: Doom Bots issues
1. I've had plenty of inhibs down and can still play around it even on 100 difficulty, you just need to be aware of where the super wave is and when you can put aside time to clear it out 2. At higher difficulties you just can't fight them head on (especially early) because of how heavily out they out stat you. So it just turns into a game of being really long range, or stalling for late. 4. Fighting Yasuo up close = hard, fighting yasuo from afar = easy. Understand Yasuo shoots tornados when his shield is broken. So as long as you keep your distance and understand the mechanic he's manageable. I feel like Lux is really punishing (because if your teammates cannot dodge, you get punished as well) 5. This only happens with Udyr, (you or a teammate) take smite and champs that have aoe or strong single target damage.
: Things to improve on doom bots
The "curses" are mentioned in chat but you can also see it on your buff icon https://i.imgur.com/juYVonI.png The active "curses" will be docked on the right side of where your buffs/debuffs are As for difficulty, how many 100s have you done? Any champ out of the ordinary you think is viable? (eg not brand/jinx/kog, none of the common champs)
: third feedback on doombots
I found its a lot easier to play as an adc if you're not the first one engaged on by the bots, so if you had a tank (or somebody to absorb the first spells) then it'll be a lot easier vl = vote level lv = ?
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Blitzcrank and Lulu's item build path was changed I noticed they're buying 2 boots now compared to their previous support build. ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Are you guys actively looking to change the build path for the bots? I made a note of what each Bots full build is, so I'm curious if it'd change before it goes live http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/70318848/2200404263?tab=builds&participant=6 http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/70338743/2200404263?tab=builds&participant=9 Also do you plan to adjust active cooldowns for how fast this mode is? - Zhonya's 120s - Steraks - 60s - Guardian Angel - 300s - Protobelt - 45s - Face of the Mountain - 60s - Frost Queen's Claim - 90s - Talisman of Ascension - 60s - Duskblade of Draktarr - 120s - etc
: "Idk where some of the Bots went off to but 4 of us DPS'd the bot while another stopped a Bot from pushing further." Do you remember what part of the lane this occurred at?
Opps I meant 4 of us were DPS'n Teemo and idk where the other 4 bots went to Timeline - - Enemy malzahar is still pushing top - Mid inhib - We cleared out 3 or 4 bots - Teemo is pushing on mid - 4 of us DPS down Teemo (mid inhib tower area) - After a long while, I notice the bots haven't come back yet - I don't see the bots till Teemo dies
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Not exactly a bug, but maybe its not intended. Homeguard - If out of combat for X seconds, you get homeguards. For champions with death passive like Sion/Karthus/Kog(?), because death timers are so short, when you spawn you will still have been in combat within the last 7 seconds so you don't get the homeguards movespeed boost which hurts Karthus a lot when defending the Nexus towers. Might need Adjustment: - Kindred's mark on camps (considering games will end in ~17 minutes)
: Do you mean when he's in the pit he won't attack you? Do you remember if he was marked for Udyr's passive shortly before you started the dragon?
I encountered this bug(?), I noticed while I was fighting the dragon it stopped targeting me and started attacking something at its feet. I stopped attacking and eventually Udyr claimed it. Is it meant to attack thin air(?) after its marked by udyr?
: Ideally impossible :D or as close to impossible as possible!
I agree it should be ideally impossible. That way the highest completed difficulty will be in the 80s or 90s rather than thousands of people plateauing at 100. In its current form, I don't think 100 difficulty is hard enough, my (random) team ended up clearing out the Bots then Teemo was alone for a really long time, resulting in an easy win. Idk where some of the Bots went off to but 4 of us DPS'd the bot while another stopped a Bot from pushing further. Is there a term for how Teemo attacks ignore Janna shield on towers?
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: Doom Bots Feedback and Suggestion
About your 2nd point, I don't think players should be given additional starting gold for higher difficulties (because its suppose to be getting more difficult). On your 3rd point, I think its fine how it is, 10 and 20 kills are hard but doable, 30 is unlikely but that's fine because its the last bonus buff you can get. I've won at 100 difficulty and think its fine as it is. I honestly hope it is changed to be harder where 100 is near impossible, and ~80-90 is extremely difficult but possible with good coordination + teamwork. This way, people will be fighting for highest completion rather than having thousands of players with 100 completed.
: The Champion Bundles should be on sale for 99% off, meaning it costs 1RP for each bundle. Source: I had just obtained the 4 Bundles yesterday on a new PBE account for 1 RP each. However, they are missing 2 champs in the bundles (Kled and Taliyah)
Still says it costs 30k RP, same as 2 days ago
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