have experience the amount of outplay potential she now has with all her shunpo resets. I just have to ask Riot Whales, would you guys consider making her W (Preparation) aim-able instead of it just landing at her current location. I have to say it feels a little strange not being able to aim it and I feel that it could bring more opportunities for shunpo reset shenanigans if it was capable of being aimed in a targeted direction, and it would give more a feel that Katarina is setting up her shunpos. If this change is not possible I understand, there is a lot you have to attend to but it would certain be a nice touch. But other than that you all did an amazing with her and she feels amazing to play, I feel like I am actually playing this high speed blade throwing assassin of death and it is certainly never a dull moment with her anymore.


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