: It's good for if you want a little of both, like you want 1 point in lifesteal but rest in AD. or something, I personally would never do it but I can see some rare times where it'd be beneficial. The real issue is the amount of bad masteries, there is like 5 that are just bad.
feast is definitely one of them. EDIT: Actually, a lot of them are pretty friggin terrible.
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: Dang. Scrap the whole thing I guess.
Oh well, not like it matters to you. You got a nice beefy position you can advertise on your resume now, anyway. If the whole game fails, you can just chuck it to living it's life expectancy. All the while you can just pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you did a good job. Good job man. You can now go retire with Jay Wilson in the Silicone Valley graveyard.

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