: Well Yasuo is also going to be sad but everyone else is happy.
Why would Yasuo be sad..? It's a crap item on him and has been ever since Shiv got 30% crit. I guess you could attempt to argue that Trinity is an alternative to IE, but it really isn't since the damage difference between the two items is huge with IE giving a hell of a lot more damage.
: I only build tear when I need the mana so I don't go OOM when spamming spells to kite the enemy. If you have reliable peel on your team you don't need Tear since you're not tons of kiting. You can go skip {{item:3070}} /{{item:3004}} and get more damage. For example you could buy {{item:3153}} /{{item:3078}} , then go into something like {{item:3072}} /{{item:3031}} /{{item:3139}} . Most likely you wouldn't have enough gold to finish all 3 of your core items({{item:3070}} /{{item:3153}} /{{item:3078}}) in time for your normal mid game power spike anyway. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
My only question is why are you picking Ez into a team comp when you don't need to kite? Other ADCs tend to do a better job than him at doing DPS and turret destruction. Ez gets a lot of his power from his safety and poke, but if you're safe as is, then... why? o.o
: Personally I prefer Ezreal with Bork/Triforce compared to Tear/Triforce.
: Against Triforce Change
Triforce didn't lose any Movement Speed, just lost the 20% crit for a gain of 10% CDR and 25% AS, plus the cost was reduced. The only champs that are going to be sad here are Gangplank and Corki. Rengard might miss it, but considering Rengar LOVES the movement speed and CDR, it'll still be a great item for him if not better now DPS-wise due to the AS.
: Context on Trinity Force changes?
Trinity was originally used by many, many champs who had hybrid scaling, had an AA reset, or could weave abilities in between AA's. These champs were ones like Jax, Irelia, Kog, Ez, Corki, GP, etc.. Every last one of them relied on the raw stats it gave and the Sheen effect, especially the raw hybrid stats. Those stats were BUTCHERED so that it could have 10% more crit and 10% CDR. The crit was virtually wasted on every champ other than GP and Corki and GP was already a nightmare in balancing prior to the patch. All the other champs had to move onto other items that gave more reliable damage, which rebirthed Blue Ez and made Iceborn get nerfed again when the real problem was how crappy Trinity was. This new Trinity removes the RNGesus from the item and adds in flat AS and CDR, both of which are RELIABLE stats that benefit the ITEM and the ones who use it rather than it being some off the wall possible ADC item that people didn't care for anymore. It wasn't cost effective due to being RNGesus and the raw stats just sucked so outside of giving a tiny bit of extra dueling power, it wasn't all too great of a core item and was left being just a 3rd or so item that complimented other items, no better than the old Phantom Dancer was to an ADC. Never a rush item and needed others to make it worth while. Now it's glorious. It makes Irelia and Jax have that power spike and Ez with it and Muramana compliments it all quite nicely, though I will admit Ez's mana issues have been a bit more prominent with the removal of the mana regen on Tear/Manamune/Mura.
: it has benefits yes, but removing crit chance from the item just to sate other champions and leaving the ones who actually used the crit that came with it to sit in the dirt not only Gangplank, but also Corki gets affected by this, and a lot of other champions who used the crit chance crit chance is never a redundant stat for champions who use triforce as they're often if not always aa reliant, for example critting on trundle his Q with triforce, or shyvana her Q for example, on top of the triforce proc not having crit chance on the item hurts their dueling power too, as a lot of potential damage is now gone, it favors the burst trades less and the sustained ones more
The Crit was a crap stat to begin with. It used to be 10% prior to this season and it was fine, then it got boosted to 20% at the cost of a lot of AS, AD, all of the AP, and some of the MS just to gain that 10% crit and 10% CDR. I'll admit the CDR was a step in the right direction, but the item was made more to suit champs like Ez and Corki by offering them the ability to use it with Essence for 40% CDR early, which flopped hard since Ez hates crit due to being more poke based and Corki and GP got way out of hand, then Essence got nerfed so the combo didn't even work the same anymore, which pushed Ez even further from it. The change also forced a lot of champs like Irelia and Jax to move to other more reliable and cost efficient early items, like Rageblade that gave a static ramp up where-as Trinity depended on if you had Tryndamere's Crit Blessing or not 'cause if you didn't crit in a quick trade, your opponent overwhelmed you easily. Thankfully, Riot is fixing a wrong and giving Trinity more CDR, which helps the champs that use this item a lot like Ez, Jax, Irelia, and even Udyr, all of which had a nasty taste in their mouth when Trinity was giving that 10% boost in crit.
