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: i know you had black cleaver, that's why i said "your first 6 images" because you didn't have any items (except biscuits) then. adaptive = the bonuses. so your base AD doesn't count, but yes veigar stacking (and even temporary buffs like janna shield, i believe) counts. guinsoo's still gives AD and AP. here's the direct quotation: > ADAPTIVE: Grants bonuses based on **which stat you already have the most bonuses for**. Defaults to the first listed.
dude, I'm already getting bonus stats then, do you see +30 AD, where is that coming from? explain?
: you realise adaptive is based on your _bonuses_ i.e. items + other buffs, right? so if you have no items you're not going to get any adaptive damage buffs. that covers your first 6 images. i'm too tired to read the rest of your images and note down all the numbers, but if this is a bug, then it should be reported on the live boards / reddit since the runes are now on the live servers.
had Black cleaver, is that enough? and adaptive means the stats that's right, on veigar you will get AP, coz you are anyways passively stacking AP, if items are required, that's bs, what would rageblade give lol but that's not good for tanks who goes shield, or maybe adc who like to go shield instead of blade, if you say items are necessary, then I'm quite upset with this new runes also, I complained about multiple runes, not just one, should have read, they are not giving stats at any time of game, and with items yes
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: afk people
10 games over 5 of 10 games? wth?
: People did check youtube and how would they have found the bug if no one did.
they were in soo called... practice tool, and althought it was more than 10 mins, the people who posted, like skinspoitlight, that's a group, who were doing their task simultaneously, so that they can make vids for their yt asap
: You guys cry about 1 day. When Ornn was suppose to be released it took more time than just 1 day. And that's what you have to deal with being a PBE tester, not everything goes your way. Be grateful you have a PBE account to test things unlike others who have to wait way more than a day to play on Live. Calm down kiddies, they're trying to do their job.
Exactly what I said above, that girl, does not seem to be open to coding, and real life events
: I still think it's overall unprofessional; there is a big difference between an unintended bug involving something small or unimportant (RIP {{champion:82}}) compared to a bugged new product which only has a problem because someone forgot to remove the problem they intentionally created in the first place. Granted at the time it was for testing reasons, but hello? Does Riot not have other people to check someone else's work? There was not a single other person around to look over or check the new champion to make sure something like this didn't happen in the first place? No one else at all? Not a single person thought to double check the new product? And as for the fix times; sure it's in the middle of the night right now, as well as yes it makes more sense to fix a bunch of bugs at once compared to shipping out individual fixes for each one. But for Zoe specifically; not only is this a problem they were able to find and address right away, but considering she was released at 5PM EST (middle of the day for anyone in NA) there was more then enough time to send in a simple bug fix for the main, new part of the patch. Sure, we've all plenty of time to test her once the fix does come through, but it's the general stand point that Riot shouldn't have had this screw up in the first place. It's honestly just overall downright lazy and unprofessional.
Zoe, is expected to be released on Tuesday, you will get it Riot needs some kind of cheat, to speed up the process of testing, I assume, you have never worked on coding, but that is not as easy as writing those bold statement, it's totally different language they must have removed the coding, but maybe one was left, and that's no big deal as expected, we are all to test this "Product" if there was no PBE signups open, you would have been enjoying the champ, after a month when it comes free or maybe you would have purchased with BE and enjoyed a "Complete and Perfect Product"
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: No worries bud, she was released for half an hour max
: Is Zoe gone from the store?
: This guy admitted in chat he was leaving intentionally, RIOT PLEASE!
It would have been much better if you sent a ticket on as that would have speed up the process, also over there you can do naming and shaming like summoner name, match details, they can check chatlog, and can take action and please take SS using F12 this looks clumsy you also have to transfer file from mobile to PC, that would save file in pc, just in screenshots directory of your lolpbe folder
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: Ultimate hat not working on Teemo
I reported this bug 3 days ago, So they still did not fix it, gg
: There's a guy whose summoner name it's the man's genitalia (I think you know what I mean), on top of that he's toxic (not really a huge surprise), I reported this player and guess what, he's still there playing, with the same summoner name... {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
lol, I can give you ss of player who was extremely toxic his chatlog, and he's playing since the day PBE were open, and probably he signed up I also reported, along with 2 other report from my team and atleast 1 report from enemy team also I sent ticket to
: normaly a yi goes in fight, if all cc is out. or if there is an engagiig leona on ure adc, a following kata and a jumping in gnar u cant cc the yi too...
