: It's just a skin, man. Not sure why you're so upset about it. It's not going to make you better at the game. If you want it as badly as you act, then you will buy it...
Remember the point about how long it takes to unlock. And what your unlocking. As you say... Its just a skin. Your not impressed or driven to work for it. If it is more reasonably attainable, you might be more inclined to work for it.
: Doesn't this skin kind of go against the entirety of Vayne's drive and theme? Don't get me wrong, i'm excited to finally have a skin for Vayne worth getting (Aside from Dragonslayer), but it seems counter intuitive.
Vayne is suppose to feel quick and decisive eh? Did you ever notice that Cait and Lucian and other ADCs have faster attack animations.... This skin just shows how slow vaynes is. I don't think the skin is at fault for mechanics. I assume your talking about how it feels to play as soulstealer Vayne. Yes the ult seems like it belongs on a tank not a sneaky adc with an adc sized hit box.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vayne!
Gemstone Feed Back: Gemstone Reward: The skin is not worth the RP price people WILL PLAY for a skin they want. Which is fine if it is supose to be unlockable content... but still... make it worth reaching for. Earning Gem stones: Player Ability to commit: My friends play league when they are not in school a lot more. So they basically binge on league for a month or a little more. I find it takes about 1-3 weeks to get exceptionally good on a champion you kinda know. Earning: Because of this and the fact we can not binge on league all year round, I suggest that there be two ways to unlock grinding content. One: with consistent play or Two: With a high caliber of play over a relatively short period Example: like 20 games with an S in 15 of them or some thing. No I don't know if that is a good benchmark but the idea is that a player can reach either a performance level or a long term commitment/performance level.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vayne!
Soulstealer Vayne Feed Back: Main Issue: **The Lower Legs and feet.** Have bothered me the most. I have spent a lot of time breaking down the skin, but if I had to say just one thing it would be: The Lower Legs and feet. They are a disappointment, and core to Vayne. **Thank You.** It is very refreshing to see a different Vayne skin I am excited to see it! **How this is an Issue:** Take a look at Vayne's **Dance Animation** with the **Dragon Slayer Vayne**. The difference with **well designed lower legs really shows**. Take some hits from the dragon slayer Vayne. The Design of the skin can take into account what **part of her model is featured in her dance** and champion movement animations (The Legs and Feet) [Vayne's dance origin (54 second long video)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzL7ViukbL4) [Dragon slayer dance and other animations (114 seconds long video)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM3eVCDDDFs) **Solution (Possible solution):** **Roll up her pants to end below the knee, have her barefoot, emphasize her calf a little. Have her walk on the balls of her feet, heal off the ground like a **Gymnast** **Ballerina** or **Boxer**. Give her some calf/ankle art? a bracelet or circular tattoo? ** Other Things:** ** The Attack Animation...** **I actually like it** because I never realized before just how slow vayne's attack animation actually is. The attack animation has improved my mechanical play. It also shows that her projectile speed is weak. But that is not the skin's fault. **Attack Animation Mechanic** Vayne's attack release and proc sound file don't actually match up perfectly based on my 2k+ Vayne games. What this means is that Vayne's very shiny bolt which seems to fire quickly hides her funky attack behavior. For that reason other people might think that other Vayne skins have better attack animations. They may also have memories of Vayen when she has higher attack speed (changes the attack animation behavior). (A mechanically well designed skin will have a very specific and clear point in a sound animation that signifies a projectile has left the champion model, so that the player can animation cancel accurately by the sound file...I do it from muscle memory.) The Attack animation could be thinned Or make it more shiny/interesting. Personally, the soulstealer attack animation is fat, but i don't mind it and grew to appreciate the soulstealer attack animation. It does however, look nothing like a silver bolt. I suppose the practical solution would be to replace the silver bot proc with like the thresh soul collection sound or some thing. **Ult animation**: is not quite true to Vayne's theme because Vayne ults for 2 reasons; a damage boost and to be sneaky. Currently the ult animation makes a lot of visual noise which draws attention to her (more then other skins) (see 2nd video above) **Her face** could be more fleshed out. I want to imagine looking into the character's soul through her face. I was very excited to see a different Vayne skin! Thank you so much!
