: Exclusivity in champ select is what makes some game modes fun and interesting (look at smite). Not allowing every champ in the mode is important not only for the thematic, but for balance. Tanks and Fighters (with Camille oddly being excluded from the fighter category?) make awful targets for assassins, ruining the flow, speed, and balance of the game. Fighters are harder to kill than assassins, but can duel them, which is why they're generally bad targets for assassins (assassins like squishy carries and other assassins). Tanks are just real hard to kill. The whole point is this mode is supposed to be lighting fast and extremely brutal, but fighters just sorta reduce it to slow paced duels instead of 1-shot shuriken showdowns.
I would agree that tanks ruin the flow of the gametype, except for the fact that itemization is vastly limited. I can't build dead man or randuin or frozen heart or banshee. In other words: I can't build tank itemization. For example, say I picked Tahm, one of the tankiest champions in the game. I'd be worthless due to the intense lack of health items. The best I could do for Tahm would be to build on-hit for Q and W, except that without cdr and hp, he'd still be worthless If the criteria for the game mode is to oneshot people, then we've got a lot of champs to consider. Nautilus, Amumu, Quinn, Warwick, Renekton, Garen, Darius, Nocturne, Yi, Poppy, Sejuani, Zac, and basically any midlane mage. All of those camps have the ability to oneshot a champ almost right out of the box. I can understand not having champs like Nami, Lulu, and Janna though. They can build raw ap and still be just fine, and would disrupt the flow of the game, so yes, I can agree that some champ pool limiting is a good thing, but not the wholesale limiting they have right now.
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: Is This Solitaire?
Twelve cards of a kind makes a deck permanent. Ten gem cards makes a special skin permanent deck. Unfortunately, it looks like you've played yourself into a hole with this hand. You'll have to wait until the next promotional to try again.
: > [{quoted}](name=PHoToS999,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=AHZlwKca,comment-id=000300010002,timestamp=2016-05-05T16:02:26.526+0000) > > The biggest problem right now is that you can't cast other things before directing the blast. So it's almost never the best idea to do the actual knockup in place version. You actually can do a W-E combo instead of a E-W. However with the W-E combo it'd be like trying to pull of a very tight combo in a fighting game while also it being simultaneously unreliable.
It's something I've done before, and it is very tight, but it's not really what I'm talking about. When you're smartcasting, if you press W once, you can't press Q until W pops or until you direct the blast, which sucks because a lot of the time I just want to keep them where they are and Q. For some reason, until you press W again, all other ability inputs don't go through.
: We knew going in that players primed by having played Rumble and Viktor would strongly prefer vector casting. If you're already used to it, it would make absolute sense. Unfortunately we also know that many players find it extremely hard to learn vector casting, and personally I avoid playing either Rumble or Viktor because I hate the input paradigm. I absolutely do not want to check any mechanical skill with the current paradigm in terms of asking you to jump through hoops to get what you want. I do want to test your ability to predict movement and to decide on the fly where to toss an enemy, but I don't want you fighting the UI.
The biggest problem right now is that you can't cast other things before directing the blast. So it's almost never the best idea to do the actual knockup in place version.
: No one cares its pbe grow up kid, youre gonna get called gay and a fag and fuckface all your life so grow up and deal with it
You do realize this post is two years old, right? Also, you've completely missed the point. Your comprehension skills are lacking.
: Taliyah Freljord is too tanned
It's actually a lore reason as to why she's tanned. She grew up in shurima, which will give you a perma tan no matter how long you spend in the dark, and then she traveled to noxus and then traveled abroad until she met yasuo, who was like "You should go to Freljord, there's cool people and rocks there." So she's tan because she's just visiting Freljord.
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: Day 2: No Yorick base mana pool/regen changes
Don't forget {{champion:19}}. They gutted his W and never gave it back, even after nerfing everything that made him strong. He's got no mana, no atkspd, and no damage.
: @Riot: Is it possible to get a friend onto the PBE as well?
Wow, why the downvotes? Is there anything wrong with wanting to have a long time friend be able to play with me on the PBE?
: You cannot help him, you'll have to wait for him to be lucky and get accepted~ Regarding your 'friends from pbe are never on,' idk how that's possible because you meet the nicest people in the public chat and there are always people there~
I've been on the PBE a very long time. New friends every time I get on are not even near as good as old friends.
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: Not a big fan of counterjungling in BMB
Definitely agree. Because the entire game mode is essentially "who can get their minions fully upgraded faster?"
: [Black Market Brawlers] Could we have more time in champ select?
: Just updated onto the PBE today, Warrior doesn't build out of Brutalizer anymore. So just Youmuu's now! :(
Welp, there goes that. RIP brutalizer. You were too 1337 for this world. You now live on only in ghostblade.
: Calling it now, AD caster lanes will be using whatever item replaces warrior.
