: Why is Tristana now an Assassin and not an ADC...
'Cause on max stack explosions from her E she gets a reset on her W, I think this needs to go, either that or other champs with resetting abilities should have similar stuff which will sail Katarina into brokeness, so no compromise here, it has to be fixed/reverted.
: Warlord's bloodlust is worthless, not that I mind.
It doesn't give you Life Steal, you heal for a percentage amount of the damage dealt, basically it is Life Steal, but you don't get the stat %-Life Steal like for example from Bloodthirster and being able to heal on every crit which in late game or even now which is not even late game with this ridiculous snowball the game currently has is just stupidly overpowered, so it was needed to remove the factor of being able to heal up from everything, either that or the heal amount had to be reduced or the cooldown had to be increased siginificantly. Any compensation for this would be hilarious, and not even to think of it, what kind of? No cooldown? More % heal on crit? No, you want more sustain then we have items like the already mentioned Bloodthirster, also Death's Dance, Mercurial Scimitar, Blade of the ruined King, Ravenous Hydra, these items are already obsolete because of the live Warlord's, just raw glascannon build with no sustain stats, but still heal up like crazy, no, this Mastery needed this nerf.
: New Yasuo Passive
The bonus crit from his passive should be moved to his ult, gaining extra crit passively with each level on his ult, like 33%, 66%, 100% or 50%, 75%, 100%, big nerf to his early game, but considering that he gets 100% from only 2 items at the moment is massive as well.
: AP midlaners feel weak this season.
That is if you even get to late game.
: Nasus melee range buff then revert and his viability
Late game champs are dead for now anyway, so Nasus isn't the only one staying in the shadows of all this.
: The games are just pure snowball
Just had the first game on live patch and I'm shocked, first of all Graves needs nerfs, his damage is ridiculous with only 2 long swords and a Doran's Blade, while me as Zed having 2 long swords with full combo including ultimate couldn't win the trade and I almost died, after he got his first item completed it was over for good, game ended in about 15 minutes, what the hell..... -.-" But overall, this patch for me personally is the worst since I started playing mid season 3, 4 ADCs' in one game, dafuq is that, I had definetly more fun even losing games last season since it was the most balanced so far, but this now is just.......whatever, not fun and definitely not balanced, I know it's pre-season, but the last 2 I've witnessed weren't nearly as bad as this.......
: Yasuo and the new items/masteries
Well, it is going live this way, can't remember any patch that was changed not even 24 hours before it hits live, if anything is too broken there might be a hotfix afterwards, like Zyra a few years ago, there was a point where she appearently was beyond brokeness and she got nerfed straight down with a hotfix not long after that.
: New Junglers in Season 6
: Runeglaive is too weak
There is a clear pattern with the next patch: APCs' are getting scrubbed in general, no reason to pick 'em over ADs'.
: Current PBE Tiamat
Feeling sad about it because of Renekton for example, sure he has got some AoE skills, but he is one of the top lane bullies in the game, therefore falling off as the game goes on, but in order to keep this he must either be compensated just like other champs or the item change needs to be reverted, which I would hope for, personally.
: The AP Changes
Doesn't change the fact that APCs' are coming out short with the next patch, simply because of the healing AD champs can get with new items and Masteries.
: Nasus
{{item:3025}} now gives 20% CDR instead of only 10%, {{item:3065}} , flat CDR runes.
: Is there a reason graves gets 120 free armor and magic resist from 4 e's
Be happy about it, he will be one of the most viable tanks in the new meta of pure ADs'.
: AP Champs need some kind of more reliable sustain now.
Lifesteal and healing on AD champs in general is going through the roof with this patch, in fact if you want the nearly same effect for APCs' then Spellvamp needs to get buffed, not even Vlad late game can compete with that because of cooldowns, meanwhile ADCs' with crit and attack speed heal up in seconds with only auto attacks, comparing these 2 roles then it's pretty clear that ADs' are so overpowered next season. Then again, I don't think we will only be seeing teams with full AD comps, easy to itemize against, on the other hand any APC on a team is going to be the "weak" factor, they need even longer to scale up because of item cost increases, Riot pls.....you're killing APCs' all the way, I hope this gets "fixed" after pre-season......
: Why should AP have the upperhand?
