: I'm almost sure there is an irelia bug thread where rioter suggested to place all kind of feedback apart from bugs as well. EDIT: From me it would be hm.. I'm not sure how heal will work out on live. I haven't had time to test all kinds of combinations and well there are much better build builders. Apart from that W is probably a bit out of place but I think that's neccessarry for what it does. Honestly moving super high dmg reduction with close/mid range damage, we used to have that with poppy and that was hell of an annoying mechanic. So I think stationary is a decent weight to balance it out. (well it's not entirely out of place, considering you will jump in with Irelia so mitigating so much damage is great especially considering it's uninterruptible).
Yes i found that bug thread, but there doesnt seem to be an official gameplaye feedback thread. If you do have a link to that please send it to me
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