: [Bug Major] Attempting to Reconnect to a non-existing game
: [TEMP] Rek'Sai Feedback + Known Issues Temporary Post
She needs another form of cc, shes undertuned for sure. I think either making the ranged Q whenshes burrowed have a slow or make her auto attacks have a slow when she Q's not burrowed. its just a little hard to get any damage off at the moment. Or maybe if you get all 3 of the aoe autos off they could stun anyone that got hit with them or aoe slow off of it? She'll probably be pretty bad without another form of cc. escape potential is pretty good with the E. And the cooldown on her ult is a bit massive. Overall i think she just cant stick to targets very well.
: NO. Most people who only need attack speed like ww nocturne Vi Irelia. Already have built in sustain. Those who scale better off attack damage need the life steal for sustain. The whole point is to make it a choice and make you always get one item over the others.
actually wrong... kha, lee, vi, j4, panth all benefit more from cdr than lifesteal on account of them not auto attacking as much. The attack speed item is better with lifesteal for champs like WW and yi who need to auto more than using abilities.
: Using Quick Smite from the poachers knife doesn't grant the usual smite bonuses
also does anyone else notice that smite's cooldown is 20 seconds longer now at 60 secs?
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
Is smite's cooldown supposed to be at 60 seconds again?
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: Using Quick Smite from the poachers knife doesn't grant the usual smite bonuses
bump... and the cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds instead of 10 like the tooltip says if you kill a neutral monster
: Rough Notes [PBE - 10/09/2014]
: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
Randomly doesn't cast his q sometimes you have to auto attack and then cast again to use it, and the ulti is really hard to handle it feels like you can only go in one direction and cant really turn much. Also the camera should reset back to him if he slams into something its kind of hard having the camera keep going when you didn't know you hit someone. otherwise hes awesome and very well thought out just trying to give my opinion on him.
: Mass compilation of bugs (9/15/2014)
Don't forget the Health bars staying full and not showing actual values even if you Left click on Minions or Neutral monsters.
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: Can we talk about PBE toxicity?
I made a post about this a week ago, i think they're trying to do something about it with people being banned from ranked or something like that. Might have seen it on reddit.
: I feel like there should be a profile check **before** signing up for PBE and it'll see your game history like in tribunal.
Rito plz^ we definitely need it.
: I almost feel that in order to get a PBE account, a check should be run on your account on the regular servers, so we don't have people like that.
That's what i thought they did, but i guess its just not true? Or I'm just unlucky with the amount of toxic players Iv'e seen
: Anecdotal evidence does not a case make. Personally, I have encountered only a handful of BM players on PBE. Maybe 2 or 3 for every 50 people I play with. A massively lower percent compared to live. I hate to say it, but really you probably just have bad luck.
That would suck :(
: Screw them haters Just do what you want to do
I always keep playing, the haters just make the game unwinnable. Even if you're behind and everyone keeps playing you can come back, the damn toxic players are just making the game not enjoyable. I wanna have fun when I'm testing. I wanna lose because we tried our best and our best just wasn't enough, not lose because some toxic player can make us lose because they don't like the Ap bruiser {{champion:24}} jungle that died once.
: Riot is actually pretty strict and decisive about toxicity on the PBE. Those types of players wont last long, here, don't worry.
I seem to find one in almost every one of my games though.
: Played yesterday. It was a 4v5 in favor of us. I didn't do too hot in lane as Jinx (adc is my worst role) and this Alistar top constantly flamed me for being bad. I just said "Yes I am bad, let's group and end." So we grouped, nearly ended, then our Amumu "ksed" Alistar and then he proceeded to flame ME more and be insignificant after. He refused to group and we ended up losing the 4v5. PBE is a privilege people. I don't care whether you are Challenger or Bronze on your real accounts, here in the PBE we are given a lot of resources to use/test that most players do not have. If this toxicity continues (I have just been in the PBE for a week), there needs to be some curriculum to join the community here. I can't deal with it here. I come to play on the PBE to test things and have fun.
I KNOW! I'm just trying to play and test things out! I've been waiting to get on the PBE forever, I applied right when it became a privilege and just got in like 3 weeks ago. (I've been waiting a while lol). I understand that some people are better than others and there are some gaps in skill but come on, constant 4v5s and Ragers on the PBE are making it so much less fun. Even if i have all the champs and any skin i want, I kind of hesitate over the play button thinking (Sigh... I really want to play jungle {{champion:30}} but what if a toxic player decides to hate on my pick or afks if i cant gank after my first clear and the laner gives up first blood? Ahh well lets just see what happens... get in game, toxic player says my pick isn't viable and intentionally feeds..). its just kind of rough to have to go through this, yes i don't have to play but i want to help test new things, and these ragers are just so bad. Rito Plz
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: Gnar Boomerang Feedback: PLZ HALP
i haven't had the boomerang fly in awkward directions at all. Nice fix!
: Are you guys still unable to queue?
I'm still unable to join the queue

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