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: Mundo Damage bugs
I think the bug is that Mundo's MAXIMUM on Monsters might have been coded incorrectly as MINIMUM damage. It currently has a minimum, but it wouldn't surprise me if it got screwed up somewhere down the line.
: Can you disable mundo already?
If it's anything like Lux, Nami, and Elise.... We have a full week to wait before an update goes through to patch it out or for them to finally disable it...
: Illaoi Feedback Thread
I've used her once and faced her once now and the only thing I can see that could be problematic is her E. It just seems too powerful. With just a Death's Dance and it at max level, I could do well over 50% of an enemy's healthbar and do it incredibly quickly if I did it with teammates around. To make things worse, it doesn't matter who you hit with this thing. If you get a tanky front liner, he has to leave the front line or else his ghost is going to get smashed and now he's not only at half health, he's also spawning tentacles, which is baaaaaaaad. I'd say to reduce the base and ratio slightly on her E so it won't be a make or break a teamfight regardless of what she hits because let's face it, if you hit a tank you force him to either leave the range so he won't be near dead and spawning tentacles meaning your team can now dive onto their team because their front liner has to back up or he'll have to engage and hope Illaoi's massive amounts of AoE don't crush his spirit into the dirt with a press of an R and Q.
: Personally I think its worse. There are more problems with it: There is no timer for the Test of spirit; you have to kill 3 tentacles. Why this pointless mini game? aren't we being punished enough by having our spirit hacked at? Another game, this time as jung: I got hit by E near mid by a Jung Illaoli and the mid gragas came to help. I couldn't attack my spirit or attack Illaoli so they get to have free damage on me, as though I was there, even though I escaped. How is that fair? And then I have to play an additional mini game of "kill the tentacles" before I can even get back to farming or ganking or whatever I'm doing. So to recap, one ability allows you to: -Do damage at infinite range, with limited options for counterplay, especially for melee champions. -Slow -Heal off of your spirit -Zone the enemy SO HARD that he has to go find your tentacles to kill while dodging them before he can even think about returning to lane/jung/wherever. All of which is done by the AI, not the player. I just really don't think its fair as is.
There is a timer for Test of Spirit. It's 1min long, or it's supposed to be at least.
: If she hits your spirit, you can just hit her real body. You do 100% damage, while she does x% percent damage. She's a melee champion so she has to be right next to your spirit to attack.
She can hit you and the spirit though, so you actually have to escape the range. If you stand there and try to duel her, she'll just Q+W+R and instagib you because you'll be there with your shadow and her kit is full of AoE.
: Is death's dance a good idea long-term?
Eh. I was just trying it out on her since she seemed so spell reliant, but much like Riven, you're doing mostly AoE and it's not too amazing. I'd probably get a Hydra or something else next time around and turn that CDR hammer into a Cleaver. As long as she has a decently high AD item like Death's Dance, Youmuu's, or Cleaver, she'll like a freight train.
: damage to your spirit does massively reduced damage to you. From the ability preview video on SkinSpotlights it looks like it's difficult to even kill your spirit as Illaoi alone.
I used her and I had absolutely no issues with a single damage item killing a spirit. It's really, really easy and with just a Death's Dance, I was doing well over 50% of the damage to the spirit as damage to the enemy, which is over 50% of their health bar that they can't stop without exiting the HUGE range.
: [Hecarim] - Rapid Firecannon gives Hecarim too much range with E
Huh. That likely is a bug since his AA range is only about 175ish I think and 35% definitely doesn't double that. o.o
: The dragon trainer Tristana splash seems a bit...off
The pupil being slanted is probably the problem.
: I think {{item:1058}} needs to be buffed in correspondence with the recent changes to AD items. 1250 gold for 60 ap which is not critable, and only modified via {{item:3089}} for +30% which is effectively 19 bonus ap. New {{item:3035}} is 1300 gold with 25 AD, critable, AND has 30% bonus armor pen. So this item's gold efficiency is through the roof and impacted into the moon. Not to mention slot efficient af as an early to mid game item.
New LW holds no gold efficiency unless the person has BONUS armor out the butt. To think otherwise is stupid since, as a mage, you only have ONE armor item and that's your 45 from Zhonya's. They'll pay 1.3k to reduce your armor by about 13.5. That's... almost nothing. That's barely more than the old Brutalizer and that's IF the enemy has a Zhonya's finished to begin with. If they just go pure damage, your LW has NO gold efficiency. In fact, you just wasted 200g for a USELESS passive against your enemy when you could've gotten the new CDR+AD item to turn into a Youmuu's or Cleaver that would provide a lot more ArP than what a LW could.