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: Just tried some separate think aloud sessions on champ select with 2 friends who don't play league and 1 novice player. https://i.imgur.com/W2iIBVJ.png at this screen all of them appeared not to have any idea of what was the preferred action to perform. in a bit they figured out they had to click primary, then secondary. They were a little like "what the hell is primary, what the hell is secondary", "what am i doing", "what does that do?". They all proceeded steadily to select their roles. However the 2 guys who don't play league did not know at all what were mid, jungle, bot etc.. So they were a little curious, hesitant and quite baffled by the amount of stuff they did not know already and how completely random they were going. They accepted the ready check very fast and proceeded to pick a champion without too much hesitation. On the pick screen i noticed the players summoner spells are very small, I could not see them at first. They were also not aligned with the champion portraits. During the champion select, when selecting what I would have liked to play I felt the urge to lock in, but could not. There also seems to be some unassigned space here(arrows): http://i.imgur.com/L2JEelQ.jpg I really enjoyed the double confirm of selecting the champion and clicking the button while banning and picking. Tremendously good and needed. I'd however make a change to how you pick runes and masteries as dropdown menus are pretty sad. The simple fact that the only viable option for selecting them is the dropdown menu is a symptom of the need to redesigning runes and masteries. They bring aggravation to the game and ugliness to that pretty champ select.
I am a vet player and it was all a bit much for my liking as well.
: For the PBE build, everyone has to lock in their bans/picks or else it'll result in a queue dodge.
Yes. BIG ISSUE. This is making players pull thier hair out with ques up to an hour (my last que) 8 or so dodges and those were not dodges because of stolen roles toxic players or overwhelming team comps (the most common reason for dodges as far as I know on the NA server) Old draft select gives players a lot more free time and only really needs the player to select a champion. I find that I can do a LOT of things during champ select. Including develop some team cohesion.
: New Upgraded Private Chat Rooms!
Post deleted. The issue was with the draft mode chat
: I've also seen a lot of people failing to ban a champion, then everyone is put back in queue, only to be matched with the same person that didn't ban. Incredibly annoying. 15 minutes and 6 failed champ selects later, I finally got into a game,
The selection Process needs way to much user interaction. Normal draft pick only needs one button to be pressed by each user to get in game. yes bans are also made and yes readying up will get in game faster. But as long as players have selects champs they wont make the que FAIL.
: This is something I don't like about the new system. I don't have a special role, I just play some champions I like. What to pick now? I tell you what, I will pick my two roles, maybe fill as secondary and play whatever I like, cause this new system sucks. They should keep the old system and replace team builder with that new system. I know this is no reason for trolling, but I don't call it trolling if I play the lane what I like if it is not taken yet.
AMEN. Great idea for team builder... although it seems like time from que to game is longer with this mode oddly enough. Draft pick has a lot of very useful team communication pre game. It also lets you know if you have a toxic player you really don't want to spend 40+ min. with.
: People in the New Que
Yes. I have found the attitude as bad as the normal NA server. People do not even seem to remember they are here for functionality testing and feed back. I realize we don't need every player to give feed back as long as they have enough games for people who give feed back to do so. But if I keep running in to people that make me leave the game mad I will probably stop play testing. I have already noticed my self to become a lot more negative as a result, and had to start exercising the mute button and check my self.
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: vayne's buff is just sick. she doesnt need damage items anymore... she only needs to get AS and crit... plus the new hurricane on her will decimate.. i mean.. i can be a monstruous 200 armor 6k hp tank, she will 4-shoot me, i cant even reach her that i will be dead.. i hate true damage with all my heart, as %hp damage.. but this?... man you already done that with the "juggernauts"..
