: When you first get into champ select, you are merely communicating with your team what you would *like* to play so that people don't ban it or so that people can alter their selections in order to create a good team configuration. You don't officially pick your character until the ban phase is over just like on the live servers.
that's why I said the second part of Champselect is too long and not the first part(first part being picking what you would like to play)
: I think that's mostly because it's fairly new, and not a lot of people understand it yet. It's easy to make a mistake and then want to dodge. Also, you cannot purchase skins/some skin selection bugs. A lot of people like the PBE based off new things they can try (including champions and skins), when you aren't able to try the new skin/champ you wanted, whats the point of playing that champ/game? Easier to dodge.
I don't honestly think that the main problem is that people dodge but either don't lock in or afk and their times runs out. (I had a Q where I had 15+ cancels and I nearly always had the same people). So them dodging on purpose (for skins or whatever) almost never happend.
: One thing i noticed is that every time the timer hits zero it starts over. even if a champ i selected.
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: [Balance suggestion] Why does Mercurial Scimitar have lifesteal?
Öhmmm you HAVE a very good option for a grievous wound item. The upgraded LW: Mortal reminder.
: Ekko no damage ult bug is back
No Bug. Just Balancing champ ;). Kappa. {{champion:245}} {{item:3070}}
: can we give fiora the ability to strike vitals on large jungle monsters?
My quickest answer to that would be that she her clear speed would be freaking op (even if you put a cap to monster damage).
: Ekko changes and questions!
What's probably the biggest Problem (and what annoyed me the most about Ekko) is that he does just too many things too well. He is a good engager, he is good at escaping, he has good CC, he has good damage, he has good tankiness due to shield and ult, he has mobility. It's like he doesn't have any clear weakness except for "Try to cc him and kill him without give him time to ult" and vs tank ekko that strat is like... well let's say very difficult. So I think they nerf Tank ekko to be less opressive but give squishy AP ekko a bit more tools to be viable (even though I think it's a bit overkill like you said)
: Is Taric ever going to get an update?! C'mon Riot!
It's no use to bitch about a champion you would like to play cause it's not like they didn't notice that taric is not very strong but it's not like they have one meeting and talk about him and the problem would be solved. If you have to rework a champion heavly most of the time you need as much time as it would take to make a new champion (so around half a year i guess). And whinning doesn't make that much faster so if you REALLY want to make it faster than rather suggest something that could improve him.
: I would agree that collecting SS is quite hard right now. Until you get enough AD for the barrels to wave clear, I'm only able to get 500+ SS at the 26min mark, which is awfully late. I wish the barrels DID gain damage when you chain them to help early game stack collection. Late game, using the E-Q trick is no problem. But early game... Too difficult to profit, especially vs a ranged lane opponent.
You don't really need much AD. If you buy sheen first you get such a huge "burst" in power that a Q on the barrell nearly always kills the backline (so 3 times the reward with one Q)
: [Gangplank] Some words on him... or maybe even potential bugs
First point you pointed out is with near certanty intentonall cause Gangplank on live servers also has this mechanic of getting extra gold with statikk shiv and hydra (now also with barells). I read now many times about this bug on the forum but it never happend to me on the PBE even in the 4-5 games I played him so maybe some clue to which could cause the bug would be helpfull for me to try reproduce it. I also noticed the last point cause it makes him a superstrong towerpusher (use barell to reset your passive and also clear the wave that comes and distracts your minions) and also it is true damage which is kinda sick. So I don't know maybe it will get changed we will have to see if Riot wants to keep that.
: GP's upgrade for barrage
If you use the fact that you can get multiple lasthits now without an item but instead with using your barrell to try for example lasthit all backline minions (you use Q on the last healthtick on the barrel) you will get the extra gold for all minons lasthit that way so it gets superfast to get extramoney (I once got 104 serpents with one big wave (13 minoins) with that method)
: Cannot currently buy SS Upgrade as GP
would be helpfull if you could just guess what caused this (like did you undo a purchase of a gp buff? or something of that sort) otherwise I can't even try to replicate it in some way to find out the cause of the bug
: Gangplank Parrrley + Powder Keg (maybe intended?)
