: Hey! Not sure on the whole lore thing; but that would be something we'd hold off on announcing even if it were planned. Yay, glad you like her! There was some reasoning behind the design change, and it was most certainly craft-based. The TL;DR is that, this is what we would have made Pentakill Sona look like if we had designed her based on the standards we have today. When we were working on her, we decided a blue tint was better because this is a semi reflective fabric, whether it's velvet, satin, or taffeta, the black would be reflecting color off. Also, the dark, dark blue separates everything and makes her an easier read in game; her etwahl and chains don't blend into her model and muddy things up from game height.
Dang, lore related things are always so secretive {{summoner:31}} But still hoping for a minisite with some info on how she joined them! I see, the color change makes much more sense now, besides I ended up liking it more after a couple of games, so it's great! Now, on behalf of all Sona players, I have the obligation to ask for some metal sounds on her. I know it's not part of this update, but still remembering you guys (pretty sure you get a lot of messages like this) that we do want this kind of sounds update. But enough of Sona, this is a PentaKayle post after all! Do you know if there will be some new sounds for her Q and/or W? Second part of her Q (once it hits a target) sounds too similar to the sound she makes when she casts her W. Yes ,I know there is a big pentakill icon and different particles for each spell, but wanted to know if you guys feel the same.
: We do think that having the toggle may allow us to enable these in Ranked going forward, but that's still up in the air. As for the "this could have been much more awesome" feeling, we did think some players would feel that way, but also know that a lot of players think an overall map skin is overwhelming. We will be monitoring how people receive this to help us make decisions going forward. As a note, just because some things we will make are Accents, it doesn't mean we won't also make cool map skins going forward! This is our first try at something in between :)
Hey sorry for the late response, I haven't been around for some time {{summoner:31}} So far I must say the Arcade Accent is nice, and agree that some people will prefer that to a complete new Rift. Not gonna lie, I would love to see a full Arcade map one day, but the much less resources you spent on this means other work can get done as well. Also, the music team made it again, the music is so awesome with those arcade bits on it!
: Arcade Sona's portrait has some much bright :/
I second this, if it could be a bit darker it would be perfect!
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pentakill Kayle!
Never thought of a 6th member joining the band, yet I just fell in love with the skin. For some reason it fits Kayle so well! Do you know if there is going to be some mini lore on how she joined the band once it hits live? (Similar to the mini site for Smite & Ignite maybe?) I (and I'm sure many more) would love that! Also, as a Sona otp, thank you so much for the textures update, she looks so much better now! Thank for changing her, especially her hair. Also, the dark blue dress felt a bit strange at first, got used to it after a couple of games so not big deal but I would like to know if there's a specific reason to get rid of her old black dress? I have this feeling you guys aren't exactly friends with the color black.
: Arcade Map Accent is now enabled for testing on all Summoner's Rift Queues and Custom Games!
It's a really interesting idea that I hope gets further developed in the future. So far I think it's a great! Something bugs me though. While I know the idea of Accent is to have just some stuff modified and it's not a total map conversion, I can't help it but have this feeling of "this could have been much more awesome if they went for a full Arcade themed map". I kinda feel that the Arcade themed structures just stand way out too much compared to the normal SR textures, if that makes sense for anyone. Don't take me wrong though, I still think this is a good first step on something new, but would like to see some modified textures around structures so they fit better in the future!
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: Practice tool selects champion at random
Can confirm, I want to try the new skins but I don't really want to play in a normal or custom game and wait 30+ minutes {{summoner:31}}
: Deep Sea Nami Bug
Can confirm! I will share a few pics: https://s27.postimg.org/z3ipyg5ib/Nami1.jpg https://s27.postimg.org/998x8o5ib/Nami2.jpg
: Thanks for the report! We can look into this ASAP, but this is an awesome catch. ^-^
Hey, it's me again. Just wanted to inform that the bug is still present: https://s16.postimg.org/e0cmcrcxx/bug.jpg I assume it's too late for the fix to ship on 6.23 but maybe it could be included for the next patch.
: Hey, thanks for the awesome report; the screenshots are wicked helpful! * Yep, we had some weird disconnect errors - these should be ironed out soon. It's a known issue, though! The screenshots you're showing are all from the alt + F4 / reconnect issues, just so I'm understanding you correctly?
Yep, all screenshots are using crtl + alt + del (using F4 just ended the game before I was able to reconnect). That said, I just tested it on a custom game with other people (screenshots is just a game by myself) and using this method does not work. I think maybe it's related to the pause feature that activates when you leave a game that only you are playing (since a game with other people does not pause if you disconnect).
: Thanks for the report! We can look into this ASAP, but this is an awesome catch. ^-^
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Me with another bug {{summoner:31}} You can bypass the gather elemental power part. If you exit the game in a unconventional way (crashing or closing the game via crtl + alt + del) and then reconnect, the HUD bugs and let's you select elements without you actually having any elemental power at all. 1) [You can see I'm in light form with 0% elemental power (timer at just 44 seconds) and I can already choose an element.](https://s22.postimg.org/zfis3liox/Bug1.jpg) 2) [Already in Wind Form at 1:09 and I can already select which second form I want to evolve into.](https://s22.postimg.org/vxbdky76p/Bug2.jpg) 3) [In Ice Form and minions are just spawning. The HUD finally hides. I decided to see what happens if I exit the game and enter again.](https://s22.postimg.org/8x4q8m9cx/Bug3.jpg) 4) [The HUD allows me to select another form but clicking on any element does nothing. ](https://s22.postimg.org/adg8qrc9t/Bug4.jpg) 5) [Extra bug I guess. No actual element icon on the HUD while the tooltip says that I'm in Air Form (model is obviously Ice)](https://s22.postimg.org/r2homo8v5/Bug5.jpg). I know people normally don't exit then enter the game this way, but I think it's worth to mentiont it. I have no idea if other players see Lux evolve as well using this method, will try it later (takes forever to find someone on custom games).
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Minor bug I found today. You can reach 100% elemental power but the HUD won't show the element icons (so you can't learn another one). I assume it's just a decimal value being shown as integer since it can be fixed by just dealing damage to enemies with another spell. https://s15.postimg.org/hrwxmb7bf/bug.jpg The skin so far is great!
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Hey guys! I must say I really like this mode, it's really fun despite being so chaotic and so much stuff happening at once. I think the duration is fine as well since it's a good way to chill with friends or just four randoms. That said, I can't even imagine how insane will be Gauntlet level 100 once is out, it's kind of hard (although I already see some people coming up with good strategies) already. I feel that some champions feel a bit lackluster in this mode though, probably support oriented champs that have shields and/or heals since they can't really mitigate the tons of damage the bots deal (although healing is nice during the first levels). If I find any bug I will make sure to let you guys know!


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