It's actually just going to be ezreal that ruins it for everyone.
: Azir&Yorick ults Bug
The link you posted can't be accessed. I'd recommend using a free image uploading service, like Tinypic.
: Brutalizer only builds into a single item, and still no news or item on PBE for another
: In-Game Optional Ally Denial of Tahm W
I'm fairly sure name-and-shame is against the board tou, or at least heavily looked down upon unless the offenses are pretty flagrant. Still, it's well known that the PBE is exceedingly toxic, simply due to the atmosphere of "It's just the PBE." As well, Riot already addressed that they want to give Tahm the freedom to do that, because it makes the game more interesting. And I agree.
: Despite all the spelling and grammatical errors in this post, I think you raise a very good point about the difference between "on-hit" and "on-attack" effects. And then the little animation things are also something good to mention.
: Xin Zhao Sated Devourer turret interaction (SR)
The exception here is that his heal procs on turrets. However, everything is working as intended.
: They have it not doing that for a reason.
: Master Chef Tahm Kench's color is too vibrant
It could probably stand to be more of a burnt orange, but I wouldn't disagree, it is pretty vibrant.
: Mhmm. Been thinking this for a while. I thought it was actually already there at first, but then i tried JG tahm and was dissapointed. This would make it viable.
: There's a lot that would make jungle Tahm Kench a viable playstyle that I don't think the community actually wants. Personally When I heard his kit I thought he'd be awesome to see in the jungle. I thought that his post level 6 chain ganks would revolutionize the game. And honestly it would. However The drawbacks to T.K. jungle are nonexistent with him being able to stun or devour jungle monster. Dealing percentile max health damage to a buff monster and having smite would give him insane clear speeds. Being able to stun large monsters would give him Warwick level sustain, between not taking the extra damage and the heal from E. Giving him either or both of these things makes him a candidate for a top tier tank jungler. When the above changes are combined with the ability to chain gank/counter jungle, with the help of whichever laner he just ganked he becomes a candidate for best jungler. His play pattern then becomes; farm until 6 gank top, ult with ally mid, take mid turret, rotate to dragon (if up), five man gank and force bot, recall and spend easily earned gold. Is that play patter fun? Hell yes, it is. Is it healthy? Not in the current state of the game. Maybe there will come a time when TK level chain ganking is a strategy with pros and cons. Until then lets not promote something like TK jungle only to complain on release that he's OP and needs to be nerfed. I think we're all tired of seeing *that* pattern.
I doubt his speed would be that amazing. Look at someone like Shyvana, who has incredible clear speed, and you'll see that his damage numbers simply don't compare. I even looked at some videos to make sure, and Shyvana clears the entire jungle in the time it takes Tahm to just go Gromp>Blue>Red. Something like this won't magically carve thirty seconds off of his clear speed. He would be more like Shen: sustained and able to infinitely jungle, but rather slow, making up for it with his exceedingly mobile presence.
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: Lucian + Sated devourer
It's designed that way, so champs like Warwick, who applies on-hit effects 5 times via ult, or Shyvana, who applies on-hit effects twice via E, can't abuse it.
: While I agree with your statement that Sated Devourer is too strong at the moment. I disagree on the reasons. It's true that it increases the potential of on-hit items, such as Bork, Wit's End, Nashor's Tooth, Statikk, etc. If you look at Bork, it gives an additional 8% current HP every other hit. That's strong, super strong, but on the other hand, you're playing a jungler, which is only second to the support in terms of not having xp/gold. This means that stacking on-hit items is hard. Additionally, most (all?) on-hit items are offensive items which means that you have to sacrifice tankiness in order to have those "op items". Considering that sated itself is on the offensive side, that makes you buy a ton of offense and very little defense until pretty late into the game, which puts you in a dangerous position during teamfights. My issue with this item is the absolutely monstruous powerspike that the item offers just by itself. With the previous devourer, you'd have a smooth scaling throughout the game. With the new devourer, once you reach 30 stacks (equivalent to 35 before), you stop gaining stacks, but in exchange you apply the on-hit effect of sated (60 damage) every other auto, which means that on average you gain 30 bonus magic damage on hit, or 30 stacks of the previous devourer. That's right, with the current sated devourer, at 30 stacks you have the equivalent of 65 stacks on the previous devourer. Of course it's broken. Additionally, it's a delayed powerspike, which means that you can actually time it with an other item powerspike to have a powerspike that's so stupid that noone can actually interact with you. That's the issue with delayed powerspike, like Muramana and Archangel Staff, the item has to be pretty cost efficient for you to endure the delay. I find the on-hit thingy to be pretty interesting, and I think it can be made healthy. My suggestion would be to have sated only proc every 3rd/4th hit instead, which is still strong, but not overbearing, and then have it stack again to reach the "every other hit" passive at like 15/20 stacks. For instance, it could be every 4th hit at 30 stacks, every third hit at 40 stacks, and every 2 hits at 50 stacks. If we were to translate it into stacks from the previous Devourer, we'd have 50 stacks at 30 (sill a powerspike but 15 damage less), 55 at 40, and 65 at 50. This would still be a buff, but it would be manageable.
