: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition!
To be completely honest, as a person who owns all Miss Fortune's skins/Borders/Icons/Chromas. I really don't like the white/gold color being used in the prestige version of the skin. It's supposed to be a better looking halloween skin for her that costs more, and I know that gold is usually used for most of the prestige skins and thats fine but I really really REALLY think that the white color could be replaced for a different color just because the theme for her skin is supposed to be a little spooky. Adding white/gold on EVERY prestige skin is getting ridiculous and just completely ignoring the main concept of prestige skins as a skin that is unique and limited edition. Regardless, I'm still getting the skin just to have the complete collection, however I'd be 1000000% satisfied if a change to the color scheme was different.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Xayah
Hi, I really like this skin for xayah but the lighter version just doesn’t compete to her darker version. I feel like riot should make an event this year with a concept of all the star guardians that were released before this year attempting to save xayah and Rakan from Zoe’s evil power. As an achievement for saving them both you get the chroma of the lighter star guardian versions of their skins.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/PY4AyOUW-prestige-kda-evelynn Please read this, this person points out very good points to changes needed for this Evelynn skin and it got a lot of attention, Overall though I love the changes so far and will be buying this skin. Nice job!
: Hiii, friends! Thank you all so much for leaving your feedback here and elsewhere! Everyone on the team is reading through the comments. Sorry for taking so long to respond here. As you can expect out of a tech-intensive skin like GGMF, there are a lot of bugs. o_O I don't get to make the decisions here, but I can act as an advisory source of information and at least bring these points to the decision-makers. With all that said, I wanted to provide a bit of context on some of the common points brought up in this thread (and other online sources). **"WTF is up with her face and neck in the splash art?!"** * You can expect to see an update to this in the next PBE deploy! Hopefully the changes feel better to ya'll. **"Her VO doesn't sound like Miss Fortune! And why all the sexual lines?"** * Unfortunately, we couldn't get base MF's voice actress for this skin, so that was unavoidable. As for all the sexualized lines, we actually got that same feedback during the process to tone down the seductive lines and add more of that fierce Captain Fortune vibe, so we ended up adding in more "vicious" and "cutthroat" lines for events that tend to play more often (e.g. Long Move, Attack). We honestly feel good about the current state of her VO in regards to capturing MF in this universe. **"These forms look like _chromas_, change the models!"** * Unfortunately, there are limitations that prevent us from changing the models at this stage. We can make minor tweaks to the textures however. **"Why does the jetpack VFX blink?"** * With the way the VFX is set up to play from the animation, this is an unavoidable side-effect. We managed to make this a little less noticeable at least! **"The animations are way too close to base!"** * Keeping the animations fairly close to base was a concession that we had to make early on in development. If a marksman is going to be able to transform an unlimited amount of times throughout the game with varying particles (as well as a very different silhouette with her shoulder-pieces, exo-suit, and guns), we have to make tough choices to keep consistency with Base MF in several areas to maintain the MF read. **"Change the in-game portraits to match with the splash!"** * There aren't any plans to do this at the moment, but I can check with the team and see what they think. If we can leverage Elementalist Lux's tech and iterate on the splash easily, then there's a possibility, but the timeline is still super tight. **"Bring her back into production and re-release her at the typical Ultimate skin price."** * Mr. Cactopus addressed that [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/82pel6/riot_should_bring_back_gun_goddess_mf_in/dvbvyiu/). **"Change her VO lines to be different per form."** * She actually does have unique VO lines per form! Currently, we don't plan on expanding the current list of unique VO lines. **"There's a super annoying bug where she appears at the edge of the Fog of War!"** * This should be fixed now!
I love the skin and the fact that you are trying your best to fulfill our tasks, but my only task is that you make the recall animations and the dances different, even a little change will satisfy me into buying this skin.