Yes it's intended cause it was this way before (and still is) with static shiv and hydra so it would only make sense to be the same way with his barrel
: gangplank e+q bug
If you played gp before you would know that everything that got proked by his Q (Statik shiv or hydra even) and caused a last hit gave him his bonus gold. Thus when the Barrel explodes due to GP Q it "gives" the Q properties to the exploding barrel thus giving you serpents on killing blows. So short story not a bug just a intended mechanic to difference between good and bad gp players ;)
: Some Tahm Kench Suggestions
I didn't try tahm yet but what i can defenetly tell you just from comparing is that his ult will most probably not get a lower CD. It's like a two man TF ult so if it even has lower CD than TF ult (180/150/120) than TF ult will seem useless in comparison.
: Why is Oppression getting reduced to 2% from 3 while getting moved higher up in the tree?
My wild guess would be because they added much more Bonus Armor/MR buffs in the tree (Adaptive Armor,Enchanted Armor with 4 Points + only 1 point legendary guardian needed for big buff) so it would mean the tank meta would get even stronger with these changes otherwise
: Same happened with Juggernaut and Cinderhulk. But Riot never listen, and even beat their "Diversity" objective themselves by replacing instead of adding.
Well juggernaut was a whole other story to be fair. Tankjunglers just didn't excist cause they were superweak early and didn't have a superior bonus for late with their enchant. So they gave them both and removed the one that didn't help. Magus though i think is a enchant that is good on AP junglers especially when they don't AA. Like he said Fiddle is a primeexample. He doesn't AA much so he doesn't get any benefits from the exchanged enchant. He just loses this way. But there are AP junglers that AA much (like Diana) that love the new enchant so I think they should keep both.
: 21/9/0 Masteries Nerfed
Hmm I don't think this was a superhard nerf for 21/9/0 masteries. You lost Bonus Armor/MR which you mostly didn't buy on Champs with this Masterypage but now you can get 10% tenacity in exchange for the bonus life(also not that big on squishys)! That stat was before only accsesible for 21 points and is also otherwise very hard to access (only Boots,Big Potion or Zephyr)
: How to permenantly stop Top Smites
Personally I don't think it's necessery to go to such lenghts to remove Toplane smite completly. I think that removing that strat completly is also a loss tbh. It's a very uniqe strategy that should have a drawback like every other strat (No Flash in this case atm). That was not the Case 2-3 Patches ago where you nearly HAD to play a Champion who could be viable while using smite+teleport cause the Skirmishing Saber + Cinderhulk was just too OP but now that it has been nerfed I don't think it's really necessery to completly remove it. Only if there is once more a surge of "You HAVE to take smite otherwise you lose" then I think Riot should step in again and nerf whatever is causing this Phenomen.
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: Muting won't help but Ignore function should. Just type it in your chat box: >/ignore playersname or >/ignore champion
Tried it didn't seem to help :/. So i guess we still need a function like that cause it can get pretty annoying sometimes.
: Feedback on Ekko 5.11 changes
As for Q I would partly agree. From what i feel if you use Q on wave and hit everyminion once (so your passive procs) you can clear waves easily. So this nerf actually only nerfs his championpoke in that way. As for why his Ult needs 100 Manacost I think they a Riotemploye already explained. His Ult is superstrong (imo still too strong (highest AP Ratio in game + heal + Repositioning is overkill)) and allows you to play really retarded as long as it's up. With the 100 Mana you insert some sort of breaker on how dumb you can play without getting punished cause it cost you 100 Mana to escape.
First of all if you do vielmaw before destroying their first tier turret i don't know what you did the whole game before. Second I think that with this turret you don't have to permenantly be in fear of a gank cause you now have a turret to fall back to which isn't halfway across the map.
: The nerf he deserves, but not the one he needs.
