: You mean like {{champion:7}}
: Ekko Cooldowns
Ekko is an assassin, so I think he's able to one burst someone then go back safety. Now, imagine if he can do it like every 5 seconds? I hope you understand how op it could be ^^
: Ekko ability details are out: thoughts on how to build him?
It looks exactly like Diana, but we'll see, I have to try it to say. If you look at Tristana, she had (before her rework) some good ap ratios, but she was played adc.
: Kalista auto attack bug sounds
Yes, I heard this as well when a Kalista was fighting Nash with her team
: Have other champs been 1 ip when they came out on pbe? Will it be the same for ekko?
Every new things cost 1 ip on PBE
: Are you a math teacher? All I see are questions with no answers... Do you really expect us to do math as complex as this???
The prob is not to calculate, I can do it, but it's easier to have the value in real time, so you can be focused on your game and not on a math problem
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: *UPDATED* TESTING WINDOWS: Season 2014 Summoner's Rift + Preseason 2015 Summoner's Rift
I know my request could be complicated, but why don't make the "preseason patch" like a new game mode. There's new items, new gameplay, on a new map... Like the 3v3 mode? I think you should be able to let us the choice to chose what we want to test for you. I don't know if someone asked it before, but I'm sure it could be better for us. Edit: I tried to use my brain to give you a better proposal. I think you could try to let us choice in the game selection with the same way we can do in custom game, when we select beetween the SRU or the old SR, and after this, let us opt for the S4 patch or the pre S5 patch. I don't know if I'm clear when I'm explaining my idea, sorry ^^"


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