: The Empowered Whiplash is still too white looking I think. It would be nice if it was possible to tone it down just a little more. And I saw the changes to the Q but they are more gray looking than blue imo. How would it be if the tip of the spikes were more like the new lashes. Like this: https://i.imgur.com/yWLTtgc.png[/img] Ok maybe not like this I am horrible at editing so I just painted over it but you get the idea. The classic Q was already in golden and I know that the Prestige changes the gold tone a little but the Q spikes come and go like in a second anyways so it would be nice if we could get a more noticeable change/color. Not sure how it would look, just a suggestion. Again, thanks for listening to our feedback! Edit: Seeing the abilities getting their fair share of this new blue I wanted to see how the W could be changed accordingly. Not sure if better but for anyone wondering how the W would look in blue: https://i.imgur.com/i8i3OlF.png[/img]
Definitely Q needs to go through but i think the W could stay gold but with some blue hints like what they did with the ult and maybe blue poofs and sparkles
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
I understand a gold Lamborghini might be overboard but at least make it white, the pink is not relevant to any other parts of the skin
: I feel like fiora and camilles face in the splash arts look a little too similar, other than that i love them so much
they actually look all the same (except rakan) to me but i dont even care cause they are such good skins
: The shields on Camille feel extremely low quality and that Kai'sa 5 stack passive mark looks extremely pixely to me. Can these be fixed please?
please put the wings effect on rakans shield on camilles! noticed the kaisa issue too, hopefully they will fix that as well
: That's understandable! IMO, you might want to consider adding black details somewhere else in the skin then (maybe his fabric cape or vest?) for cohesion with the rest of the skins. Or just go all out and make his ears white as well, they look really silly lol (BTW, Rakan is one of my two favourite champions, and I'm quite glad he got a skin seperate from Xayah to shine a bit on his own. I understand its a special case and might be the last time it happens, but might as well add that i wouldn't mind them having skins that the other does not have in the future, seeing how a tematic that works for one might not work for the other.)
I think they can make the armguard black and outline some other stuff so it doesnt look like its from another team lol
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Invictus Gaming Skins
Shared comments: on attacks and abilities like Camille W and KaiSa Q are really bright and might cause seizures, just a heads up Camille: + Wings on E are making me squeal - In places like Q2 and her shield, I think the theme of wings and feathers could be done a bit more, like expanding her wings a bit for counterbalance when she flips and the wings wrapped around the shield (like Rakan) - Q2 sound needs to be more! - W would be cooler if it was black, looks very much like base right now - Her hair could be improved both in game and splash, slightly adjust it or maybe add a wings/flight-themed accessory or small headpiece - Shoulder pad thing too steep? - Leg blades are a bit too dark compared to splash Fiora: + Nice overall design - Wings effect behind her in her W could be more conspicuous, its a really nice touch but really hard to see over some darker terrain Irelia: + Nice VFX - Her mark could use some black parts as well, like keep 3 white as is and recolor 3 of the other size into black - I find her headpiece really odd, the two black parts are protruding like they are horns? Would be better if they were closer to the rest of her head and wrapped around a bit like a tiara - The black bit behind her hair is really odd too, I think its a bit too wide compared to her other skins LeBlanc: + Nice overall design - Q seems a bit too big? - Expand the cape more when she dashes Kai'Sa: + Really cool E chargeups - Flatten the wings on the passive counter a bit, so the team logo in the center can be englarged as it should be the focus bad ms paint of what i mean https://imgur.com/aAasG1X - Wings effect W and Evolved W should be swapped? - Open up wings when ult and falling feathers behind? Rakan: + Love the shiny rainbow Q and cape effect - Really odd out of the group with so much white, perhaps other members could use some whitening to off set the anomaly by adding some black outlines - Black should not be on his ear feathers, those should be white with some darker patterns like his cape feathers, but put black on his accessories/decorative parts instead, like his feathery shoulder pad thing and/or armguard thing. - Black streak in hair? like the base one but instead of red its black - Also black pants? (its black in the splash but grey in game) - Make the Wings on E shield on ally black? - Glowing effect also on tail feather? some of the ideas demonstrated with my limited photoshop skills https://i.gyazo.com/78e0cccfe50b77dd15638f0698b3df9c.png not saying it looks better but its worth experimenting cause hes too bright compared to the other members
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
This had like the least amount of changes out of all 4 KDA prestige skins? I think this should be the opposite to the base one, I would say blue neon glowing effects would work better because I dont see the yellow working here especially well when her entire model is already yellow Demon form is really bad tbh, maybe the neon blue would help Please give her a super big leopard coat instead of just a copy paste from the other ones https://www.dhresource.com/0x0s/f2-albu-g1-M00-B6-15-rBVaGFodWTGAC1oyAAPWOM6jVcA886.jpg/2017-fashion-sexy-winter-women-faux-fur-leopard.jpg Also I understand a completely golden Lamborghini might be overboard but at least make it white, the pink is not relevant to any other parts of the skin
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Galaxy Slayer Zed!
really smooth abilites vfx and animations complaint would be how similar of a silhouette it is to base zed, one solution could give him a new idle animation on this? also no interactions with Super Galaxy skins or Star Guardians :(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Conqueror Alistar
i feel like him not having eyes at all will help deliver the theme of a sentient golem more, like the gem takes up the entire upper part of his face, like Arclight Brand or Liss also his abilities should be more red and black instead of gold? this was the case for Conqueror Varus
: Experimental ARAM Changes on PBE
can perfect timing reduce CD on Mariner?