I find it just strange that ekko has such a high AP Ratio on a Ult that does so much. Just for comparison Veigars Ult has an 1.0 AP Ratio but Veigar can only use it against one Target so I kinda don't get that Ekkos Ult which also is an AOE, a Repositoning, a get out safe Button or whatever you want to call it and has an 1.3 AP Ratio!! I think yes they want to reward ekko for using his ult in a damage way but if it's and AOE and a Heal and a Repositioning tool i don't get why it has an even higher AP Ratio than a champ that is known for only one thing. He can kill you from 100 - 0. So I think they at least should bring it down to 1.0 (though even that is too high imo but what do I know)
: EKKO: Put Rod of Ages on Ekko's Essential Items list
Just to make it a little bit clearer. This essential Item list is just a "Guideline" for newer players. You don't have to follow it at all allthough most of the time it is right. Like you said {{item:3027}} is just a trend around this time. Maybe {{champion:245}} gets changed or even {{item:3027}} and then it's not an essential item anymore. An essential item is an item that alligns nearly perfectly with the champions abilties and thought of playstyle in itself. For ekko that would be short and bursty damage trades which not really is ROA strong point. Even though it can work very well with a different playstyle (but that's not making it an essential item) Also you have to remember that riot doesn't have time to watch all itemtrends on diffrent champions to constantly update the essential items.
: Was this written in the patch notes? Why did they even hide it in the first place?
I think it's in there since the summonerprofile rework/championmastery introduction It's not like they have hidden it. It's just that they didn't communicate that you also can do that. But like i said it was availibale since a long time so not that big of a change imo.
: Profile Displaying Number of Ranked Games
Too keep it short. Yes. Since long you have been able to get this information via 3rd party sites and other means and riot hasn't issued a complaint so i guess it's there intentional.
: LeBlanc W Speed Nerf Opinions
To be honest i find this change fixes excactly the problems which i hated most about LB. Her E hit sometimes even though it looked like it missed by a mile so now you really have to hit the chain right otherwise it won't connect. And her most abusive nearly uncounterable (except for running away) combo of max range q with imediate max range w isn't that easy to pull off though i didn't even try if you can just walk away after Q now (so maybe you still can pull it off (at least your dash will probably be enough now)). As for why doding would be unfair counterplay, I don't know which game you played till know but that's how it's supposed to be. If you hit the skillshot you get the greater benefit of it as it normally does more damage or an other benefit than a point-and-click-ability. So my very short answer to that complaint is "Hit your things".
: Malphite's W change
So this is how i see it. First of all if you look at the numbers i think it's a clear buff (except if you would have played things as ad malphite cause of the ad scaling buff). If you didn't buy any or just one AD item you wouldn't get so much that the current active wouldn't do more damage in that sense before you couldn't lasthit undertower superwell now it's better but you probably will still just use e to nearly clear the wave and you your empowered aa to finish the job. Especially when malphite is a natural pusher anyway so most of the time if you don't get zoned you are not even under your turret Also when i see that they switch the active bonus armor to the passive i think this makes tank malphite overall stronger. Yes the percentagenumbers are a little bit lower than before but now you have the bonus armor permenantly and not just a 6 second window especially when you have a mana eater like malphite (90/25/70/100 at max ranks each) so you don't have to worry about having mana to activate your w for more tankiness. Also you now have more damage on your E even without activating W beforehand (I know it's not much but every free damage counts, right?)
: Champion mastery
I'm not a rioter but if i would have a wild guess it's because those maps play very differently and the calculating system doesn't fit those maps (yet?). So you prob can't just take their code for the calculating of summoneres rift and throw it onto those maps.
: [Talisman of Ascension] Isn't the Cooldown a bit too low?
The talisman support item is generally not played in higher elo ranked cause most of the time it gives fewer gold (targons ~40x2 with one cannon minnion for example) and it doesn't give you any combatstats especially for the laning phase which can pretty much decide if you will be usefull or not for the rest of the game if it goes bad. So I think this will be the tradeoff now. I get no good combat stats but i get a low CD speedbuff and more gold (maybe not more than other items cause I didn't test it very intensly).