W - Silver Bolts Flat Damage removed Percent Health Damage increased 4/5/6/7/8% >>> 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% If you were only killed with true dmg it would take vayne over 24 shots to kill you. That would take about 10 seconds if she had full attack speed. 10 seconds is a long time.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Response to: "Focusing specifically on 'Is this a good direction?' " Listed are: 1: Acknowledgement of what I see 2: Ideas for creativity 3: Mistakes being made with items 4: challenge 1: I see a lot of focus on crit. Spacial effects over raw dmg (moving away from consistent on hit results). I would like to review a few elements. 2: Armor penetrability builds (for dps or for burst) ... S5 Trisana - APen runes yumus bork LW Attack speed builds (DPS) On Hit builds (Pokey) like cait Mixed builds Surviving builds (like how vayne often used bork) the heal + move speed buff / debuff Another item that is this style is the maw even blood thirster and the attack speed item that gains mr as hit hits. Kite builds like blue ez Mr builds - example: merk boots BT Spirit vissiage MAW QSS-upgraded wit's end Armor builds - At the moment there really are not armor paths for an adc Unless you count thornail and life steal/ crit that always was pretty mean vs an enemy adc for a squishy fed shaco. AD HP - I jungled graves once with black cleaver frozen mallet trinity force boots hurricane and blood thirstier or bork. It was amusing (because it fit a dps tank / peal role / support) and was actually quite effective. I see hits of items that can relate to different styles of builds. There are many ways to build a ranged ad. Lets keep different builds possible and some what balanced. Altho obviously crit will shred a squishy pretty fast and attack speed and armor pen will kill a tank faster then a crit build. And an mr dmg build will help an adc still do something in a game vs diana or another scary apc. 3: As the items are being changed there is a systematic integration which is happening which makes items less unique. A huge example: it feels like all attack speed items hover around 35% attack speed. (30%, 35% and 40%) This makes them less unique and having less trade-offs. Not necessarily bad but it is currently to an extent that has standardized the items. 4: challenge... I have noticed that a large majority of the players who play league are not creative. They bash people who do not "build right." Many pro players know that there is more then one way you can make your champion effective. But players who played on their own judge each other heavily for not doing tried methods. We know why... trying often involves failure. Long story short... not mattwer what items are available one build will be broadcast as the norm and then people will be bashed if they deviate even if a yumus rush season 5 was viable... it was not bork or ie. Even if some one went a Blood thirster into PD instead of IE. This is actually one of the biggest issues which is totally separate from development. The community often does not embrace creativity because they associate it with noobs failing. I don't have an answer to that. People need to have fun and play.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
I use to play graves for his attack speed buff. Its gone now... So he will not fill the niche I had him. Short range low dps... HUH? He would have to be more like vayne if he cant stay in combat. Ranged adcs should have a huge leg up on graves in team fights now. But I know that is not really true a lot of teams still build squishy so graves aoe dmg can still carry a fight vs such a team. People are less likely to main graves as he would be more of a situation adc I think.
: New Mastery Page
Too Simple. Yuck. Good UI tho.
: @RiotRepertoir, the Quinn thread is pretty crowded, and I think I have some valuable feedback.
I did not like it when they reworked my first champ that got me hooked on league either. I nearly quit but I had friends to play with. If not I would have quit right then. The love I had developed for the game was through that champs eyes. And I had learned how to over come all the things that the remake was suppose to address.
: Does Tryndamere's spilt and flee gameplay match his theme?
Its the best use of his kit. Like riven. Like ranger. Like Jax. Like any one who can split push. Split pushing is about pressure. Once you have the enemy on your tail you DO NOT WANT BE THERE.
: Smaller 5.22 Marksmen Changes PBE Feedback Thread
Overall late game items Feel more interesting. Early game (the part we play in most games) is a lot less interesting. Late game dps seems to be pretty low from what it currently can be in season 5. Burst feels much stronger. I favor dps ADC play Over jump in press 3 buttons and walk away unless some one on the enemy team is feeling generous. Champs: Vayne feels really weak with the item paths available. Really weak. Her dmg comes out too slow to compared to most ad casters who also have some really nice items available to them. To be more specific I mean her choices for item builds are a lot fewer. Also to note: Vayne has a hell of a time CSing vs many adcs and an agro support. Almost every minions Vayne goes for takes her life into her hands. Lucian should be benefited a LOT by this patch. A lot of ad items cdr items and crit. Draven axes can probably be kept spinning permanently with an average adc build that is a huge buff and should be fun. Tristana's aa has always seemed pretty clunky. With more adcs being able to earch out and touch her perhaps her animation could use some improvement. Jinx should fair well since she had a good attack speed buff while other ad'cs attack speed from items will fall off late game and. Sivir has often had attack speed issues if her full load was not hitting hard. She will remain team mate dependent unless she is allowed free qs or ricochet harass.