: Hello! I made a reddit [thread here that got some attention](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/82iu8o/gun_goddess_mf_shouldnt_be_ultimate_and_here_is/) but as i tested the skin and updated my feedback constantly, here are some bonus feedback along the reddit commentary : - As i stated in the thread, it would have been far better if the idles for each form were a lot different than what they are currently, to add variety (it feels too base MF). - The ultimate has a unique animation shooting for each form, this is great, why isn't that the case for all abilities? She has 4 different weapons, no way she uses them the same way. Prove the people those are more than just chromas - Her portrait **needs** to change to adapt to her form, her hair color is different. You did that for Lux, you don't need the full splashes just the icon, please do consider. - Her particles for Q and E are soooooo light, i can barely see them sometimes, they really need more contrast or opacity, especially on white exo. - Again on the "chroma" topic, i feel like the majority would prefer if each exo had more unique design details than just weapons. Hats, Helmets, Sigils, anything that isn't just colors. And i'm talking model wise, not VFX. - On another topic, she doesn't have facial animations? Cmon...some champs do and some champs don't, it's totally random, but this is a one in a year skin... - I guess because of clarity, no way to make the walking animation different too based on the suit? At least the auto attack animation since different weapons. Let's be honest tho here, a lot of people agree the walking with passive looks like Vi because of the mecha hands up so, there goes clarity. - Again on the issue with models, it doesn't help that the color pattern for 3 of them is pratically the same [here](https://puu.sh/zCyNa/ff63a60847.png). Four forms and red/ash white/dark blue are a thing in 3 of those... - You guys ruined the hopes and dreams of all MF mains who waited and wanted a more serious VO to fit her real background. We ended up with juvenile sex jokes yet again... **Overall it just doesn't feel like a huge upgrade to MF like other Ultimate Skins did to their champions back then. The particles are too light and thin in a way they feel impactless. Her VO is uninteresting, trying to be badass but fails to make you listen (no real good lore, stupid catchphrases). Her movements are WAY too similar to base MF and along the familiar VO theme it ruins the feeling of a ultimate skin. And most of all of course, the models being too similar in forms and shape is the biggest issue of all. I'm not rediscovering MF here like i did with Lux or Udyr, i'm just seeing base MF in a suit. ** Three solutions as i see it : - Pull back the skin for a while, make it worth it for everyone in a way they'll blow their minds off. Screw the price, we'd pay 4k if each form is valuable. My reddit thread got 5k upvotes and on more than 900 comments i've read a lot of constructive comments saying the same things i do. Make a poll, try the people, they don't like it, don't force it on them. - Release it as it is with some minor tweaks, adopt a new skin tier and let the shitstorm evaporate while the design team lives with the guilt that they couldn't accomplish a special skin with passion when a majority found it to be underwhelming. Let's be honest here, the skin was very badly recieved and this isn't personal, i'm spending dailies on boards and reddit and other networks and the feedback is not looking good. - Bruteforce a lot of notable changes on PBE for these 2 weeks to come and delay a week if needed while bumping the price back to 3250 if you see fit depending on the tweaks. A good compromise to tell everyone you're listening and trying to do the best thing. *On a personal note guys, i've been around since season 2...i've seen a lot of this company's sides and most of the time i can say it was amazing and generous. I know how you work, i know what deadlines are, i remember the struggle iZac had for compact VFX on Lux, i have few hopes for big changes here but if anything i think the community will be relieved for the most part if they see anything happen. The connotation for a ultimate skin implies huge expectations.* *PS : had some issues with edits not saving but it should be ok now*
I too would rather pay for a better mf skin, this skin is not even close to as good as lux's skin and I main both mf and lux.