Well put. That being said, Riot's trying to force farming junglers to farm, and then gtfo of the jungle and do things. By having a clear cutoff of "You may not stack any further," they prevent any real benefit from staying in the jungle and ignoring your team. Not only that, it's a power spike, so they're giving incentive to go out and do things. So while having it start with every fourth aa and then go down to every other is a good idea, the problem is aligning it with Riot's vision of having the farming jungler not just infinitely farm his jungle.
: It does seem pretty strong. Maybe if the damage was lessened to account for the strength of the new passive. Or perhaps the stacks needed to unlock were set higher.
Well, I think what they're trying to do is keep people from taking too long to stack and leaving their team alone for extended periods of time, so they probably won't put higher stacks on it. Though, making it less potent a la making it only double hit on the third aa might be a good way to take some power out of it without gutting it.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Remix,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=2uarYTrm,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2015-02-06T13:37:53.928+0000) > > Google search big ass. Go to images. See for yourself. Never try to troll on pbe, my boy. Last 24 years of my life i was woman so i know how looks the butt without any google. Good luck!
I've seen butts that look like that. It's scary what a pair of tights can do. And scarier still that so many wear them... But the thing is, you have to fuck with proportions a lot to make them look right, especially in a game like League. It's perspective. In real life, it's scary. In-game, it looks fine.
: You're portraying this point as if Riot wanted to give them a chance to play a bad game, but I believe they did this as a point of giving them person outside their comfort zone. Where you need to adapt to a case out of meta, and need the capability to fit into scenario. I don't think you're argument is valid because we all know Riot saw this coming. people will be upset with their picks and it will always happen. Riot didn't make this mode to satisfy everyone that get's a bad pick, you should know that. It was to see if people could dominate within a set of what the community sees as "unsuitable champions" and it gives you differnet view on what champ really is useless. I like this game not because you can dominate or get fed, but it gives you insight into things where it isn't all about the best champs.
Incorrect. Modes like this are for one thing, and one thing only: to be fun. Look at every mode thus far: it's been done so as to create a silly, fun atmosphere. This mode does none of that. In its attempt at getting away from normalcy, it comes to bear the same traits. And "insight into things where it isn't all about the best champs"? It still is. It's just that it's all about picking the worst champs.
: From my point of view, Nemesis is all about discovering new champs. If you go in queue with this in mind, there is nothing to worry about. I personally love this mode for the reason that it allows me to discover champs without getting shouted at, the worst thing being the guys that want to tryhard in this mode. It's meant for fun, no matter wether you win or lose, you play new champs, new comps, joke around on the champ your got, ask your teammates if the champ is ad or ap, learn new skills and sometimes win without knowing how. This mode is interessant because you can see there stuff that works but won't ever be seen in normals / ranked because non-meta. Honestly, I discovered in this mode some champs I would never ever have played normally and while everybody cries about Jarvan and Lee being the only viable junglers, I pick Nunu, make a full clean, finish it with enough health to gank and snowball games. I discovered him in this mode. What I found the most interesting while playing this mode was the fact that no champion in league is trash (well, excepted {{champion:6}} , but it's all about his kit that hardly fits any comp), and I always have a hard time picking a "bad" champ for the ennemy team. That's cool :)
There are far better ways to discover random champions than a game mode that explicitly tells you "give the enemy the worst champ and team comp you can think of."
: But..... Normal Draft Pick is just like that :( 1. You are forced to ban a specific set of OP champions 2. You are occasionally forced to pick the OP champions that weren't banned Nemesis is just meant to be fun, everyone gives each other terrible champions (or in some *common courtesy* cases, if you give a good champ, the other gives you a good one) and with that you have to seem to manage xD Who knows, maybe you even find a Champion you can work with but never really tried =D Just take the mode a little les seriously, and just keep the positive attitude up :) It's likely that everyone's terribad champions, so just stay friendly. Hell, even start chatting with the enemy team :')
But that's the problem, everyone takes it seriously, because if you don't the tryhards *will* s### on you. I can take Ryze support into draft and be just fine. I can not ban Rek'Sai and still carry the game. It's not possible to not take nemesis seriously, because if you don't, you're in for a long, painful loss. Draft? You can not take it seriously and still be fine. Your teammates might get antsy, but as long as you do well enough, things usually turn out alright. Also, food for thought: it may be the same as draft, but is that a good thing? I don't hear many positive things about ranked/draft.
