: Loja do PBE
Olá JaxTáCinzado, primeiramente quaisquer publicações ou comentários que fizer tanto no fórum quanto dentro do jogo devem ser em inglês, estou abrindo uma exceção para lhe explicar. Esse problema de RP Vai fazer 2 Meses que ninguém recebe RP e quem tem RP não consegue usar, então, o único jeito é aguardar até que resolvam . {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Fizz, and Annie are absolutely ridiculous in URF..
I had no trouble facing Annie or Fizz. Annie does not have an overflow capability in several About the fizz, by a majority of players play with 100 + ping, you rely heavily on hitting your ultimate. In the PBE Fizz not a problem, but on live I believe it is. {{champion:35}} Making AP or AD you die by Instakill {{champion:57}} By making tank you have a very large life regeneration {{champion:39}} At the same time that there is absurd damage, you still have a great resistance
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: Is Custom Urf gonna come back?
I've already lost the hope of the old URF back. Every year, both in PBE and LIVE, are thousands of posts complaining of ARURF and asking to return the URF. Riot doesn't listen to the community.
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