ohh..., ever heard of maokai? Lux? Morgana?jinx? Leona with 3 stuns?cho's aoe knock up? nami? brum, everyone has AOE, synda has, ahri can rip him apart with her charm, thresh, blitz, you gotta pick em, and try not to feed, you do know master yi is not OP until couple of items, and that runes, requires him to hit and wait for 3 secs, you got time, you do not cc him before dem 3 secs
: Nah mate, from my experience on pbe and live servers i can say that there's WAY more toxicity on pbe, i've played league since season 3 and since then, not even once did anyone spam chat insulting me, not even once did anyone tell me to kms, but after only playing on pbe for like 2 weeks or something, i've already been told to kms twice and i can't even count the numbre of times one of my teammates randomly started spamming chat saying i was retarded Like, i'm not a kid so i don't actually give a crap, but that clearly shows that there's way more toxicity on pbe Sure there might be other factors such as matchmaking being more "open" and letting me play with / against people in relatively low elo, but mate wat the hek :v
If you are saying there's way more toxicity on PBE, then, what do those kids do, or used to do when they play on Live servers? Riot is not handling this shit at all
: as far as i know honor levels from everyone on your team honoring is pretty low compared to being honored by a non premade
that's what I call BS, and that should stop if everyone in your team honors, except you, YOU DO NOT DESERVE LEVEL 5 HONOR, not even 3, YOU NEED TO GET HONORED it's not considered rewarding at all when you can get it easily
: its toxicity not cheating so toxicity gets 14 tempa-ban
as I said, permaban deserved guy gets temp ban
: You do know that there is a bug report section of these boards, right? Very first option on the navigation menu? Explicitly placed there by Riot staff to handle reports and avoid duplicates? Pro tip: Don't phrase your "help" as a sarcastic question unless you want people to react condescendingly in return.
Wish you had brains The report link takes you to this read that line? "General PBE Feedback" below it there is report a bug that's the one, and if you use the bug report from client, bottom right, that will do the same this is bugs discussion forum
: It's hard to make bold statements due to matchmaking. The difference in ranks is quite a huge factor that influences the outcome.
it's going to be preseason rank, not end season rank, if you feel like u gonna get stomped , don't play rank for 6 months, and hope you will be able to reach your goal in remaining 6 months
: Banned/Suspended for 14. (FOR NOTHING)
lol, kys is not toxic? First time, I am seeing someone getting banned, and that is because it was triggered by your chat, other players were as toxic as you? I'd agree with you Improve yourself Riot, why not permaban this guy? and more people like him? why even spare?
: yeah i make a post, where i called, that this rune needs a nerv. as-limit only to 3.0 and lower speed scaling would be nice.
: {{item:1419}} {{item:3153}} Its stupid damage
dude, stupid damage would be with IE and PD those are stupid items, u make them against tanks I have better success with not upgrading more than hunters and going IE PD static BT build
: Yeah, i dunno, i just cant get around how clunky his new kit is, i liked the fluent nature it used to have, tbh i want to be able to play him again, but i think i will just be stuck on kled, im just so used to using his ult for stealth rather then camouflage that i cant figure him out, imo they should just remove the camoflauge and give him something else, as everyone keeps saying only use his ult to gap close Edit: but yeah, with runes being removed, alot of my lethality is being removed, lowering my success even more....
If you like a champ who can jump on carries, and you like lethality, on top lane, Talon is something I would suggest as, his Q is heal+crit, op damage, just like rengar has, but no need of 5 stacks for empowered q, need to be close for that damage W is slow, and damage too Free jumps over the walls with E, rengar cannot jump over walls, except if there's bush, invi ult like rengar, and passive Bleed, item builds start with long swords, new meta, buy that porchers and kill enemy camp, back, or just take large golem + large roster, and back, ez cheap dirk, if you are caught, you press E XD, if still can't escape, you have ult, but basically you know how much you will be saving on gold
: for 2 days i only have 50 rp thats what i mean
>after 2 days i still got only 8000 please fix it that's what you wrote, if you are not getting the 8k RP, submit ticket to riot @
: Why does the in-game tooltip show total damage
how much damage it will do now, is more important, but the reason why they kept that is probably because, we want to know, whether the runes are working or not it's like building from abc
: Can we do something about SLOW LOADING players (10 minutes+)?
if you want your loading to be super slow 10 mins+ Make your Hard disk usage rise, by doing something like, copying league of legends folder,extracting winrar big archive, copying something :D and if you want to reduce it stop system prefetch process, if everything above is not in your list
: Zoe
tuesday, i.e. you can expect her in about ~48 hours
: Disgust in PBE
that's normal now you see a dirty fish, spoils the fresh water pond, that's what riot did If I were to suggest, there should be something better than level 3+ honor and my question, How can those people have level 3+ honor? Just how? I am just like.... HOW can such toxic people have level 3+ honor my suggestion ends there, previously in s6 and before, we used to have ribbons of green, red and all, which used to stay for quite long, until you get reported alot, on which they used to be removed, here, even toxic players have level 5 honor, I mean seriously level 5 people write kys fys if anyone would ever tell me report system or IFS works, I will find it hard to stop laughing on their joke/innocence
everyday 11:00 PDT
: ive played for 2 daysw now and my rp didnt refresh
that's like salary of your account, you get 8000 RP everyday, if you use, it will refill everyday, if you do not use, it stays, but won't increase more than 8k
: Injustice with new users
Yes they should give, and they were giving unlimited rp and be before but the problem is, if they give now, it slows the server Riot has no problem with giving, but that is affecting them and us, so they are for now, left with no choice
: Lets fix her toxic playstyle before we buff her plz
Nope, she has under 50% win ratio, this is fine, and she needs it
: How to report TOXIC PLAYERS
1) None of that solves the issue, the toxic people continue being toxic, I hardly see anyone getting ban or chat ban, whether you are talking about live or pbe 2) The only people who get ban are the one who were on extreme, and they continued their negativity for quite long, 3) if anyone want to question me, I'll provide you the SS of abuse by the player in PBE plus the ss of ticket sent to, and just tell you his ign, and give then want you to me reason why he's still playing, offc you will have to believe me that I use postgame report 4) and there's no reason for my report to weight less as pbe was opened for signup short time ago
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: The rules here are no different from live.
