: Skarner PBE Changelist and Feedback Thread
: Darius PBE Changelist and Feedback
Why the cast time on Q? Seems like a huge nerf to me, but I haven't played with it yet. Just coming from a Darius player regularly
: The Garen skin doesn't look much like Garen to me, but I still love it. The Quinn skin is absolutely amazing, will be an insta-buy for me!
Yeah, I was about to post that I don't think the "Platinum" hair, as Riot calls it, is fitting for Garen.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Cutpurse Twisted Fate & Cutthroat Graves!
They both look awesome but it really looks terrible without new animations whenever TF does a Joke, he takes his imaginary hat and flips it and puts it back on. Or when he recalls, he holds his imaginary hat again. I also don't like how he keeps the original cards, coulda changed up the textures a bit on that, but it's probably for clarity's sake. Graves' skin is just messed up with animations, like his taunt looks terrible and he apparently is able to use the force and have his cannon hover just by placing his hand under it. Basically, please fix this stuff. It doesn't look right nor feel right and it definitely isn't up to standard compared to other skins.
: Can't log in
It's just not moving for me now and the tiem keeps increasing. Riot can you PLEASE respond?
: I haven't had the time to try out this skin yet, but judging by the screenshots on s@20 and by his skin spotlight, I see one major issue with this skin: he does not look like Lee Sin. Lee Sin has nothing particular to distinguish him from other champs (no weapon, no fancy dresses,..), nor does he have distinctive body traits. His recognizability is mostly given by his pose, which is being changed quite drastically in this skin through new idle+attack animations. Ace of Spade Ezreal was changed to blond because of similar reasons (KateyKhaos wrote about it), and at least Ez has blond hair that makes him regognizable as a character. Lee sin's skin have nothing in common when it comes to appearance, but his shape makes his readability in-game. I really like the idea behind this skin, and I like how you explore new ways of making skins (changin animations to give another look & feel to the champ), but I think this could be a problem when playing against a K.O. Lee Sin.
His pose is barely changed if you look at the skin more closely. The only major change I can see is he's slightly more arched and his hands are in a traditional boxer pose? Nothing wrong with it to me.
: The dance and taunt animations really take me out of that Boxing vibe because he is kicking most of the time in them. Any way the animation team can figure out a dance where he is just jabbing like he is practicing on a punching bag or something? Otherwise, great skin~
I honestly wouldn't care if they just straight up ripped the Little Mac taunt animations from Smash Bros. Jab, Hook, Uppercut, Hook Uppercut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_D7NvP2lMA Link for the actual taunts.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Just going to Ekko everyone else (Hehe, get it?) and say he should probably be an AD Bruiser or caster of sorts. Was super hype when I read what his abilities did and went, "Awesome! A new Melee top laner that seems fun to play!" and then went ,"Oh well." as soon as I saw he scaled with AP. If you REALLY want to keep the AP stuff (I'd assume you'd have to or get the sound guy back to do his lines over again for AD items), then can he be hybrid? That's probably middle-line for everyone, and hybrid is something we barely ever see anyone do anymore.
: False Virus Positive When Joining Game? Is it just me?
Interesting. I got the same thing, except the process came from Firefox. I googled the IP, and some dude on EUW had the same thing as you, kinda. A wrenchie said it was a False positive. I'll send in a support ticket or something, because I too had a League thing open (I was checking out the SRU Concepts)
: Is it too late to change some of the new splash arts?
I have a problem with Singed's TBH. His leg in the back isn't anywhere near correct and he looks like he's doing lunges instead of running.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
Just wondering why you couldn't keep both old and new items in? I know it's a lot of choices and it sounds weird, but it makes me a SLIGHT bit mad I can no longer use Madstone Udyr or whatever. I honestly feel like the new jungle is just... odd? I don't like it as much and I'm probably going to go back to top lane next season if these changes go through, but just wondering why you can do Spirit Stone/Madreds into Spirit items + Feral which have those upgrades, and they all keep their unique passive. And before anyone goes "lol it reduces incentive to play with team for stacks and stuff", Riot could EASILY make it so you gain a good amount of stacks on Kill/Assist and actually advertise it because 90% of the idiotic madstone trick Udyr players have no idea that you get stacks from ganking. I actually am mad if you couldn't tell that the jungle of all places is being changed, but apparently junglers always have the worst of everything so whatever.
: Madstone Udyr was stupid. It only worked if all of your lanes won and it basically said to your team, "I'm never ganking for you. Ever. I mean it. I'm not. Stop asking, for f**k's sake." I'm happy to see Madstone Udyr finally burn.
I hate being the one to say this, but seriously, learn something you asshole. Madstone Udyr isn't about never ganking you idiot. You get stacks for ganking. You clear jungle, gank open lane and try to get a kill or assist. Feed the lane then feed yourself. Gank a bit, farm a lot and then go for an early dragon. Secure dragon, gank more and try to get your team ahead while doing more damage than the enemy jungler. Madstone Udyr is stronger than most champions in the jungle and you're able to 1v1 the enemy in their jungle as long as you play smart. Don't knock the build because idiots who watch Trick2g play it WITHOUT LEARNING OR PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT HE DOES do not know how to play it properly. Watch a Trick2g Madstone Udyr video, analyze what he does. What does he do? Clear jungle. Gank. Get a kill/assist. Go back to farming. Back. Buy Madstone, clear jungle, invade a bit and go for early dragon. What do these things do that Madstone Udyr excels at? He clears fast, extremely fast. He ganks anytime he sees an opening and tries to feed his lanes through kills/dragons. He tried to shut down the enemy jungler by either fighting them or counterjungling. All of these things do not spell out, "I'm never ganking for you". You've CLEARLY never, EVER played with a competent Udyr player for you to spout this nonsense or you're just one of those guys who decides 'I don't like it so fuck it". Please, anyone who reads this, UNDERSTAND THAT MADSTONE UDYR ISN'T STUPID AND THE PLAYERS WHO TRY TO JUST FARM ARE STUPID. The amount of people who do not understand how to use this but do it anyway aren't helping me, but it's a fucking example. So you need to actually do some research before you say something doesn't work, because guess what? It does.
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: [BUG] Unreleased items?
Those are the upgrades to the new jungle items.
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: PBE Bug Megathread - Patcher and Client Landing Page Visual Update
Any time a game ends, the end of game screen with not appear and neither will the client. I always check hidden icons and the Riot logo is there signalling the client is running, but anytime I click to launch it nothing happens so I have to restart the client and terminate the other running process even though nothing is showing up. If that's hard to read, here's the baby version. I end game I get no client and need to launch and login again. Pls halp

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