> Why should AP have the upperhand? They won't and it makes me sad to be honest, guess I will be focusing more into my secondary role which is top lane. All I know for sure is that Yasuo will be a 100% ban in my games since he will be stupidly broken.
: Twisted Fate - Stacked Deck Bonus Attack Speed
New Essence Reaver should be nice on him, he'll be gold carding so much with all the CDR.
: New Masteries - Build Tips and Theory Crafting
What I personally don't like in the Ferocity tree is the Natural Talent, you don't benefit from it early or late game since it's practically nothing. Either give it the percentage increase for the late game or the flat increase for early which we still have in the live version.
: Question to Windspeaker's Blessing Mastery
Thanks, don't recall reading that it only works on allies, only it's second part reads "other than yourself".
Rioter Comments
: why some PBE item changes are disliked and how to make them more ideal.
I'd rather have all those cost increases to AP items reverted, ADCs' are getting buffed as crap while APCs' get the nerfs in terms of needing more gold to get the items, I don't see any balance in this, rather unbalancing, APCs' will die out next season....*sigh*
: New Draft- Bot or ADC
Was asking this as well, the answer I got from Moobeat was exactly this, not in the same words, but Mordekaiser is the first champ that comes to mind when you read, "Bot is more than just for ADC", so it actually makes sense. And support is usually fixed to the ADC or rather said bot lane mate, but yeah, could also team up with top for example, but that's rarely the case, they more likely tend to roam.
: Tryndamere and the new masteries
The hate xD As for the synergy part, ok, that's what makes the champs unique to interact with some items different than other champs with other items, but the permaheal Yasuo gets from only 2 items is too much and should really be looked at.
: AP Champs need some kind of more reliable sustain now.
This is why Spell Vamp effects only give you 33% the effect when dealing damage with AOE Spells, so the sustain isn't particularly that high for some champs like Velkoz (although he also deals true damage, so might be on the edge of this) and for other champs such as Ryze the only Spell Vamp item relevant for APCs' is not worth getting even though especially Ryze or also Morgana have Spell Vamp built in their kit. My concern is not the sustain for APCs' in the near future, it's the fact that they really are on a slight edge overall with all those changes to AD scaling champs, nerfs in terms of gold cost increase, nerf to Zhonya's, slight buff for RoA and a buff for Lich Bane. Look at the Masteries, they are more in favor towards ADC's and Bruisers, the only relevant Mastery in the Ferocity Tree is Deathfire Touch, for the sustain part Feast is on a 20 second cooldown, in the next tree you have Thunderlord's Decree on a too high cooldown compared to Deathfire Touch, the Intelligence Mastery is also too far away if you're going for CDR. Maybe I'll start going ADC Ahri..... xD
: Keep an eye on warrior's bloodlust!!
"Only" because those 2 items are enough for the permaheal, of course you'd buy more, Death's Dance for example for even more heal and a Bloodthirster to top it off.
: Tryndamere and the new masteries
Meanwhile Yasuo, same goes for him, he will be spammed once this hits live.
: Keep an eye on warrior's bloodlust!!
Play Yasuo, buy only I-Edge and Shiv, add this Mastery, permaheal.
: What is the difference between spell damage and ability damage?
I've been wondering, too, they should just change it to increases all damage dealt by abilites for X% or something, but at the moment it's a bit confusing.
: New Trinkets
I don't like the change either, of course I was getting kind of sick of all the vision fights at some point but completely removing stealth wards was a bit of an overreaction imo. And I'm saying this as a mid main, I could compare this with not wearing pants when leaving the house, something is missing. XD No, seriously though, the fact that you have to choose between either having 2 trinkets, a sweeper or the farsight upgrade that leaves only one ward and can't hold charges, and that you can only place one pink is really lackluster. They could've maybe restricted the wards down to a maximum of 2 placeable stealth wards per player.
: Runeglaive nerfs
AP champs in general all are on the slighter edge with all of those changes, it's not just the Runeglaive nerf, AD champs all over the map next season.
: Trinity Force feels terrible to build now
Never understood the point of removing the AP from it, Triforce was good the way it was.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
Guess I got confused for some reason, I was sure I read something about "ability procs on-hit effects", re-reading Kogmaw's changes I figured it wasn't him or any of the items that come in mind when building him up. XD Thanks anyway. ^^ So, I guess BotrK, Runaan's and Rapidfire Cannon are the go-to things on him, any other items that come to mind as the first 3?