: Stuck In Placements Please Reset My Account????!!? RIOT READ PLEASE
write a ticket to support. It's no use for us if you want to inform support to fix your problem and write your problem on the forum.
: [Summoners Spells] - More diversity is needed
So just up front my impression on the combat summoners is like. Wtf is that CD broken a heal every 1 1/2 minute a ignite every two minutes a cleanse every minute an exhaust every 2 minutes. You practicly give the enemy no time to take advantage of your burned summoner instead now it's like a second ult which you get level one and can change what it does in champselect. Things like remove ignite were removed from heal because it's already too strong. Only thing i see that would need a little small buff is barrier with a stronger shield Like i see it with your suggested summoners is also like with the other** Combatsummoners the CD is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too low** if you want to bring it in. Oppresion has a nice idea but i think it would make burstmages too op cause they just click on you with the summoner and remove you from the map without much counterplay. I'm not certain how rally would work. How long does the portal stay if the creatures spawn all ten seconds and the CD is 90 seconds? Is it permenant till somebody destroys it or a new protal is cast? And why do they have 0 armor and MR ? I think this one would need more thoughtprocess on how it would play out in the game. Aim as it is would only be viable on ranged champion. I don't see any meele champion that would care that he now has a 25 units longer attackrange and 20 more movement speed. He could take ghost instead and would be better that way (only the broken CD would make it better if we would be realistic) If clairvoyance would ever make a comeback it would either come with a superduper op buff like this one you suggested or the blue trinket gets removed. Especially in high Elo play where vision is extremly important 3 seconds of the whole map visible would make it very unrewarding to play the visiongame (visiondenial or -take). So I think this one will become a dead summoner. For clarity i'm not sure if it would change the reason why people take clarity. I personally would give two Fs about the mana it gives me back cause I learned how to manage my mana (it's more of a beginner spell that way). But I would take it because it gives me half a minute of possible half CD on all my spells. Which depending on champion can literally break the game. Fortify is way too overpowerd with 10 seconds of invulnerabilty to turrets. It gives your enemy literly nearly no chance to outrotate you while you have this summoner up (if you play it right). The time of invulnerabiltiy would need to be like 1-2 seconds or it should just give damagereductionbuff for 10 seconds (I think the second one would be the one you would prefer with it's idea). stifle would be a summoner that would probably need some work cause you have to be VERY predictive where you can use your trap cause you have to wait 1 minute for it to be active and no team has the luxury to wait a minute near the trap and suprise the person that walks into it. If not for that case this summoner would pretty much be useless cause it just reveals the target for 6 seconds, silences them and traps them for 2 seconds which they prob won't realy care about if nobody is camping near the trap. observer would make counterjungling more popular cause you can controll half of the enemy jungle with just one summoner for 1/4 - 1 minute and has a 3 1/2 minute CD so you purely theoraticly could captivate the enemy jungle for nearly 1/3 of the game time. Which imo is probably too opressive. Either a higher CD or shorter sentry lifetime would be needed to make this not too opressive. fake for me was like lol what? So for every 2 mins (which is nearly the spawntime of a camp) you can fake a camp and bait the enemy into a 99% seconds slow for 3 secs (which is nearly like a snare) and let them take 15% of their max HP as true damage? This spell would destroy the playstyle counterjungling completly. Cause if you play it right you would only need to fake two camps the whole time and probably would destroy the chance for the enemy to counterjungle completly cause he prob can't risk to be seen walking into your jungle taking the camp while you position yourself for the explosion then he takes 15% of his max HP as damage and nearly can't walk for 3 seconds. In high elo this would be a guaranteed kill with every summoneruse if the enemy dared to come counterjungle. **So in short this summoner has a nice idea but needs a lot of tweaking in the numbers cause otherwise it's too freaking borken.