: [Bug][Minor] Doom Bots Viktor Laser
or to hear {{champion:99}} Q when u are in base and lux is in the other end of the map
: EROR while launching
same here reinstal the game like the pritty frame warning says or w8 for patch 4.5
: [Launching] Game crushing bug
me too and it telling me how to uninstar the game and try to reinstal it guess we will have to 28 for patch 4.5
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: RP and IP
no its something normal
: [Feedback] Vel'Koz Support
do u know when is the release date in the official servers vel koz?
: [Riven] Dragonblade Skin Price Error
the price is for the official servers the same thing happend when yasou commercial was on the PBE client and it sayd that he cost 6300 ip and all was like oh thats a bug and stuf but its not actually
: I'm pretty sure he wasn't referring to the portion of Caitlyn's Ult that is the bullet. It's a bug, I've noticed something similar happen a few times to my ally Warwick in a recent Hexakill match. They had a Lion Dance Koq'maw on their team, but no Caitlyn, we had a Caitlyn though. But, as I stated, it was my ally Warwick that had Caitlyn's Ult particles randomly appear at his feat. The portion of the particles specifically are the ones that show who she is targeting, the gear looking target that shows at their feet. As for what triggered it to happen, not sure. I'm speculating that the particles for her ult are getting passed around like a red/blue buff. Caitlyn was readying her Ult before Warrick killed her target, he got the kill, and ended up with the target on him, but took no damage from her and her Ult stopped.
yeah huge {{champion:96}} bug http://youtu.be/p3Rmuq41QdE check this out and just delete and talk to me again that is a bug please check more and read more about something before adding a new discussion please
: [BUGG] Caitlyn ultimate circel random appearing on Olaf
maybe it happend cuz {{champion:96}} Q is a skill-shoot and it looks like {{champion:51}} R so dont worry be happy its not a bug
: I got all my IP and RP, but I'm still not 30
i am still waiting for my ip and rp from last week so dont worry be happy
: yeah, they're prob doing maintenance, just got kick off a game, it will be back soon enough
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: and after you do it should show the correct ip and rp values.
actually i already did that no ip and rp this week
: For any new comers who aren't seeing their ip/rp
: Lux Bot
:D lux have also ulti every 30 sec but its only a bot game after all
: sound bugs
check the search all discussions before creating new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: Minions go too far into the depths jungle following me
: Can we Please Get a Youso Nerf
you have to w8 the next champion so they can nerf that one.like what they did to jinx
: If you take a look into the screenshot I provided, you'll see your statement proven wrong.
report on email we dont need to see that on bugs and gameplay modes here right?
: Report PBE Abusers in Client or Forum
they do that on ebay i have seen profiles even diamond and gold ranked profiles but still i dont think someone will tell in the chat about himself that he want to sell his profile :D most likely to be happend is someone told you to sell your account but still i dont think here is the place 4 that ......
: [EUNE] server
what more to tell u can see the pictures it was like that all game long i can't see anything not cd not the frame of the mini-map
: Voice Lagging
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: [Bug] Kog'Maw's Caustic Spittle is now a Skill-shot.
the new reworke is awsome learn how to play him and u will be fine
: riven was good champion no need nerfs
: [bug skin(?)][Jurassic Kog'Maw] Wrong particles and sound
still beta version so we have to w8 but i was shocked as well i was like uhhhh? caitlyn ulti :O
: PBE unavailable?
w8 till tommorow go to sleep now
: [Rune Page Bug] - Having 18 magic penetration runes
: [BUG] Can't watch Replay
we know riot knows too
: [Long unresolved client bug] No access to the journal of justice.
i dont see a bug here all clients are like that maybe they where even strange in the late 2010 year but now they look like picture 2
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: pool party LEONA
the nexus was almost destroyed and {{champion:89}} just stop hitting while others hitting it strange maybe if it wasn't i wasn't going to report it right?
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: I don't know if we are looking at the same image, but no it does not. Passive: http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110318012921/leagueoflegends/images/2/23/Umbra_Blades.jpg Recall: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lSKecYimvRQ/UrIIOP4EoOI/AAAAAAAAKxo/T4nMCF9j6T8/s1600/TeleportHome.png
sorry i dont see the {{champion:56}} passive on my pictures so i assume is a bug
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: Possible shaco bug
maybe not. if you just throw, it should hit him there is no way the snowball disappear like {{champion:35}}
: Wards bug !
same happends with Cryocore {{champion:63}} skin when u press Ctrl + 3 and he made a fire and start to dance around it u can see the blue pixels
: Please nerf Teemo's mushrooms
{{item:3341}} and you will be fine if they nerf him more he will die even faster than ever so please buy more magic resistans and dont....... just dont
: Yea I know the next champ is likely going to be a support, but how do you know it is a dragon? Nobody said it is going to be a dragon-like.
i have subscribed to a youtube channel where they telling really interesting things and that's what rumors saying.they have a delay on that champion cuz of the {{champion:157}} (puke) champ so we have to w8
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: [PVP Client] Wrong info when introducing new players
agree with XellosThePries they give money 100 gold or something
: [Store/Gifting Center][Bug] Icons gifting
: [Dragonblade Riven] - Easter Egg for New Champ
in the begining of 2014 there will be new champ support he will be something like dragon so now u know
: PBE Patch over 500 MB
the last patch was 60MB just saying
: His E is only an auto attack reset/dash/slow removal. What he is saying happened is his trailing shot on his passive auto aimed for the actual wukong when he killed the clone with a single hit. Logically, seems very likely, as it will target the closest unit, which if Kong had just cloned, would be Kong. Intentional, no clue, but not really a bug. Just a very unlikely circumstance.
the second one was on the real one it happend fast enought u know his passive is twice fast shoot so why are you wondering?
: Lucian's Passive, Again Elise's Volatile Spiderling
u have killed {{champion:62}} cuz when he was invisible u just hit his body and he was on your way thats why
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: my take on a new ninja champ
it sound like {{champion:98}} and he looks like him......
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