: AP Mid's in the new Pre Season 6
APs are fine and can shred through the squishy ADC's. Don't play your comfort zone AP's anymore where you farm all day. You gotta get used to destroying the enemy in lane. This means if ADCs go mid, we'll go back to Assassin meta mid lane or strictly HUGE burst mid lane as a whole.
: The Attack Speed nerf and the Bonus Armor ignore removal is too much
Cait's headshot with an IE and a AS/Crit item is about 112.5% damage and it procs increadibly often on top of the fact that it can crit. I went from critting for 1kish to about 1.3k on a squishy target with headshot up.
: I'm guessing you'd go 0/18/12 then because trying to clear without the 5 damage every hit is painful, so you need at least the 5 in the middle tree. Surprisingly enough though, Evelynn is not as squishy as people think she is. She's got a base armor of 26.5 compared to Zix's 21, though she's got 531 base health to his 570ish. Her damage reduction is much better surprisingly enough and her clear speeds and issues stem from Riot's non-stop nerfing of her level 1 damage because they hate when she can gank well after Gromp, Krugs, or a buff. Evelynn also does really well with just getting the machete with how her E procs the lifesteal, gives AS, and does a double proc of the 20 damage from Machete.
The last 3 are... iffy with jungling assassins. Windspeaker is worthless on assassins, through and through. Stormraider's is... it's decent, but way too snowbally since it's virtually worthless if you get behind since -you- have to do the damage to them for the boost. Thunderlord isn't too bad, though that 30s CD makes it feel weird in comparison to Deathfire in the offense tree.
: Jungle items don't grant bonus gold in S6
[Check](http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#jungle) it for yourself. Gold is up. Minions also spawn 15 seconds earlier, so they won't have time to poach anything. They can't get to level 2 off the camps anymore and they'd be late to their lanes if they tried.
: If you go 12 in the defensive masteries though, you can easily go Krugs > Razorbeaks > Red > Scuttler > nearly Full HP gank while the enemy is still level 2. Regardless though, the point was the potion. And I think if you have the right masteries, is easy enough to start refillable. I main EVELYNN, and if I can safely jungle with a refillable level 1, any jungler can
I'm guessing you'd go 0/18/12 then because trying to clear without the 5 damage every hit is painful, so you need at least the 5 in the middle tree. Surprisingly enough though, Evelynn is not as squishy as people think she is. She's got a base armor of 26.5 compared to Zix's 21, though she's got 531 base health to his 570ish. Her damage reduction is much better surprisingly enough and her clear speeds and issues stem from Riot's non-stop nerfing of her level 1 damage because they hate when she can gank well after Gromp, Krugs, or a buff. Evelynn also does really well with just getting the machete with how her E procs the lifesteal, gives AS, and does a double proc of the 20 damage from Machete.
: Grave's damage
He gets huge lifesteal because he hits like a truck. If you decided to make only the first pellet that hit be the one that heals him, then he'd only ever buy Death's Dance since BT would be healing him for an 8th of his crit damage. Each of his AA's does 4 pellets, crits make him do 8. Divide his damage by 8 on a crit and then take 20% of that? Yeah, that would be worthless.
: I think a red-side clear or a blue side clear is enough though
Well, a normal jungler would go Krugs/Gromp, Red/Blue, then Blue/red, B at level 3, pick up 2nd jungle item, then go back to killing the jungle. Assassin would be doing that at Wolves or Wraiths, which also means that they'd be susceptible to having their buffs stolen simply because they -can't- take their buffs. It's one thing to encourage counter jungling against champs with poor clearing, but it shouldn't be 'Counter jungle me because Rito made the camps hit too hard for me'. We had preseason in most seasons screwed because of that where only J4, Vi, Lee, WW, and Fiddle could clear both buffs in a timely manner without having to worry about their buffs being stolen because they had to take a camp over their buff.
: Fervor of Battle Yasuo
It counts as spell usage for the sake of Kassadin's E, Sheen, and apparently now Fervor. Not a surprise. The damage it does will only apply to the first champion hit though since it doesn't proc on-hits on any champions hit AFTER the first.
: It's not the same though because it's a conditional ability "crit" that doesn't scale with crit chance. Death's dance should give him enough sleep vamp if he wants it though
If that were true then his Auto Attacks would be doing 100% increased damage rather than being counted as a crit and proc'ing the buff.
