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: Here's what's gonna happen. Vayne gets nerfed -> Tristana and Twitch ruin another season -> Tristana and Twitch won't get nerfed.
the real problem: {{item:3087}} +{{item:3094}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} (crit build) {{champion:51}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:222}} (but i prefer runnan) the majority of adcs can be strong with this stupid combo
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: Not necessarily, but please put them into the appropriate sticky threads next time. Beginnings of cycles like these make the boards very hard to navigate, both for us PBE members as well as Rioters. It is in the best interest of all of us to place things where they belong so everyone can find what they need c:
ok, i will be careful next time, sry
: Post it in the stickies [here]( instead. Every new champion, skin, gamemode and other big content has their own bug and/or feedback thread which can be found as a sticky thread in one of the subboards. It is recommended to place bugs and feedback there :)
im sorry, im new in PBE =/, just giving feedback i have to delete and repost?
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: She didn't drop twice, the biscuit is from the 3:00 biscuit rune.
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: Electrocute doesn't add too terribly much to an early combo, especially since it's 40+10xlevel magic damage with a fairly hefty cooldown early on. The training dummies don't quite accurately portray this, since they have 100 armor, meaning you won't benefit as much from your Lethality reds as you would against a squishy. Also, if Xerath is in melee range of an enemy AD assassin, he honestly deserves to get chunked.
this is my brother, i requested for pick any mage, only for this test
: Do a comparison with runes and Thunderlord's on live? Talon is known for his ridiculous lvl 2 all-ins, with or without Runes Reforged
but in live we have armor/mr with runes and dont have this damage(video) in level 2 this in live this is in PBE
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: Report the heck out of them. The system is set up just like live to handle bad player behavior.
If the system punish a player, the main account will be punish too?
: Isnt the cooldown too long for this to be happening anyway?
try with practice tool, this bug is working in live servers too
: they turned every fucking champion into {{champion:75}} and nasus turned a super nasus
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: send a video clip I want to see this so bad
you dont have see, have test this in normal game, clip will show nothing
Im brazilian, some players wrote in protuguese to say this, i totally agree
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: Para os Brasileiros / For the Brazilians
eu pretendo testar as coisas, ja ate reportei um bug do PBE >.< , apesar de ta mt empolgado, espero q eu de o meu melhor nos feedbacks
: Can't Buy Champions or Skins
Same here, i wanna test the rune pages ;-; i have a secret with my champion {{sticker:sg-syndra}} , but i can not buy {{sticker:sg-shisa}}


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