: ****Re: Targon's Stacks**** We did try a version of the starting items that removed the laning pattern but got a lot of feedback that it was missed. This was a surprisingly strong reaction in Targon users, as they liked having the ability to interact with the wave. We are looking at ways to mitigate the late game execution issues, however, as that remains a pain point. ****Re: Ancient Coin**** Lulu, and Karma (to a lesser extent Janna) still have the option of Spell Thief's, but we feel that Coin can still be a viable option for them - the coins when "dropped" do pop towards the champion, and have a set follow/pickup speed, so those are all levers we can use to tune the risk. ****Re: Zeke's Herald & Redemption**** For Midseason we mostly focused on Support starting items since we were adding a new component to them. The other support items will probably need a more holistic look to make sure we know what our goals are in terms of item coverage and that each item fits into that picture.
**Relic Shield line: **Gain a shield that regenerates out of combat. Executing minions accelerates the regeneration. Can you explain how high the Shield value is? Does it scale with lvl or HP? I didn't found anything how high the shield value is - I don't know if it is worth buying if it is only a small shield. Ancient Coin / Talisman seems to have the better reward at the end - 1 lvl gain or small shield?
: Greenfather's gift bugs
Can confirm that with the Stormraider's Surge Icon. It also goes on cooldown after hitting a plant.
: Suggestions for new content should be posted in their respective locations on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content **currently** in testing.
I simply asked a question here about this mechanic, cuz it's in testing. And I answered another post - this isn't supposed to be a suggestion. With the Preseason rolling in - it's not the time to make suggestions atm - I have a bunch of em in mind but will wait till the season started.
: Speaking of "Aerial" Why don't we make a subset of abilities that show you jumping up THROUGH THE AIR, and have them coded such that they do not activate traps that you fly over. {{champion:18}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:154}} You know, champions that CLEARLY jump up and over things.
That would be a nice addition - and would allow some counter play to some champion abilities like Caitlyn trap barrage or Jinx Chompers. This would add another movement type: **[ Aerial | Flight ] - ** Allowing Champions to move over Traps without activating them and being affected by knock up. **[ Dashes ]** - We have to differentiate between 2 kinds: one that can cross Terrain ** [ Pretty much most of the champion dashes ] **and the other that can't. **[ Riven W | Vayne Q ]** **[ Blinks ]** - pretty much self explaining. **[ Ezreal | Kassadin ]** I would reconsider to add a** [ ' Vault | Bounce ' ]** category which allows champions cross certain Terrain under conditions which are predefined by the Ability **[ Riven Q | Kindred Q | Talon E | Nidalee W ]** maybe Gnar E ( it's not rly a type of large jump at least the pre unit bounce )
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Tristana!
The only thing I have to complain about are the colors - they are kinda too bright / the contrast is too strong. Morganas VFX - Theme is a bit more gentle / darker / has a touch of orange. Maybe tweak that cuz they are kinda flashy and are not rly fun to look at for more than one cast. [ I can only speak for me in this case ]
: I used to do AP shyvana then they nerfed the base damage by like 15~ by max rank on her W and you really felt it hard, this compensates for that at 150AP, and the one-fourth damage buff was never on Shyvana before the nerf. Ratios easier to read, so 10%AP and 2.5%AP, AP is for the abilities rather than for attacks, not to mention going AP you can always get Nashor's Tooth which stacks with W on-hit and E % damage with your Q strike AP would be Rylai's Torment into Wit's End and probably just tank, if you are ballsy you can go more damage, cinderhulk for jungle Shyvana, and prioritizing magic penetration
I main Shyvana since S3 so yeah I feel you with the Nerfs - Still happy bout the buffs even if they are small c:
: I can now do my Mage Shyvana! =D
the .025 on her on hit W is pretty lame - I used to play ap shy before the E and R nerfs. I'm happy on these buffs but the on hit part won't do it for mi I would need 1000 AP for just 25 dmg more I dunno if it's worth to build AP for that alone . Still this isn't supposed to be a rant! I'm rly happy that my bby get'S some more buffs! Torment - never taught of that tbh ! great Idea @TheFireWyrm
: Thx for your reply. I use the same runes as you, mostly, they usually work well in the jungle. What keystone in Resolve? I imagine Shyvana work just fine, she is kind of like Reksai: Tanky bruiser with aoe. Ive done well with traditional tanky bruisers as well, like Jungle/top-laners, Warwick and Trundle and such. But thats kind of my point: Are bruisers with full Resolve the only ones being able to jungle from now on? I dont play assassins, but I do think they have a place in this game: how do they manage? And tanks? Ive tried several builds and clear-paths for Maokai for example, he is nearly dead after 4 camps. Kindred is really squishy and I know thats intended but she shouldnt need to recall several times before getting 1 item. Ive manage to clear ok-ish if I go 6-6-18, but that cant really be intended can it? a markman needing to go full Resolve to do what its designed for??