: Assassins do need damage, but 250 gold doesn't really seriously put anyone's build behind
That's if you can start with a refillable. Some assassins can't take both buffs right now without having 3 WHOLE pots and the refillable doesn't exactly give that.
: Rageblade and Devourer -- Master Yi, Jax, and Ranged Characters
Eh. I think Rageblade is just overkill powerful as a whole and when mixed with Devourer, it's simply far too powerful for it's own good. Riot has said that they don't want hybrid, which is the answer they always give when people wanted Rageblade buffed or new Hybrid items added in, yet they buffed this item and made Corki's AA's do hybrid damage, though in Corki's defense, he does a lot more magic damage now than Physical and even benefits from a Void Staff.
Rioter Comments
: Even if they aren't HP heavy, the hp adds up. Assassin junglers at constant full HP is scary
Yeah, but it cuts into your damage and most assassin junglers need as much damage as they can get as fast as they can get it.
: the problem with that is, I think if you make the healing of each charge any stronger, you run the rink of making it so good on junglers it's mandatory. I mean right now it's, what, 60 HP per camp. Even if you increase it to, like, 75 HP, that doesn't seem like much, but 15 extra HP EACH CAMP adds up fast. in one clear (plus one scuttle) that's over 100 HP extra on top of what it does now
I usually see it more on mana hungry junglers than health lacking ones.
: I don't think the mana item gives you any more sustain; just mana. machete and the other item have the same passive.
No, one is Tooth and the other is Nail. Machete gives 20 damage on HIT while the other one STEALS 20 health over 5 seconds anytime you do damage, like if you have an AoE ability and two or so targets you can get more sustain and damage if you've got low AS or lack an AA reset.
: Right, but I can see where he's coming from too, because I buy it on my Evelynn and you barely notice it. "IS Hunter's Potion a solid purchase" is very different from the question "Does Hunter's Potion FEEL like a solid purchase" and it may very well be one, but not the other. The extra 300 HP and 165 mana you get every time you back and every time you kill 5 large monsters is easy to not appreciate, even if it made the difference in having enough health to gank and not having enough health to gank AND since each charge on the flask is so small, even using the item is hard to appreciate because it would take forty (40!) Seconds to chug and fully gain that 300 HP. I think that might be intentional design, though, so you can't come into a gank chugging all 5 stacks of your potion and be deceptively hard to take down. It's power without that gut feeling of the item being powerful... But it actually really should be appreciated. Also, since it's a long-use consumable liquid holder designed for use exploring the jungle, I refuse to call it anything but "The Canteen" when I play.
Honestly, if they reduced the cost of it, reduced it by 1 charge, then added sliiiiightly better healing, it would be a perfectly fine item, but they're wary of making it usable by laners. They really want people to HAVE to put forth money into the Corruption one if they want in lane sustain.
: That doesn't disprove my point. You've just proved more so that its the champion that is the issue and NOT the items built on them. Also {{item:3078}} is bugged? If so explain the bug to me if you choose to reply. The fact that Corki can be powerful without {{item:3078}} (which was a core item on him beforehand) is pretty scary. In my experience when I saw a Corki with {{item:3078}} and {{item:3508}} I attempted to gank him, the result was that he used his W to engage on the ADC and kill them instantly and then turned around to do the same to me, it was ridiculous. I also tested Ezreal with the same core and while he was doing absolute chunks of damage with the addition of {{item:3031}} and {{item:3042}} It wasn't at the point where I could fly into someone and kill them instantly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Corki with an ER and any other crit item can W at an enemy ADC and instaburst them. It's what Corki has done forever. IF you don't have MR and he's got some MPen, maybe even his Sorc shoes, he'll just explode the enemy very, very quickly. His kit has high mana costs for a reason you know! It's less so Trinity is bugged as a whole as much as it's Corki's passive that's bugged. His passive is supposed to give it 10% damage and split it into magic and physical, but instead it only does what it originally did, adds the damage. Of course, that's still a lot of damage, but since Corki is more of a magic dealing ADC mid to late game, Trinity very quickly falls off in comparison to other items. Also! Muramana is a wasted item slot. Trinity+ER+BT+Lord Dominikk's. That's how you destroy people. Muramana is simply garbage tier now since ER can't regen mana off your Q's due to your Q not critting, ever. Ez is also more poke than balls deep. Unlike Corki, Ez's passive gives DPS and Ezreal also only has his Q and E for 1v1's. Corki has his entire kit since his W has a good base and will proc Deathfire often, E shreds armor and MR, Q does a lot of damage, and the R does 80% of TOTAL AD after your third point into it where as Ezreal only really has the Q and E since the R in duels is stupidly easy to dodge and then W has a 'decent' base without any scaling and it's overall just a giant waste of mana on AD Ez.