: Lets take a moment to appreciate how perfect the GUI is on the masteries.
Yes the UI is quite good. I would like to see a different pattern with the Mastery options, but the UI is so good I did not notice it. A+ Job well done.
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: Junglers just seem useless
I have used all 4 of the jungle machete upgrades and found the news ones lacking in benefits. I considered not getting the jungle items but realized that the balance system was trying to force the purchase of jungle items through loss of xp. There has got to be a better way then punishment to make items purchased. The early camp spawns to look like a huge advantage and also protect against jungle invades which were rarely don't from what I could tell but very abuse-able in season 5.
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: Core Defense Items Pass [5.16]
I have found the defensive mr item nerfs very harsh on supports. I had thought supports were suppose to be more relevant but I have noticed that on my tank supports I no longer buy supportive tank items because they are so much less build efficient then the heavier mr items. Braum in particular is a champ I have played a fair amount and I generaly find my self semi rushing 2 mr items and never build armor before most games end. The point is that I find mr to be the most valuable item on tank supports. This is because they are normaly locking up adcs and also have exhaust so they actually receive heavy ap peal dmg and less ad dmg.
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: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
I LOVE THE NEW JUNGLE. There are so many path and start options I love it. Sustain seems much lower then season 4. Just a difference not wrong. I like the buffs on camps they make a lot of new options for how u want to clear due to how the buff passives affect your ability to clear. I like how the jungle items do not have a lot of small parts that clog my inventory. I often do not have room in season four to buy pink and site wards and pots. So far the only complaint is the cramped area around blue because of the well that divides the frog like camp from blue camp. The slower move speed on blue buff I guess makes up for this as the slower move speed gives more time when kiting blue. Seems like a very well done job. The Crabs in river seem funny. I am also not sure what to think of how chasing them will affect the game. you will prob walk over a lot of wards frequently trying to kill the crab xD. The speed buff seems wrong. right on top of highly contested areas can make fights now ball before there was any tug of war over an objective. I do not like that smite is tied to machete. It limits starting possibilities. IMO closing the doors for creativity is depressing. Examples: I have some times gone machete when I am a top lamer and know I can not win lane, take the enemy red and then hope that will give me a competitive shot in lane. Or perhaps try to counter jungle the enemy jungle and grab what XP u can from your lane under tower. Or a double jungle roam where u only want 1 smite. Coming from a season 4 meta I think there will mostly only be 2 jungle item paths used. The feral flair variant and the smite that applies that brutal 3 second 50% slow. The fast smite does look attractive. IMO the other elements of the jungle paths have no caught my interest perhaps due to how I play the game and feel about how I want to play I dunno if this is a personal feeling or an accurate statement bout the item balanced if the jungle item that gives ad and life steal gave either 15% life steal or 70 ad or 75 ad I think it would be competitive with other major item buys. P.S. the game is not being kind to my FPS. = not as fun. season 1 fps was way better then now. I had the most fun in league in season 1. FYI I got a new high-end end lap top 1.5 years ago. Best wishes on the quality of the game!
: [Gameplay Idea] A special ping that means "there's an enemy ward here", or "We need a ward here"
BUMP BRILLIANT This would HELP A LOT. so many times I wana says DO NOT GO THERE.. THERE IS A WARD. but I have not the because it is a Real Time Game. So man times I also ping that meaning we need a ward and allie dies instead of warding.