** now generally what i saw in the movment summoner list is that you want to buff champs that have no dash/jump/blink/movementspeed buff. First of all the programming to controll those things would be very hard from my experience with programming. Also it would be very strange cause nearly every champ that comes out new or get reworked becomes one of those things in his kit so with time this change would nearly become irelevant. for ghost i like the idea of giving a movmentspeedbuff against a low health target but I see the problem of it being still weaker than flash cause you first need to get the target low before you can profit so it would only be used at the end of a trade/teamfight and not inbetween or something to that and thus becomes very dependend on the situation. So it probably would need something else to outclass flash in this regard. Your teleport buff is too strong imo. Teleport is a strong "teamsummoner" as it is already. Giving it a shorter CD on every tower/champion kill/assist makes it too unpunishing for not using it correctly. I would love to revive at the point of my death after 2 seconds when i choose but I think this summoner would get too strong. It's like a guardian angel of your choice (you can choose if it's worth to revive or not) you have it at level 1 and you don't need to "waste" a itemslot. also the CD reduction of 50 secods makes it way too overpowerd so prob would need a lot of tweaking if it were to be somewhat bearable. As for hunting i don't see why somebody would want that summoner cause it doesn't really give you a very usefull buff. scouted zone sounds nice if you would remove the 30 seconds activation time though i'm not sure if people would really use it instead of another summoner cause it doesn't really provide a lot of noncounterable utility nor combatstats. (You can just red trinket + clear the ward and you made the enemy waste a 210 CD summoner) Oh and one thing. Next time you should post this on a official forum like NA or so and not on the PBE cause too few people see this here to get any movement).
: So why are we nerfing Karma?
it's not a nerf at all. It's just a push into a different direction. Damagesupportkarma got pushed a little to the side to make room for Utilitysupportkarma. Her buffed Passive gives her a shorter Ult CD than before. Her W is stronger now damage wise, her R+W is now stronger CC wise, her E is stronger now cause of shorter CD and lower manacost so it's more spamable now and the shield is stronger with ult now (200+210+30%AP for the targeted person + 50% of that on every teammate)
: Rework of certain spells?
So just my point of view on this: Clarity even with your ideas will not work in high elo cause the state it is in now just gives you mana if you nonstopspam. With your ideas on the other hand it will become either still useless or too opressive for other reason than you would take clarity normally. If you boost abilities/stats you would get something that only would be used cause it boost that and not for the mana (which should be the mainreason you take it) also the abiliycd would be wrong choice cause you still wouldn't use it for mana but for that boost. so i don't think you can make clarity work on high elo imo. Cleanse imo isn't bad at all. It's just a situational summoner, that's where i agree, but on AP carries against a cc heavy team or a team which you have to cleanse one strong cc and can dumpster on them afterwards so it prob needs no change cause qss is something you normaly take on ADC cause it only builds into a stronger AD item and no AP item so APs probaby just waste a strong itemslot for a very cheap item which could be replaced by support Mikeals and/or cleanse. For ghost i would say only your first suggestion would make sense even though somechamps still will destroy you with ghost instead of flash (so in this case it's just championspecific). The damageignore would make it broken cause you just activate ghost run into enemy team and destroy backline (for example olaf would be the ultimate borkenchamp with that (no damage/no cc)) For barrier also only the first change would make sense cause point 2 was in excistence at one point in time and it was broken af and 3 doesn't make sense cause it's supposed to be a tool against burst so you can survive that. So only making it stronger would make sense for me to make it a more competetive choice against heal. the problem with clairvoyance is that you now already have a trinket that does the excact same job (also with the ward). So the only up point it has against the trinket is that it's global so even if it would make stealthed champions visible nobody would take that summoner instead of exhaust,ignite or heal cause you can just buy pinkwards or buy the red trinket upgrade and that problem is also solved. So prob only solution would be to replace it with something else
: The problem is not the build path,which is good, the problem is the item itself,reducing the HP for more AP put the item in a strange spot, also is not a core item on anybody,but it is a good item. The item itself needs a rework,is a good item,but in all situation ROA is better,and some champs which could use it,have some other items which benefit them the most. Even{{item:3285}} is way better to use a slot (but we know theyre totally different items), even lyandry is better if you need some HP and other useful stats.