: Hi there! As a MF otp Im going to write out some thoughts, since the skin is massively disappointing for me. First of all, read this thread, it accurately describes most of the skins problems: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/82iu8o/gun_goddess_mf_shouldnt_be_ultimate_and_here_is/ **MF splashart** This one is weird, in her [splashart](https://puu.sh/zC8md/854defa444.png), her face is fucked up. You do not recognize MF at all here. However in the [summoner icon](https://puu.sh/zC8nr/3ad9d7d042.png), her face is pretty accurate. It's pretty weird because the splashart should pretty much look like the summoner icon one. **Models** I'm sorry, but the in-game models do NOT look like MF at all. It's just some random face. Her hair is pretty plain boring too. Please make her models look more like MF and make her hair a bit lively, otherwise it's just pretty much boring models. **Animations** > All-new animations: She strikes a unique Bullet Time pose per exo-suit. Yeah okay, nice, we got a new animation for the ultimate for each suit. But most of the other animations haven't even changed! For an ultimate skin, this is pretty disappointing since that's just a few changes. The reddit thread above here already describes this accurately (the comparisons with Elementalist Lux). **Forms/VFX** Uh, okay, yeah you can choose between forms! Really nice, except that they do not differ much at all except for the guns and the VFX. Since this was pretty much the focus of the ultimate skin, this is utterly disappointing. The VFX is nice but it doesn't differ a lot and definitely doesn't do justice for the poor aspects in other areas of the skin. This is massively disappointing since it's the most important one. **In-game icons?** There is literally just one in-game icon and that's of the splash, which is the Scarlet Fair skin. When you switch from Scarlet Fair to for example [Starswarm](https://puu.sh/zC8BS/8297736bc7.png), there is no change in the icon. This means there is no matching icon for each suit. This is also massively disappointing since this feature has been seen before in Elementalist Lux. For an ultimate skin, it's pretty weird this is lacking. **Unique? Ultimate?** Every ultimate skin so far has had an unique aspect to their skin. GGMF does not have one. Yeah this is why you lowered the price of the skin, because it doesn't really meet the standards of an ultimate. See now, this is the problem. You call it an ultimate skin while it is absolutely NOT an ultimate skin. At best you could at least made a new tier for the skin. Because calling this skin an ultimate skin while it's absolutely not is just kinda fucked up. At best you could say this is a legendary skin with 3 chroma's which you can switch in-game. **Animated splashart?** Not sure about this one, but there should be one coming right? ** All in all:** I'm very fucking disappointed. This skin had SO MUCH potential and you showed SO LITTLE. It's just kind of sad, it just shows you were lazy with the skin (I really don't like people calling lazy but this one is justified). I don't really know how much time you had for this skin but even then, this skin is a massive disappointment. I expected so much out of an ultimate but it really seems like this is an legendary with one extra feature in-game, that's it. Calling it an ultimate skin is a big fucking insult because that's simply not true. Also, she's supposed to a Gun Goddess, but she really doesn't show it. She isn't super badass and showing that she's a goddamn Gun Goddess at all, it's pretty underwhelming. Pretty disappointed with this too. Even if there's a chance you'll pull back the skin to work again on it and I have to wait 2 years for you to put out an actual ultimate worthy skin then I would be PERFECTLY fine because an ultimate should be ultimate worthy and not this. Riot, this skin in its current state is just not acceptable for an ultimate skin. I would much more prefer having a complete skin than just feel bad that the skin is basically forced. I want to feel good playing the skin and not bad. I love MF very much and I've always though an ultimate skin on her would be fucking awesome. Except that this is just a massive disappointment and would just waste the potential it has for nothing. So please Riot, for the love of god, consider fixing it. **EDIT: I've now also listened to the VO and WTF are you doing? We've been waiting SO LONG for a VO for MF and then you basically do one VO and make them literally the same for every single form. Like WTF happened to you guys? Look at Elementalist Lux, every single form got an unique VO and there are TEN forms, this one has four and you didn't even bother doing more than one. Jesus fucking Christ Riot. This is starting to get even more disappointing.** **In this skin, you didn't even make her VO badass just like her background, no, you just put some sex jokes in there and hope it sells better. Fucking cheap. I REALLY hope the classic MF VO will be ACTUALLY badass and not some stupid catchprases and sex jokes in there. Again, how massively fucking disappointing.**
Yes, I agree it should be a legendary skin with 3 chromas instead of an ultimate, think that's what they really planned it for but they just added a little more things just to make it an ultimate and profit, as an mf main I am very dissapointed aswell.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sweetheart Xayah!
With the new changes the skin is starting to look better but I still think that her hair makes her look weird with the ears she has, I suggest maybe a dark red color for her hair. Also with her feathers they look more like a cape than feathers which makes her look way more human than bird, just a human with weird ears and feet, maybe add more features to make her look more like a bird, I think removing the gold border on her feathers would make the skin its self other than her feathers stand out way more and it would also maybe make her look more like a bird.


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