: i feel this gamemode is good, it helps us change our views of ban champs to good views about that champ. But you might hate the champ. BTW aram is the same thing you might get champs you dont like but you still play them. Its a chance to learn playing bad champs
ARAM has good points though. Games rarely last longer than 30min, you get your end game fantasy without needing to cs, and you're constantly teamfighting. It's an exciting environment. Compared that to "Learn a new champ while you cs and possibly get caught in an hour long game."
: I believe points 1 and 2 also apply just as well to regular draft pick. Point number 3, however, is somewhat valid. It is weighted heavily in favor of those of us that have spent time familiarizing themselves with a great number of champions. I, for one, could pick up virtually any champion and do at least a mediocre job, unless it's an ADC (I'm terrible with those).
While 1 and 2 somewhat apply to draft pick in general, this is a game mode that won't be around for very long, so to get anywhere, you have to know both of them on arrival. Not only that, 1 and 2 are mitigated by actual skill when in draft. If someone picks an OP champ but isn't that good, they'll do poorly. If you're good at the champ you pick, you'll do well.
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: Zz'Rot Portal?
They took out a lot of stuff immediately after implementation because they felt it was diluting what they really wanted testing.
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: I agree with all the changes except for moving buffs. There's some weird classification with static buffs (e.g. as you said Nasus stacks, jungle buffs, Stattik Shiv charges, all are pretty important to keep track of but they're still relegated to the side). I think the best solution would be to divide the buffs in three categories: * "Slower" buffs that you need to check, but are long-lasting so they aren't quite as important (such as stacks, blue/red buff, and so on) * "Fast" buffs that last for a short duration (any kind of temporary shield or speed up from abilities or items, steroids, etc.) * Only PERMANENT buffs that you don't need to check but enemies might want to (Kalista passive, Ninja buff, Gangplank's scurvy) stay on the side. Fun buffs also do (Jinx-Cait-Vi interactions, the marker for winning the Hunt, and so on). I made a small little photoshop to clarify where those categories go: http://i.imgur.com/xKGlF3B.jpg Note that the Homefield buff would be misplaced and would be at the far left of the ability bar, because it is pretty important to know whether you have it or not, even though it is an aura. Another solution would be to put "slow" buffs on the side of the ability bar, stacking vertically (bottom-justified). This keeps them easy to see and check, but also puts a clear separation between moment-to-moment buffs and tactical long-duration buffs. Would need to update the HUD for that to work though, because it'd look really ugly if we placed them square next to the curve that the flame design makes. EDIT: attachment came out tiny, sorry! If you click it you'll get a bigger picture.
: Ability Bar and Buff Update - Feedback Thread
I don't like that blue buff and red buff were moved away from front and center. It makes it much more difficult to see when it's running out.
: I believe its within range of this (whatever the range of it is) http://prntscr.com/5359ly
That's her passive, the bond, so if that were the case, it'd be global.
: very doubtful haha. it's probably within like thresh lantern range.
If it's just lantern range, I will be so disappointed. I doubt it'll be that small for being an ultimate ability.
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: Kalista Suggestion [PRE-RELEASE]
This is a great idea. It would be terrible for a dc to ruin an entire ability.
: Mana regen runes?
Scaling mana and flat mana have very different effects, so you can't really say "Scaling mana runes are much better by far." Flat mana regen is to alleviate the early game before you're able to get any heavy mana regen items. Scaling is to alleviate the mid to late game, where mana costs are higher. That being said, I am curious as well.
: The poison debuff from Gromp's smite bonus buff does not reset Cassio's Twin Fang
I was wondering about this. If cass had a way to get gromp and blue, she might have been a legit jungler. Tis a shame.
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
I really like the variance of the smite buffs. The krugs and gromp are both great for the early game start, while the wolves and chickens are amazing later on. The ward reveal is super powerful, and having a roaming ward in your jungle is a massive c###blocker to enemy junglers. One game, I was just going in and stealing the other jungler's stuff (because I was a big, bad wolf), and one time, a wolf comes out to meet me and I'm all like :\ Provided a laner can respond, it makes it super dangerous for a jungler to invade there. And the ward reveal is great too. Very deceptively powerful. The still waters buff (though I know has been taken out) is way too powerful. It could make some assassins way too powerful (*looks at teemo and eve*), but is an undeniable buff to any assassin champion, since it takes the guesswork out of "Who's nearby?" The crab doesn't feel very impactful though. It's also very difficult to find sometimes. As well, the run away, get dragged back to its zone is terrible for someone like Warwick. I was attacking it and it just slingshots past me and away. It's really irritating. The vision also doesn't feel very impactful, because everyone knows that's where the vision is. What if it provided a minor buff along the entire portion of the river it's in, like the home base buff? I'd much prefer something like that.
: /CAST Challenging {{summoner:11}} U
*becomes* {{champion:27}} *spam laugh* *runs away*
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