I go for **Bond of Stone** for my **Keystone **for the **4% dmg reduction**, and the 8% if another champ is near. **Strenght of Ages** is kinda okay for HP scaling junglers or for Tanks, but these are the only 2 Keystones which have some meaning for jungling - the rest is just vs. champions and I don't need that tbh I wanna have fast clears and sustain for my early and mid game. I have like 3-5 junglers I played last season I have to try some other champs with the new changes. Bruisers and Fighters are made for the jungle. I could try mordekaiser or quinn again, I also could go for full tank or AP for shyvana (yeah that worked). I will let you know if I have some results. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Jungling with the new items & masteries. My oppinions, and help wanted!
To be Honest I haven't played Kindred on Live, and I don't think I will ~ she isn't a fun jungler to play for me. So I can't halp with Kindred but with some Melee Bruisers like Shyvana or Rek'Sai jungling is a cake at the beginning. For **Shyvana** I go for **35% ATK Speed** and** 9 Armor** for Runes + **6|6|18 for Masteries** For Items I get my **Talisman** first and **3 Potions**. For my Jungle Route: ( haven't tried the full potential yet) SOLO Red -> Raptors -> Scuttle -> Krugs -> Wolfs -> Blue -> Scuttle (if up) -> Gromp -> Raptors -> ... (Starting Red for the %HP and Scuttles to get some HP back and to get Smite for Krugs cuz Monsters starting to Spawn 15 sec earlier) I used 1 Potion to this point. I try to get enough gold for the Jungle Item + Enchantment ( Going for Tracker's Knife + Devourer ) and start stacking with: Krugs -> Raptors -> Scuttle -> Drake and go Back. That's my Ideal Route for the beginning atm I will work on it to get the Max. out of it ! I hope I could help {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Jaurim's Fist not working.
It is working , but the Tooltip seems not to work ~ I sold it later the game and I lost the 150 hp
: Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]
**// Questions for Banshee's Veil :** * Will we see some **VFX Updates** for **Banshee's Veil** in the near Future? Like **other** Shields **: [ Bloodthirster | Vanguard Turret Shield ]** Because its current **VFX [ Live Server ]** is a _Messy Pixel Glow_. * And can we hope for some other **Icons Updates** like **: [ Randuin's Omen ]** _(currently only to find in the Item Sets)_
: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
**// Question :** * Is **Titanic Hydras** **_Active _**handled as an on-hit effect ? If _yes _ does **Phantom Hit** [ Sated Devourer ] copy the effect or is like the **Spellblade** an one-use on-hit effect?
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: That actually was not what I was thinking at all, but I REALLY, REALLY like that idea. Wow. Good job, man. That's a wonderful proposition.
// Thank you! ' w ' what did you have in mind? If you can describe me your ideas I can try to draw em! :
: What do you think about a "DoT-esque" damage counter for minion/jungle camp damage?
**// **I did an indicator for the minion aggro, it isn't the best but that's the basic idea how I would do it
: What do you think about a "DoT-esque" damage counter for minion/jungle camp damage?
**//** I think that would be a nice add for some more clarity and understanding how much dmg you actually get from minions and monsters. I main Jungle so I know if can survive this camp or not with my current** HP / DMG/ ARMOR** . But in lane it's different. It's harder to notice while being in combat with another champ that you get dmg from minions until it's too late. Some kind of indicator would be pretty cool. **//** I have some ideas in mind, and will sketch some later
: Teemo visual bug
it is still WIP so the animation isn done yet!
: Can the new HUD shop have some more tweaks?
I made my own version and posted it in the feedback thread, went kinda unnoticed ~
: Nice! I don't like the new one either, feels unfinished, too much blank space, a lot of scrolling, slower to do everything, clunky.
Thank You! C: I feel the same scrolling is very hard if you want to click the bar, it's kinda small.
: New HUD Feedback
I rly dislike the **New Shop** so I made a **Different Version** :
: New HUD Feedback
It is a **GREAT** idea but some details are bothering me: _**// 1 :**_ > The **Passive** and** Summoner Spell Icons** are placed to much towards the upper border like the **Spell Icons** , I would place em a little bit further down to match the center line of the Spell icons, It would be much smoother. Same for the **Basic Stat Window**. I would place it right next to the **Champion Icon** , that it would form a line with the rest. _**// 2 :**_ > The **Recall Icon** is kinda lost in the Item Window, It should be placed back in the **Main Body of the HUD** . Also the Gold/Shop Buttons seems that it is placed to far towards the left. _**// 3 :**_ > You should make the** Borders of the HUD** a bit more **Thicker ** . I think the whole **thin-lines-thing** doens't fit in the new Rift, You should _**SEE**_ the **Borders between HUD and Game World**. And it is** too sterile** like that, I miss the **detailing at the corners** and the feeling of the Magical. _**// 4 :**_ > **The Resource Bars** are a bit **too simple** and don't fit into the whole thing, give em the movement like in the old one that they have the aura of **Moving Essences**. These are just my **First impressions** that I have while looking at the pictures. I will **Look** at it and **Test **some stuff in the next few days.
: Ez ult not doing damage
I have seen this also in some games where our Ez ulted but the targets didn't got the dmg. That happend on the Live Server and the PBE.
: Gyazo
There's nothing wrong, that's just a placeholder, because there is no splash art atm
: Haha, the blue/white-ish color of his model almost looks like silver! Ironic...
not everyone can stay in Gold > u < //giggles


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