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: Practice tool selects champion at random
Can confirm, I want to try the new skins but I don't really want to play in a normal or custom game and wait 30+ minutes {{summoner:31}}
: Deep Sea Nami Bug
Can confirm! I will share a few pics:
: Thanks for the report! We can look into this ASAP, but this is an awesome catch. ^-^
Hey, it's me again. Just wanted to inform that the bug is still present: I assume it's too late for the fix to ship on 6.23 but maybe it could be included for the next patch.
: Hey, thanks for the awesome report; the screenshots are wicked helpful! * Yep, we had some weird disconnect errors - these should be ironed out soon. It's a known issue, though! The screenshots you're showing are all from the alt + F4 / reconnect issues, just so I'm understanding you correctly?
Yep, all screenshots are using crtl + alt + del (using F4 just ended the game before I was able to reconnect). That said, I just tested it on a custom game with other people (screenshots is just a game by myself) and using this method does not work. I think maybe it's related to the pause feature that activates when you leave a game that only you are playing (since a game with other people does not pause if you disconnect).
: Thanks for the report! We can look into this ASAP, but this is an awesome catch. ^-^
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Me with another bug {{summoner:31}} You can bypass the gather elemental power part. If you exit the game in a unconventional way (crashing or closing the game via crtl + alt + del) and then reconnect, the HUD bugs and let's you select elements without you actually having any elemental power at all. 1) [You can see I'm in light form with 0% elemental power (timer at just 44 seconds) and I can already choose an element.]( 2) [Already in Wind Form at 1:09 and I can already select which second form I want to evolve into.]( 3) [In Ice Form and minions are just spawning. The HUD finally hides. I decided to see what happens if I exit the game and enter again.]( 4) [The HUD allows me to select another form but clicking on any element does nothing. ]( 5) [Extra bug I guess. No actual element icon on the HUD while the tooltip says that I'm in Air Form (model is obviously Ice)]( I know people normally don't exit then enter the game this way, but I think it's worth to mentiont it. I have no idea if other players see Lux evolve as well using this method, will try it later (takes forever to find someone on custom games).
: [ULTIMATE SKIN] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread - Elementalist Lux!
Minor bug I found today. You can reach 100% elemental power but the HUD won't show the element icons (so you can't learn another one). I assume it's just a decimal value being shown as integer since it can be fixed by just dealing damage to enemies with another spell. The skin so far is great!
: Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!
Hey guys! I must say I really like this mode, it's really fun despite being so chaotic and so much stuff happening at once. I think the duration is fine as well since it's a good way to chill with friends or just four randoms. That said, I can't even imagine how insane will be Gauntlet level 100 once is out, it's kind of hard (although I already see some people coming up with good strategies) already. I feel that some champions feel a bit lackluster in this mode though, probably support oriented champs that have shields and/or heals since they can't really mitigate the tons of damage the bots deal (although healing is nice during the first levels). If I find any bug I will make sure to let you guys know!


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