: **WARNING: AVOID ANNIE AT ALL COSTS!** But seriously, tibbers is about the size of 3 {{champion:31}}s
"The bigger they are the easier it is to hit them" -Kennen +1
: Depending on the champs you pick, certain combinations will feel varied in difficulty. The question is, "How brave are you?" >o</
: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Overall: I liked it. Cool. Issue #1: played my first game of doom bots, it was fun 4 of us got a bug splat error, we reconnected. Issue #2 Late game I was getting total game freezes some times. other times it was fine. you should run an fps tracker on an average system and see what parts of the game u can even out to prevent a 2 frame death. (I had 1 of these) (and prob about 5 horrid frame freezes - I dunno what spells were doing it) Request #1 Doom bots Extreme plz :D Request #2 Doom bots IMPOSSIBLE :D
: Take a look at this please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkBA13nEIJk
I enjoy playing against Nid it is a lot of fun. Btw, Nid farms from 525 range that is less range then almost EVERY spell and gap closer. I have played 5k games of league and Nid is not an issue I have played her a lot I do not main her I know how to play against her. This clip is a poor example. It is a good example of players not itemizing against the team they are against. It is also a good example of a team not understanding how to play. You will notice how many spears Nid misses if a fight went down Nid's pressense would be very weak had the enemy ben able to 5v4 and eat 1 spear and kill the player Nid healed. Nid has a huge problem and that is that she is a poke champion with poor ranged (safe)lane clear. Has no one heard of LUX? 2 larger skill shot ht boxes 2 cc skills skill shot shield R? lux makes Nid look like child's play Banchis veil> Nid Nid is only an issue if her team can carry her late game because she can not handle a hard push. I have played a lot of nid. spears hurt but the wont stop you from taking towers. Which is why Nid is high risk. I've played 5k games I have seen her pattern. Counter to Nid is to ignore her and push, then move on to the next objective. Banchi veil and enough durability to shrug of a spear or 2. Also if you are able to kill her.. spears do little dmg at close range so just get close and eat the low dmg spear. People prob hate spears because they can see them comming from a long way away and prob walked into them to because they get out played aka Nid guesses where they might juke to and they eat it.
: As a Season 3 AP Nidalee mid main, after playing the new Nidalee in a custom, I was quite disappointed to be honest. I understand the live Nidalee is toxic design, and I think the concept of the new Nidalee sounds cool, but I think the actual product is just not very good. The reason to pick Nidalee on live is long range nuke, safety, siege, poke and sustain and she also had a few other things that made her great, but what exactly is the reason to pick the new Nidalee? Her kit seems extremely high risk low reward. **(NOTE: This is my experience going AP, I haven't played bruiser or ever played bruiser Nidalee before so I cannot comment on that.)** Her concept 'feels' nicer, but it isn't worth it if you lose the game for it. To get the hunt started you need to hit them with an ability, spear is hard to hit (especially with the hit box nerf) and the trap can't be used in an 'active' situation either so already it's awkward here and then when you do get on the hunt, either two things can happen (and this is one of the problems with Rengar): 1) You kill the target. 2) You don't. This is the same issue that Rengar has, but the difference is that Nidalee cannot instantly 100-0 someone with cougar invisibly from 600~725 range away. It seems with the rework that Nidalee is trying to be moved towards most of her damage through with cougar form, but this will not work if she's still going to be designed around a full AP build. A melee squishy AP champ that doesn't have insane burst or blinks/dodging is always going to be bad. Which means from here either 1) Nidalee becomes an AP assassin (which I think would be extremely toxic for the game) 2) Nidalee is forced to become an AD bruiser, which despite not being the same Nidalee that me and other AP Nidalee players loved to play, I think is the more viable path here with the current kit. If bruiser is the way you decide to go with her, I think her AP scalings should be scrapped and she should be given some AD scalings instead. Aside from the issues of incompatibility with being AP, another thing that bothered me was that trying to pounce onto a hunted target from the max range was kind of frustrating, to bring up Rengar once again, you right click your target once and then once you get to the max range you'll leap to them, but with new Nidalee you can pounce too early and screw it up, so it would be nice if there was a way to 'lock on' to a target where if you