: Ghosting would be really nice on Phase Rush
I agree that the rune needs a little something extra. Reliability of proc is nice, but while your enemy can get a good 100 damage on you early game, you gain 15% ms which is irrelevant if they have cc or leaps, meaning you lost the trade. If its called **Phase Rush** then maybe it should do something Phase-y? While Phase Rush is active: ... you can path through minions. ... you receive 10% less damage from enemy auto attacks ... you receive less damage from AOE effects ... you take less damage in general ... you gain 35% Tenacity Or simply increase the movement speed to match old Stormraider's Surge?
: Ravenous Hunter: Tooltip should show total healing done.
> [{quoted}](name=LadyVash,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=Os8LMWoZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-30T20:20:40.065+0000) > > Other Rune show up much healing/damage they have done. > > Ravenous Hunter does not but it should. > > All Runes show show how much extra damage done, healing done, damage shielded, etc so we can gauge how well it is for the champ we have it on. Yeah, I agree completely. Ravenous Hunter showing me how many stacks I have is a minimum requirement for the rune, but if it also showed me the amount ive healed throughout the game like other runes, then Id be able to make a more informed decision as to how useful this rune is to me or if i should be picking something else.
: > [{quoted}](name=Painkills,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=Qlg7yymA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-10-31T15:33:59.536+0000) > > Why not try posting something more helpful, like specifying what exactly it is about the health bars that bothers you so much and what could be done to fix it while maintaining the desire for in-game clarity that devs mentioned? What the hell is he not clear about? He said why he doesnt like it. They feel less responsive and satisfying. There was nothing wrong with the original health bars. Riot just wants to change shit for the sake of being "fresh".
I was replying to "quitting league if i have to play with these" It is both unclear and unhelpful.
: Unsealed Spellbook is not a good keystone Compared To others
I like the idea of it empowering the spells more than simply increasing cdr. Flash can be used once, and then again within 3s to return to original location. Exhaust makes enemy drowsy - asleep instead of just slowed. Teleport allows you to take an ally with you. Ghost allows you to walk through walls. Barrier reflects damage taken once shield breaks. Heal leaves heal over time or shield based on number of allies healed. Smite deals aoe damage to both monsters and minions. I dont know. Make it exciting!
: Quitting league if Im going to have to play with those health bars next season{{champion:32}}
Why not try posting something more helpful, like specifying what exactly it is about the health bars that bothers you so much and what could be done to fix it while maintaining the desire for in-game clarity that devs mentioned?
: It honestly went from one of the most busted runes to having no reason to pick it at all.
That seems rather like an over-reaction. You still get 8 damage added per cannon minion wave and slightly better AD scaling. If your gameplan is building tankier and relying on some nice burst later in the game, it's still viable.
: The Reason Dark Harvest is Over Tuned Right Now. [High Plat]
I took 1.8k damage in 0.53 seconds against a rengar this morning. Jumped out of bush, and I was dead before I could press any buttons because I have 93ms.
: Dark Harvester is far to OP
Yeah, just last game a rengar had it and he took me down 1.8k hp in 0.53 seconds. His Dark Harvest was doing near 400 damage, he had a Drakthars and that was that.
: From what i have seen, only 1 or 2 of the preset runes are remotely usable. You'd have to go out of your way to find a champ/playstyle that fits those. They seem great for showcasing some of the facets of **Runes Reforged**, but aside from that, they're useless and take up a lot of space. That leaves 2 usable rune pages (the only ones you can edit) and that isn't nearly enough rune pages. As some have already mentioned, it takes way too long to edit each rune page in champ select as there are too many options to choose from, and unless you make champ select **much too long** then you're not gonna have enough time to fully edit a rune page to fit whatever champ/playstyle you decided to go with that game. [Small changes in response to enemy champ picks notwithstanding] To me, the preset pages are only useful for someone who **just** started using Runes Reforged and needs to figure out how they work, and what they do. In 4 months time, UNEDITABLE rune pages will be clutter. They will have outlived their usefulness. You could account for this, and **plan** to make them **editable** a month or 2 into next year. By that time, almost every player with a league account will have tried out the new runes and thought "this is pretty cool, **but** i have some other ideas" and want to change them, but have no room to try their ideas. Unless you guys **really** want players to keep buying all their pages month after month, year after year to have something besides champ mastery to spend BE on, then I don't recommend this current Runes Reforged pages.
Yeah, I agree that the preset pages seem great for new players as it gives them quick and easy options. However, if the purpose of the preset pages is for new players, then the names need to be more descriptive of what the page is intended to do. As it is, words like indomitable hunter dont really tell me much as an experienced player, and i assume it would be worse for a new player. Finally, perhaps the preset pages could unlock and become editable pages as you level up? Every 5 levels from 0 to 30 you make one of the preset pages turn into an editable page? It makes it simple at first but adds complexity and flexibility as you become more familiar with the system.
: in the screen of selection of champions is not appearing the name nor the specifications of the runes
Yeah, the names you assign to your rune pages don't always seem to save. I had to change the name, save, exit the page, go back in, change the name again and save for it to save the change of name.
: after testing 2 page limit i think any kind of limit is a horrible idea. i dont have enough time to make the page while in the lobby 90% of the time. there is too many options i have to look over it takes too long. this is a really stupid idea and its pointless to make a cap on the pages.
Honestly, SOME limit is necessary, but the fact that the limit is 2 pages or some preset ones that may not have what you want at all is just absurd. We should have at least 5, one for each role (jungle, top, adc, mid, support). Having less pages than that feels excessively limited and sort of forces players to buy more pages.
: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Ravenous Hunter rune should tell you how much damage you have healed in the Runes status box. Additionally, Phase Rush always shows its value as 0% unless you mouseover.
: Edit runes won't load up in Champion select
Yeah, cant edit runes once in champ select.


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