: Sett QOL and Suggestions
I agree with most things you said there. I still find the E fine to me, that's the only point I wouldn't need change. The minions get so much in the way, especially when his AA range is constantly changing and making him walk almost over them for no apparent reason. The W is the ability that I like the least on him. It just doesn't click with me. All about the Grit, nowhere is the grit used (I wish it was) and when it's used on the W, as you said, it comes and goes too fast. W with no Grit is nearly useless and you need to take in the face for using it. if you have shield, it does not go up, if I'm not wrong. Despite that I still like playing him, just not the W.
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: Aatrox needs work.
Took the words our of my mouth. I'm no Aatrox main but I often go and play him here and there. I'm afraid to complain since Aatrox just became what I'm the worst at - those Q ranges are comparable to Camille's W and I'm pretty bad at it - but I'm happy I might not be the only one finding it clunky, that's the key word I found when I first tried him. This is about the Kit, because the animations and personality/character are a completely another topic I could go on.
: That's why I said usually. ;) Something like Sacred Sword Janna was a bit easier and pretty low scope compared to something like Pizza Delivery Sivir where you'd need an animation that had her hop onto a scooter, ride the scooter, and then jump off of it. It's a pretty tall order in terms of animation.
I checked a few skin videos that would have a close homeguard animation to Pizza Delivery Sivir if she had one, such as Ambitious Elf Jinx with the train (pretty cool skin), Pool Party Rek'Sai with the jetski, and a higher skin tier - PROJECT: Vayne and Pulsefire Caitlyn with their motorcycles. Neither Rek'Sai nor Jinx' skins had a "hop" animation, I didn't see a transition at least! That could be skipped in this skin too. I can't say they don't have an "out" animation but it looks more like a natural transition from the vehicle to their normal walking animation, so not exactly elaborate. Vayne has a stand still animation in the base for her homeguard where she has the bike a bit inclined and a foot onto the ground. As soon as she moves, she just passes to the animation frame where she normaly rides the bike. Now Caitlyn has a pretty decent animated hop on transition (but that wouldn't be needed for our favourite Pizza girl). At the end of those homeguard animations, there's that natural transition like the others, nothing big at all. They have almost the same treatment as the 1350 RP Skins. I don't make animation nor do I understand much of it, but couldn't her recall animation help make the homeguard? Maybe copy frames of it, since she's riding it there? (I really don't know the stuff) Also, for curiousity's sake, can you tell the reason behind opting for not making a homeguard animation? I don't mean to be ungrateful towards the animators and everyone who worked in this skin, I'm sorry! But this skin deserves that scooty homeguard! I'm very thankful for this skin to even exist, I just want it 100%.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pizza Delivery Sivir!
I'm very happy to see Pizza Delivery Sivir! The splashart is neat and the model ingame is pretty good too! Although I find the skin lacks a homeguard animation for the price set as for now (1350RP). The scooter from the Recall is already made, it would make the skin so much fairer if it would be added in a homeguard animation in my opinion. The toppings from the Pizza changing are a nice extra!
: Hextech Crafting Bug Report Thread
Wrote this in another Thread (Sorry) didn't see this one. Not sure if it was mentioned before but I found at least one unfitting image or a skin shard (Pre-Void Kassadin) has actually the Harbinger Kassadin image. The price is 520 RP and that's fitting to its name. http://i.imgur.com/DUOsCP0.jpg EDIT:ed the picture
: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
Not sure if it was mentioned before but I found at least one unfitting image or a skin shard (Pre-Void Kassadin) has actually the Harbinger Kassadin image. The price is 520 RP and that's fitting to its name. [As it can be seen here](http://i.imgur.com/Im5wFlI.jpg)
: Snowdown Preview
"We’re also unveiling Your Snowdown Shop, an in-client destination outfitted with discounted Champs and Skins unique to you." Does it mean I get to have the chance to buy skins for the champions I play the most? If yes, does it count for Co-Op Vs AI or just Normal and so? I'm afraid I already know the answer. :(

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