: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Urgot!
- His ult chains should be orange with fire like particle effects - His W should also be orange with fire like particle effects - His machine Gun is too stubby, it should be bigger like the splash - The bottom of his legs look to flimsy, it should have more industrial heft to it. Like clamps etc - Also the textures seem off, like play doh. When he moves it moves with him like idk how to explain it. The way his skin stretches looks super unrealistic - Bandana seems a little off, more detail should be added to it. - He should crank his gatalin gun. - His dance is him putting a hat on a hat? Looks weird and feels off. Shouldve had a new dance imo or taken the hat off when he dances
: Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Xayah and Rakan's dual recall is actually has some strict animation requirements. The animation is divided into three sections, an Intro, a middle section, and then an Outro. On base the Intro is Rakan dipping xayah into a hold, the middle section is the hold in her arms, and then the outro is him lifting her into the sky. In the SSG skins, the intro is the high-five, the middle section is where they stand next to eachother, and the outro is where they lift the cup. This whole sequence would take 8 seconds if Xayah and Rakan recalled at the exact same time. The intro and outro are both super short however (<2 seconds). What complicates matters is that Rakan could be 7 seconds into the recall animation when Xayah joins the recall. The way the system deals with this, is to always play the intro, then it will always play the outro when there is 2 seconds left in the animation, regardless of how long the middle section has played for. This means the characters will blend from whatever position they are in, to the first pose of the outro part of the sequence. This means that the characters can't do animations that are too crazy in the middle section. The intro is too short for a hug in it, so we chose to just do a high-five instead, and in the outro they need to hoist the cup. Though it might have been great for Xayah and Rakan to have a super-awkward hug in their recall, we feel like what we've made still has the celebratory spirit they acted out in the reference, whilst still fulfulling the strict animation requirements :)
Okay that nakese sense in regards to Xayah and Rakan's stagnant issues. But why not add the element of nature in their backs. They're based off Korean magpies and are insinuated to be in front of an audience, why dont Korean magpies come in or something to give the back more life. I was think a stage could arise but that would be impossible regarding the stages, i just think for a joint back its not living up to its name. Just needs a little pizzazz
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SSG Skins
We really need the hug that Ruler and Core did in the video, without the back feels so empty.


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