: If it's solo lane Taric.... Rush grievous wounds
Trust me. The GW isn't as strong as you want it to be. lol. You'll have to be hitting him to get it to proc. In a duel, sure. You just made it to where you -could potentially- win the duel, but if you're melee and AD, plus you gotta spend 800g on an item just to 'maybe' kill them? Just isn't worth it. Later on, it'll be worth it. Early on? You're already going to have no kill potential. He's a brick wall, so unless you're Fiora, Darius, or some one who ignores armor, you're in for a long farm lane.
: You may have a point. Especially since Ezreal used to go Lucid boots with that combo but now loses out on 10% of CDR. Making it only worth 10% summoner cooldown. Meaning that Ezreal and Corki will definitely benefit in the damage department more using greaves and sorcerers shoes respectively. Which just grants them more power. But Ezreal isn't that bad in the AD department, for an ADC his damage now is relatively normal. But Corki? He feels like an Assassin now, he flies in and hits E and then with reduced armor and magic resist. Crit and spellblade im on the floor. I'm think the issue is not with the items themselves but the champions using them, seeing as a lot of the niche or underused champs that use them gained benefit but not to the point of being overpowered.
Honestly? Trinity doesn't even feel right on Corki right now since it's still bugged. Essence and an IE and even Essence and a Rapidfire feels a bit stronger than ER and Trinity.
: Ive had the same experience. I was playing yasuo in a game and had red buff,which applied to towers. Another thing I want to note is that Rapidfire Cannon apparently procs its passive(that energized thing) onto towers(or ALL structures actually). I havent tested the same thing with Statik Shiv, but with conceptually the same passive as Rapidfire cannon, I take it procs on structures as well. Not sure if Rito purposely did this, but just a heads up because the tower pushing becomes really ridiculous later on.{{summoner:14}}
Rapidfire Cannon actually says that it procs on towers. It's meant to be a sieging tool.
: The point of Talisman being recommended item is because Shyvana's BEST jungle clearing tool, and overall best clearing tool in general, is her (W) Burnout. Hunter's Talisman makes AoE abilities steal health from the jungle mobs for sustain. Because Burnout is an AoE skill, and much better at clearing than her E and Q, Talisman is a much better option for the early clears. Remember that all the jungle items build out of Machete AND Talisman, and benefit from the passives and stats from both, so either way, the Mana regen is wasted, but that doesn't mean that talisman isnt a good start for Shyv, compared to the Machete. Unless you start Q or E in the jungle (and I dont know why you would), starting W with the Talisman is always the better choice on Shyv.
No. Starting Talisman is horrible. lol. The Machete gives 20 damage on hit, every hit. The Talisman gives 20 over 5 seconds. Shyv usually has some AS in her runes and you'll likely have the 4% from masteries. Top that with her Q and you're doing quite the amount of damage to quickly kill the big targets while your W's base can very easily destroy the small monsters IF you even need it since you usually go B after you pick up the 2nd buff, pick up the Talisman after so you get the extra 15 exp per kill, then proceed to hyperfarming.
: [Jungle Shyvana] Bad recommended starting item
Lee has the same recommended. I guess he really needs that mana, amirite?
: but you trade sustain for damage which in the long run is a very poor trade. I may sustain more but the monsters will hit me at least 2-3 more times due to lack of damage which will not outweigh the fact I healed a "bit" more.
That completely depends on -who- you use and your AS. If you're using a jungler with crap AS and you're not running AS runes, you'll be doing about 1.2 attacks per 2s, probably killing it in about 8ish seconds depending on how bad your clear speed is. That's about 5ish attacks you'll get in with AA's, totaling 100 damage. The other item -steals- 20 over 5s, which may not be as much damage, it'll keep you healed and only do about 70 less damage. It's by no means all that great, but it's more sustain for those with poor AD and AS.
: Why does the Hunter's potion heal less per second than the Refillable potion?
It's because it's meant for junglers. It refills 1 per camp so champs with mana or sustain issues in general can stay topped off.