: Not locking in = queue dodge
Similar happened to me today, didn't lock in the whole pick & ban phase and about once in one or 2 minutes I got a message that said something like "contact to server failed" or sort of, can't remember, didn't kick me out of the queue luckily.
: Champ Select Change
Didn't notice this today, will pay attention tomorrow, but this really isn't good, we don't want to be forced into selecting the champs we WON'T play just to confuse the enemy team, teams already have the opportunity to counter picks in draft, that's what it's there for, should be fixed.
: RapidFireCannon on Rengar issue.
Lmao xD that will become problematic, I-Edge + Rapidfire Rengar incoming, should be restricted for melee champs, like Runaan's.
: Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread
Haven't been able to try him out just yet, but is Triforce Kogmaw still a thing? I mean if he is more into on-hit then it should still be core 'cause of the spellblade passive or not?
: Point of Death's Dance?
Yasuo, after I-Edge and Shiv, and don't forget the Warlord's Bloodlust Mastery, so much heal......
: You lose 5 AD if you buy Frozen Mallet from it's components
Not according to current change, Seeker's gives 25 Armor and 20 AP + 15 each fully stacked making that 40 Armor and 35 AP. NLR giving 60 AP, equals 40 Armor and 95 AP, newest PBE change is 45 Armor and 100 AP on Zhonya's, so it's ok here, but Frozen Mallet really makes no sense.
: That was the same feeling I got during my time testing out Yasuo. I am not sure how they would balance this but I feel like it is something that needs to be addressed.
Reducing the %-heal on the Mastery and/or reducing the bonus crit from his passive, instead of doubling it straight up maybe let him get 50% more only, would still get him to 75% with I-Edge and Shiv, but at least he doesn't get to crit and heal permanently, delaying that permacrit and -heal by at least one item, that way he will at least get punished a bit more properly when losing lane, being camped hard and stuff.
: Anyone else think that AP Champs got the short end of the stick?
APCs' really are on the short fuse, ok they got their items adjusted, but that wasn't a really big deal, just a minor change to your build and that was it, now they mostly get cost increase, a Zhonya's nerf (again) and the only buff being Lich Bane also giving 10% CDR and Abyssal cost reduction, not to mention the Magic Resist increase of tanky items like Spirit Visage, compared to the big change for not only ADCs' but AD scaling champs in general they are indirectly nerfed, the Mana Regen increase won't make you spam your abilities more either. Back to Masteries, what frustrates me the most though, as a fan of capped CDR builds, is that the Intelligence Mastery is too far away and for example the Thunderlord's Decree is not really rewarding for putting a point in it 'cause of the long cooldown compared to Deathfire Touch on the Ferocity tree, sure it's only 5%, for me (and maybe for others) it's essential for a few champs, forcing me to go with CDR Runes which I would be doing anyway since CDR Boots got nerfed. So, yeah, some changes in the Masteries to make it "more friendly" for APCs' would be nice.
: 30 seconds is too long a CD for thunderlord's decree.
Kind of too long, I agree, was looking for quite some time to get some Mastery points for specific champs and this one was kind of meh, simply because of the high cooldown, so you're actually kind of stuck into going offensive mostly since the Deathfire Touch easily outclasses Thunderlord's Decree at the moment.
: There's a very significant nerf to thresh on PBE that I don't think anyone's noticed.
Didn't think of this, so you are basically screwed as Thresh at the moment, maybe he should get Armor per level now as well and/or as mentioned above make the bonus Armor from collected souls count as base Armor.
: Summoner spells do not match with the borders
Saw that yesterday, too, some were actually on spot but most of them were not matched.
: Yasuo(and others) with the pre-season changes
It's definitely overpowered, either the Mastery needs a change or Yasuo himself because 100% crit chance from only I-Edge and Shiv plus Warlord's Bloodlust is way too strong on him, add a Death's Dance and Bloodthirster and he is literally unkillable, some of that needs changes.
: Can someone clarify the Last Whisper changes for me?
Basically It's not a core item anymore, depending on enemy team champs ('cause of resistance giving abilities) and items they build you can go for something else.


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