I don't even know why someone can even get close to compare {{item:3027}} with {{item:3116}}. Those two have complete different uses. **Rylais is something you mostly buy with champs that lack CC in their on kit (my primeexample is vladimir) and want to change that with their rylais buy.** Ofc you can also build it on champs who have CC in their kit to be even more annoying but that's another topic. And if there would be a rework on the stats I think we also would need to change frozen mallet. Cause otherwise the AP faction would get an unfair advantage of a "better" item in stats. (as you seem to want to change it into an purely offensive item). Though i personally don't think it needs a change cause it's more of a situational item and not something every champs wants/needs. As for the buildbath.. it's like 600 gold you have to sit on your item to be complete. it's not trinty force level of wait but not all to horrible. Blade got that change because you had to wait like 1800 gold to get a good spike again cause the two daggers improved a stat that doesn't help very much with the damageoutput if it's in such small doses without extra damage (now on recurve bow). Rylais on the other hand has very good stats before you even buy the complete item so only the space in your inventory gets a little scarce.
: New Player Reform System
This is already in testing here. http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-pbe-feedback/4NEm49hb-572015-starting-a-new-beta-test-for-the-instant-feedback-system
: How the new mastery changes hurts mages and why they need compensation.
To be honest such wide calls of "oh this change destroys AP carries" pisses me off. All the time her on PBE as soon as a change happens everyone jumps on the forum and says how it's not playable anymore without even trying long and say this is not playable anymore and that is not playable anymore. Have you seriously like 100% seriously tried different things and came to the conclusion that it's a too strong of a nerv or did you just read the patchnotes and were like "but, oh no, that changes how i played before i don't want that" Like wtf you lose 3 mana per 5 seconds in exchange for 75 mana. It's the same amount which you would get in 2 min time from the old mastery and so before 2 mins in lane the new mastery is better.
: Put our "Grade" on Match History
I don't think this will come. Cause Riot said they don't want 3rd Parties to be able to tell what ranking in a certain champion you have or how you peformed (apart from your top 3 champs). If you put those things in your matchhistory it will be very hard for them to controll that... so probably won't happen.
: riot should do more mastery changes on the defense tree
Agreed that runic blessings would need some change away from regenerating after death to become at least a little bit vaiable. Maybe Malphite passive would be too strong cause you could safe many potions with few points in mastery tree if the swap would also happen. Maybe something like Flask-/Sightstone-charges would work (Regen on Fountain).
: Lee Sin W suggested change
I'm not even sure if this is a joke or not.... Cause you just listed the two junglers who are only known for their heavy farming + sustain while they lack nearly everything else that lee sin has. (Damage/Dashes/Displacments). Probably one of the best junglers if Bruiser would be meta right now. But yeah let's buff him and not just fix that cinderhulk is too strong atm so we can nerf him again when bruisers are meta again....
: The current meta and why it's so one-sided.
Personally I find that only Cinderhulk makes it too unfair for adc vs tanks. Cause they get a superhuge Health bonus and makes their items even more Costefficient than they already are from your calculations. That's also a reason why I think many Toplaners if they can run smite. Just so they can get Cinderhulk and be a supertank. I think only a Cinderhulk nerf or change in someway that toplane loses it's interesst in it will change the tankmeta. Cause the itemcosts never changed and there was no tankmeta before. So logicaly speking only Cinderhulk could have been the trigger for that change. If they were like you calculated I wouldn't see a too huge of a problem cause with only tankstats you can't do really too much alone. You need your team to help you win. On the other hand if you have damage you can very well hardcarry alone so I guess that's why there is such a huge difference in costs.
: [Ashe] Q will only stack with some structures (not all)
As of my knowledge it's not supposed to stack on structures, well to be specific towers (That is the intended way from what i read from Riot Employes posts). If they want to keep it on other structures or if they will remove the "bug" depends on riot i guess.
: So you've stated that "1 report might be enough to validate the behavior" but in the main thread you've stated >If a player receives enough valid reports to trigger the system I don't understand. Can this be clarified a bit please?