: Patch 5.22's Healing Party, and the severe importance of Grievous wounds
Through what I've seen in game, the Windspeaker does not affect self heals and once you're in game, the wording changes from 'Heals and shields increased by 10%. Increases the target's resistances by 15% (yourself excluded)' to Heals and Shields on Allies are increased by 10% and gain increased 15% resistances. Taric is horrible to lane against now though.... Beyond horrible. Like, facing him is a brick wall and it doesn't matter if he's top, mid, support, jungle, or the damn ADC. His healing in a solo lane is already strong and now he gets to turn his allies into brick walls like himself. Also. Soraka's R removing GW isn't all too useful anymore. It used to be so that it would heal for max no matter what, but now it doesn't even affect her, so... I dunno.
: I rather agree. This is more a problem I feel with the current jungle as a whole versus the Potion itself though. Its just really harsh starting with that machete or its build part.
If you have issues with machete, you're probably using a champ that doesn't do most of their damage with their AA's or lacks on-hit abilities. The OTHER item gives you actual sustain when fighting in the jungle where-as Machete gives you damage on-hit and life steal.
Rioter Comments
: Corki PBE Feedback Thread
Any ETA on when Trinity and Sheen will be properly working with Corki? The few times I've tried him with a Trinity, his attack doesn't gain any magic damage, only physical. Doesn't seem it gives the 10% either. Hitting a minion, I did 52 prior, with it, I did on average 120. Sheen said it'd give 66, which would mean it would give about 72-73 after the 10% boost, but it doesn't. It seems Corki just isn't interacting with these items.
: its reminiscent of the warcraft 3 days. I agree that it needs changed though. ..."I FOLLOW THE BIG METAL CLAW IN THE SKY!!!"...
"You only need to click once, _Summoner_." -Master of Metal, the Kaiser of Morde.
: Bug with Miss Fortune and Death's Dance
I believe this should go into the 'Bugs' section, but yeah... This is a pretty annoying bug.
: If they didn't force us to use it, it wouldn't get tested. If it wasn't tested, they'd never find the bugs causing the crashes. If they don't find the bugs, it'll go to live with all the bugs. If it goes to live with bugs and crashes, people will stop playing. If people stop playing, that means less money for Riot. If there's less money for Riot, Riot will have to shut down. If Riot shut down, there will be no more LoL. If there's no more LoL, people will start committing suicide. If people start committing suicide, humans will die out. If humans die out, the earth will be a better place. Moral of the story, either don't play on the PBE, or deal with the bugs. Or save planet earth. Your choice. PS: I can assure you the crashes will get fixed very soon, and most of them will be gone at that time.
That's the thing... I'm not saying permanently disable it. I'm saying now that we've seen crashes non-stop, it can be taken off to be worked on. Crashes and bugs are always there, but is it SO hard to ask for something that's beyond buggy that's gotten an entire master thread by a PLAYER going and many emails sent to Lyte to be temporarily disabled until some of it has been patched up? I mean, when you're testing a new anything, when it starts to mess up, you usually look at the feedback and disable it for a little bit, patch it up, then toss it back out there to see how well it works then.
: Hello there, The main reason of the PBE is to find those bugs and report them. We are not here just because we want to play before the others, we are here to help and making this get to live server quicker. If you just want to play, you can go to the live server or get a friend and go to a custom game since because of the high sever request the custom game can only start with 2 players. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Draft has been out for a few days now and we've all reported the bugs to which nothing has been fixed. Unless the current bugs are fixed, there's no reason this thing should be the only method of entering a game outside of a custom. We are here to test the game, especially all the preseason items, champions in various roles like the jungle, trying out the new marksman updates, etc. The new draft is one of MANY things to be tested and because of IT the others can not be tested properly. There's absolutely no reason to keep the new draft mode going until the crashes have been fixed. Honestly. Why force people to use a mode that crashes constantly? When the various actual game modes had been released, it wasn't the only que type and Team Builder was tested on live servers more often than on the PBE, so why this new Team Builder has to be the ONLY method of getting into a game outside of customs is simply beyond me. I'd understand it if it was a crash every once in a while, but there's so many things that cause the client to crash right now because of this mode and Riot hasn't fixed ANY of these issues. Riot always seems to ignore the PBE completely. Back when Lux and Nami ults were spammable, it took over a week before they were disabled. When Elise's Q was changed, it took them damn near a week to disable her when her Q ticked for over a minute long. You can't tell me 'The main reason of the PBE is to find those bugs and report them.' as an excuse for Riot to take their sweeeeeeeeeet time disabling things so that everything else can be tested while they try to fix the game breaking stuff.
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