: > [{quoted}](name=PBE Revy,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=L1ws7cs1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-27T12:58:57.144+0000) > > For masteries there already is a button for do this ( " return points" in the masteries page). > For runes would be good to have this feature, so people can just reset everything and re-do everithing. > Pretty much good idea. {{summoner:2}} return points only returns one though... not every mastery page
i just didn't understand that u were asking for something that reset everything. >.<
: Add keystone mastery to spectator mode.
I think it should be better place those icons near champions ones. Not near the build xD
: NEW DRAFT PICK - Re-instating the Forced Lock-in
Probably it's designed like this cause this button mean ur team have confirmed the pick for their own strategy. With dynamic queue i can't think about people playing as solo (Well, i'll probably be one of those). Anyway, i think the "Lock in" doesn't mean "Lock in" anymore. It's more like "ok! we go for this so we pick this and this and then switch this to this and.." etc etc... Or the "auto-lock-in" is just something that riot will implement when the new queue will be released in the live servers. Probably @Lyte could confirm this "teory" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Runes/Masteries Remove all option
For masteries there already is a button for do this ( " return points" in the masteries page). For runes would be good to have this feature, so people can just reset everything and re-do everithing. Pretty much good idea. {{summoner:2}}
: Thanks for the heads up. We're currently pursuing a crash, but I've noted your issue and will investigate it.
No problem, i'm glad to help here =D
  Rioter Comments
: Zephyrs Removed
I think it's probably because now other items are more usefull that zephir, also you can get tenacity from masteries
: i am fine with a lot of damage or sustain but not both at 13 minutes
ahah exactly what i'm saying, ashe at lvl 1 can use all the masteries you pick for her
: also ashe has lower crit damage to counterbalance the sustain
in the masteries ashe have more damage on slowed targets + more atk speed on crits etc
: Just make the ultimate become blue ( the same blue as victorious morg's Q ) that would be awesome ! :D
yhea but not that darker.. it's just a wind effect at least
: hmmm you have a point but it's still to much for me at the moment
i just try to think like riot. I think that, as a player, you've to understand the game and play it in the way it go. I mean, would a worlds player say something about those things when they'll hit live servers? probably, but he will play with those things anyway =D
: They made the jungle a lot easier to clear in general. No junglers should really need it anymore.
: Why would I pick a mastery just for the Baron buff when I can't even be sure we will get it? 15% increased duration isn't even that necessary (it adds 27 seconds to the duration).
i think it's more for the junglers and midlaners, not for other roles.. i mean, secured buffs are for junlers and midlaners (blue buff) also it grants +15% duration on every jungle buff including the rift scuttler. So , it's for sure jungle focused
: I did not say it was op pay attention to what i said i meant that it gives too much damage and sustain to the area of the game that you get it in.
i know, but i think they already know that
: Masteries: Available Masteries Difficult to Decipher
maybe adding a line that go from tier 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 etc would be good... maybe they've already planned this
: [Hydra] – Can buy Ravenous Hydra for less gold
: I don't like the new Mastery System. (Please read this and put this into consideration)
The new one is better in some ways.. For example you don't rush same masteries for roles.. but for champions. I found that ashe and some other champions have so much different masteries respect to others those are in the same role. But the best change is that the rune pages will change so much now. Because you'll not get old masteries stats for level one. Now you've to chose wich way in better for THE CHAMPION, not for the ROLE. i'm Right?? maybe some rioter can confirm my way of thinking the "new game" xD
: mortal reminder vlad, aatrox, mundo, soraka, swain and fiddlestick useless
When i saw this mastery i tough to them in half-one second xD but it's good for other champs too... if you combine this mastery with the other that give you extra life steal it's good for carries or any champ that need sustain in lane or in fights too
: Yasuo in pbe
It's op ? no. I think people shuld think about other champs too... why don't you think about ashe and new masteries? it's OP!
: Wrong translation: italian
YO! Anche io sono italiano =D

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