It means it depends on the "crime" you did. 1 death threat in a report (like he said extreme example) could be enough cause it shows a real lack of behavior and thus probably almost immediately gets a punishment. On the other hand if you just get annoyed because your team feeds and you flame (probably everyone did that at least once) maybe you need 10,20 or even more reports that get into the system to decide for a punishment.
: Ya, I just want to hear people's opinions on this in terms of balance. Ashe got multiple improvements in different areas of her kit. Namely, her passive (god her current passive is garb). Having 100% crit chance is supposed to be reduced by her crits dealing reduced damage, like Yasuo. But Ashe's crit damage actually scales so that enough crit chance can give her more damage per crit than a regular ADC. I know she's still subject to change which is why I want to hear what other testers think about this aspect of her kit. **Should Ashe be able to have 100% crit chance while also having more crit damage per auto?**
**Short Version:** With IE Ashe can get a 250% critdamage bonus with 100% critchance. So for every other carry that would mean they also have 100% critchance with 250% critdamage. So it's nearly equal in this way. **Long Version:** Just a quick mathexample. Let's say Caitlyn (doesn't really matter who) with 70% critchance + IE (cause you obviously have it on ashe too) fights against the new ashe. Caitlyn should crit with 70 out of 100 attacks or ~3 per 4 AA now Ashe also needs 4 shots for 3 crits at the start (if you don't have frost shot on them with W or so). This would mean you get equal amount of crits for the first 4 AA and Caits also hit harder on top of it (this is statistacly although Ashe could be a lucker and cait gets no crits or the other way around). After that it would mean we make the example. Cait gets 3 Crits with 4 autos with 250% critdamage and Ashe gets 4 crits with 4 autos with 215% critdamage. (cause in some way you got the frost shot passive on them) So that would mean (I take just IE extra AD with lvl 18 into this mathexample). Cait damage: 180 x 3 x 2.5 + 180 = 1530 Ashe damage: 180 x 4 x 2.15 = 1548 So to answer you question; No i don't think it's unbalanced.
: I think this still requires a report to trigger. > If a player receives enough valid reports to trigger the system So, as long as everyone in game acknowledges the joke, you should be OK.
This guy here understood how the system works. You need reports to get into the System. So as long as your friends don't report you as a "joke" you wont get into the instant feedback system. Also (although i'm not sure) I think you only recieve a Email with your punishment that you should expect not one that you already recieved. So I think it will still go through Human hands to confirm or reject the punishment.
: Ashe Q
Plz read champion abilities throughly first before making a post. Ashe doesn't gain any stacks from tower she only refreshes them.
: Thanks For Feedback Also i dint mean that if it applies on flurry (one flurry= full stacks of on hit effects) but on the first attack of each, meaning that with a normal adc build it, can AA so to speak (each flurry) 8 to 9 times in 4 seconds applying on hit effects on each first Flurry just like a normal ADC but doing more damage between attacks due to Flurry, and still think leaving her with a 4 sec window of Flurry makes pushing a trading a bit too easy Also u r Right That tanks and bruisers are good killing her just thinking her kiting potential went up Thank You please send feedback it is Welcomed and Appreciated
If you speak about 8-9 attacks in 4 secs would mean she needs an autoattackspeed of 2 at least. And to be fair till you get that you will be late game where many ADCs can dish out as many attacks as that. {{champion:222}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} (I made the math you need at least 100% bonus attackspeed at level 18 to get 2 attacks per second on Ashe with the Q active ({{item:3153}} + {{item:3046}} + 10% from an other item needed)) So I don't think {{item:3153}} is to be considerd OP on her. The only thing that makes me a bit worried is that you maybe get too many {{item:3071}} Stacks cause one flurry is enough to nearly get the max amount of stacks but on the other hand it's not an item you would have normally build on an ADC
: LOL unless you build like more than *300 armor, its a bit weak. *ESTIMATED
well 100 is already more than enough (50% damagereduction) but y... armor is a garbage stat it seems
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