: Update: her mask is being updated in accordance to the feedback here, it'll look more like her splash. We're looking at her autos as well. Unfortunately this won't be in upon release, but will be in 8.17
Hi it's almost patch 8.18 and C.E. Lulu's mask still didn't get her update A Smol also still sometimes freezes up during attack animation {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Thresh!
Hi I just have some feedback based on how I feel about this skin. I also main {{champion:412}} -I love how the Q animation is, but I feel like it'll be hard to react to due to how fluid it is. In the rest of his skins, his hook shows a straight chain with a static scythe blade at the end. In the High Noon one, you can see that the rope curves and the loop begins at it's side; where the edge hitbox is, then as the Q animation keeps going, momentum is brought to the tip of the loop and the loop expands. I feel that concerns may rise where players may have a hard time watching High Noon Thresh's Q and knowing whether it's going to hit them or miss and vice versa for Thresh. This is a thing I wouldn't mind not being changed as I leave it up to the community to judge whether or not this would affect them. -I agree with Baiat Lung with how out of place his ult looks. Compared with the rest of the skins in this set, his ult looks like a western themed office party. I feel like darkening the wooden posts and maybe the walls may help with this. I feel like barbed wire would also be fantastic as also stated by Baiat Lung.
: Hello hello! I pinged our narrative writer who knows all about our skins universes (and writes many of the skins' backstories!) and asked for some context on Mafia Braum and how he's meant to fit into the Mafia world. *"He’s basically a super powered safe cracker. Think of him as the ultimate good-natured (but also criminal) fixer, and he’s a little more dolled up because unlike the rest of the Mafia universe he can just walk up to the side of a bank and RIP THE WALL OFF. So, he’s a very successful criminal."*
Is there a story for the recently released splash art of his? I gotta know why someone's shooting at him and possibly the bank employees he's protecting. Are they like rival mafia groups? I'd read an entire story about the mafia universe it's really intriguing!
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Aurelion Sol, Mafia Braum, and Cosmic Chromas!
The chromas for the cosmic skins are amazing but I understand they are just chromas and therefore the VFX aren't going to be changed. But as a cosmic skin line, I feel like the VFX for the chromas should match the colors of their (cosmicsity?). It just feels weird having an Obsidian Cosmic Enchantress Lulu that has dark red stars and space in her chroma but having her VFX be all blue and un-matching. Other chromas (such as the recent pool party ones) don't have this problem. I know my wording is a bit weird but I hope you guys understand I'm still getting the Lulu skin for aurelion smol <3


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