Yea, they are as useless as live, these kind of toxic players got level 3+ honor? how? How is that even possible? how can they not degrade?
: Everything seems so unbalanced. Especially AD champs.
that's why it's in PBE, and that's why there's going to be PRESEASON, and that's why you are given access to test this, and that's why you are reviewing, so if you have got good points, write 'em all down, Riot devs do check, or use report bug bug feature, and then make your own post, if you like to be heard
: yh but you know is always better if you report than you don't do anything
Nope, it's same, so I just leave, and mute all
: Lethal Tempo is way to OP on Champs Like Master Yi
lemme know which 2 items, coz I failed with that rune
: Lol so are u saying that the problem it's only BR players? I mean, I've seen some NA players being toxic and flaming everyone. And then, portuguese isn't the only language in South America, so there's some spanish speaking players too
: Ban
Ohh I can provide you ss of those people who were flaming and they are not yet banned
: I meant on live, and my problem, is that i cant burst someone before they react accordingly, IE i jump on lux, she binds me, walks out of melee range and drops the slow before i pop the cleanse (and since most lux run exhaust, i cant even kill her once i get on top of her), 9 times out of 10 people walk away, and i cant kill someone on live when i have my 30 lethality from runes/masteries, and duskblade/youmuus/edge of night, and now that we have even less, its going to make it harder
About lux, you can see that I just knew how to react, it's obvious, that any skill shot champs are going to use their spells, you know, everyone knows doing that makes you lose, so you, do not ult unless she used her q, or you ult and wait till she use her q,, best, buy quick silver, it's cheap btw, those items and runes, provide like 45-55 lethality, which is quite effective at level 18 what you got to do is, either get flash/ghost you have to make some makes, I mean, try to think before you lock in spells and runes, I will try to play a normal game with rengar jungle and maybe post ss here from Live
: Useful information for new PBE players
So where's the official PBE discord?
: I go lethality (had like 30 lethality at level 1) and i still cant kill shit, i cant make his new kit work no matter how hard i try, i had like an 80% win rate on him pre rework too.....
How did you have 30 lethality at level 1? You got to make duskblade, and abuse it's passive, and if you are fed, u go on adc, else u go on supp, or someone like lux mid, ahri mid, or soraka those squishies and take them out, get fed, and try this darkharvest, it's really op, just go to lane, when there are going to be cannon minions for 2x cheesy stacks you are doing it all wrong, go lethality, 45 from edge+dusk+yoummu no spirit visage, no cloth armor no IE no sterak and after jungling, push one of the lane, get farm from that lane, also go this rune page u can swap for coup de grace too and buy porcher's dirk, that free lethality item for counter jungling and also take exhaust if u feel necessary that's an op spell, and do not forget u need GA TOO give this one a shot
: Well he needs something, hes literally only strong if he gets so far ahead, like, his entire kit is so conditional that there's barely anything you can do half the time, you compare him to any other assassin/diver, hes literally outclassed by everyone, i went from my 75% win rate on him in ranked to now.......0%....ive tried to play him over like 50+ games, and i still cant make him work and for what, a shitty cleanse that you wont even be able to use half the time? a Crit on your ult that you will never be able to use on anyone besides the tank? a heal that belongs on a tank? like, his kits best part was his ability to build nearly anything and adapt to the game while still being pretty consistent, now hes kinda locked into playing as a strange off tank with dead mans plate and duskblade and generally doing shitty anyways. In all honesty, this has been making me very frustrated with this game as he was the first champ i ever took the effort to learn and now riot stole it
The problem is you are not going lethality
: Dark Harvest would have some competition if Electrocute reset on kill
I think comet is better than electrocute, just that it can be dodged :/ but still u can reduce it's cooldown by abilities :)
: Battlecast Urgot's Ascension relic-capturing channel windup animation bug
You do know that you should report bugs from client right? bottom right side of client?
: Rengar
indeed rengar has been nerfed quite alot, but in live I still got rekt by him on mage, and he was still able to kill our adc who was not making GA you do know that +10 lethality has been added, which is huge buff to his kit, You do know the eyeball collection, free +9 armor, free damage from runes, dark harvest, is enough to force another nerf on that champ right?
: Two bugs to look at for Riot Staff - <#
You do know how to report bugs on PBE right? click on the report bug button bottom right side of client?
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