put your mouse on a target and press pounce, Nidalee will pounce onto them if/once you get in range of it. The new spear is very frustrating to attempt to use, if the hitbox is going to be this small I think the speed of the projectile should go up. I also feel that if you were going to go with a 'hunting' theme, it would have been a more logical idea and also more fun to play, to make the traps have a bit of CC so that you feel like you've 'caught' something. The Nidalee traps were never satisfying to use before, they just used to reveal for an obsurd amount of time and the armor/mr shred was a huge amount of power. When the traps still don't have CC and don't shred armor/mr they just don't feel nice to use at all. Obviously this is just my opinion but based on this kit I think Nidalee should be changed from AP to AD Bruiser in the same way that Master Yi was changed from AP to AD in his rework. I hope this is helpful feedback
I play a bruser style ap Nid thanks to twisted treeline It only loses about 40 ap to ap Nid. If you get tear and upgarde it on nid and double RoA then you have + 1300 bonus hp and nearly 200 ap. the upgraded tear buffs your ap from the RoA. If you then get the zohyas then you have armor and high ap. I often stack zohya as well for the +120 ap and the 50 armor it is a very good item in stats with out it's op active. By using RoA instead of the more squishy ap items you get tanky stats and still solid high ap stats due to 3% of your mana getting turned into ap. Ap bruser nid is probably more effective then ad bruser Nid and is defiantly more effective then ap Nid in team fights because ap bruser nid can actually help soak dmg. So much for my secret weapon.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Feed back: having Nid's ult for free makes her feel way to powerful pre 6 it doubles her potential since she now gets at lvl 1 a spell that she use to get at 6 (the cougar aspect version) I love it but I think I love it because it is over powered. I think Nid needs to wait till 6 for her dmg and move speed spike. If you give her lvl 1 ult your gunnna end up nerfing nerfering things that payers currently chose to decide how they are gunna play her for the first half of the game. Which would create less creativity. I have played a bit of Nid and depending on my lane opponent I have used bush whack for lane clear(aoe clear on caster minions), or alternatively heal for more bruser style-in-your face with sustain, or spear for more pokey early game. I like that there are 3 early game paths you can chose. If cougar is free I think her q w and e spells will ultimately see nerfs to balance the 1-5 dmg spike Nid will have because her ult is unlocked. She is to strong with her ult before 6 I'd rather wait till 6 then see her skills nerfed to permit her ult early. The loss of play style options with q w e nerfs would be a sad loss to creativity. Nid's complexity made her a very exciting champion to look forward to learn when I started league. Even now after many games she excites me. Not tested with new Nid but old Nid traps were activated by minions which often could get a champion proc'd who on his own would not have stepped on the trap. JUNGLING: Pre change season 4 I have jungled nid to great effect vs junglers like shaco and eve. I started trap then heal. I trapped their jungle and my laner's bushes early game at locations they were likely to walk and abused my range This was done with ad reds and quints machete and pots starting red buff generally for the dmg bonus.
: PBE Player Base.
I have not had issues with the PBE player base themselves. I have found it very hard to get into games on the PBE. The player base is small. I do a lot of my testing in bot games. I wish there were more players. The 10 min or longer wait times are discouraging. I feel like a lot of the time I could spend testing is spent waiting. Also the large amount of IP was not enough IP. I have more runes on my main account then on the PBE I can not test builds as I would like.
: Nidalee Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Nid has a high skill cap. I like that a lot. Her kit makes a lot of sense. The main issue I have is when say j4 ults me and changes my direction and my jump fails because I am no longer facing where I was going. Same thing with minion block on pathing. One of the things I hate most is the cast times. cast times on spells make champions not fee fluid. Cast times are hidden nerfs and dmg reductions and move speed reductions so I see they have created their place. But I do not like them.
: Official Braum Feedback Thread
I have seen a support gragus who's play styles was more like what I thought braum would be before his announcement. He felt a lot more passive then I suspected He is a really cool concept. He did not seem that manly tho all the ranged spells I did not like. It was easy mode no risk.

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