: Any chance for this skin to get the Sewn BC-Mumu treatment? I honestly really dislike this skin
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: DUNKMASTER IVERN
Nice effects on Q and E but yeh... Not convinced this is a suitable theme for him, Should've done the voting on Ivern instead of Trist and ask what the player base wanted I would say Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitz were better and this shouldnt be shipped
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hextech Jarvan IV!
its a really nice skin, but my biggest issue with it is the flag, its just his weapon flipped up side down stuck in the ground? Any reason it didnt get a unique model? (especially for a skin of this price/tier) and I'm sure you guys can come up with really cool designs for a hextech flag 2nd problem would be his crown, it could be some hologram headpiece instead? It looks really dull and boring atm and doesnt feel hextech at all. The shoulder pads could use an upgrade as well. Also the effect on his passive CD indicator is really subtle, if the opacity could be tuned up a bit more it would be great. The ult also seems a bit lackluster, it could be more grand and splendorous, as in this skin line is showing the wondrous marvels of hextechmaturgy in a future piltover but I dont feel that from the ult? It could use more of the light blue hologram but Im not sure if that would be enough
: Kayle got so much attention and Morgana deserves some too
yeh it definitely needs a bit more ive seen other ideas floaying around like replacing the link of chain in her Q with a gingerbread man or her pool into batter as well
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition!
different sounds? i think too squeaky if the trident is crystals now, and the meat on the ulti too
: Maybe having a price tag attached to the trident could also play into the fantasy of being a dog toy
yes! absolutely just thought it reads too much like blue stone or metal instead of foam/rubber
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Corgi Corki!
lol this has to be the best one out of this batch. that butt tho however I think gatling gun could be centered better only to the mouth? valkerie and package could use a little more than just reusing the same texture from Q, dropped dog treats, balls/toys etc minor thing but I think blue and yellow on the wings swapped would look better
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Fuzz Fizz!
other than possible clarity issues (like pugmaw), dont think this skin needs much change as much as the cat ones but I really dont know how to feel about his trident, it has squeaky dog toys sounds but doesnt look like one at all. would be neat if it was 3 squeaky bone toys tied on a stick or just a giant one also prestige should get new sounds instead of the same squeaky ones since its crystals and a piece of meat now
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Meowrick!
Not sure on the colors, hopefully there will be chromas. instead of blue and pink, make his cape rainbow colored, together with the stars falling, it will match his abilities VFX tail? shovel head an actual cat paw instead? the hp indicator on the wall should get cats ears too, just double up the pointy bit maiden glowing and/or rainbow star effects?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pretty Kitty Rengar!
his tail looks kinda empty now could put a bow on it? 🎀 also the hair... maybe take notes from Night Hunter which also has a hood and how his hair was handled
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arclight Brand, Kayle & Morgana Chromas!
Arclight Brand Pearl should be base skin, and the one now should be Sapphire
: Ghost bride wings should look like tombstones again. Looked way cooler.
while the new one looks cleaner, the old one had the grim reaper parts way bigger http://lol-wallpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Ghost-Bride-Morgana-1-Concept-by-Zeronis-League-of-Legends-Artwork-Wallpaper-lol.jpg and now even though they still show in the new splashart, in game its so small it might as well not exist
: [FEEDBACK] Bewitched Morgana's Bottom Wings (And more details)
I LOVE THIS EDIT In their defence the reason her tail looks like that is because they made it so the backside of it all dark instead of having the pink membrane part show as well. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VSdyI3vuyrM/XG5A--xSG9I/AAAAAAABPRQ/EPJo-TVPl20PGxlHFD1aO-QlpIwOCsYPQCLcBGAs/s640/MORG8TURN.png https://lolskinshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/bewitching-morgana-lol-skin.jpg BUT your colour scheme is way better and should be how her actual wings' backside should look like as well.
: Aether Kayle...
her voice should be a toggle like KaiSa, helmet on = robotic voice, helmet off = normal
: Yeah, with the 3rd and 4th form she lost her style.... i would like to see something simple but cooler
: Pentakill Kayle Splash Art is missing one thing.
just noticed how unreal her neck looks lol, its so thin and long oh wait https://i.redd.it/z6uflws6sdh21.jpg but yes the collar/choker thing would improve it
: [FEEDBACK] Concerning Morgana's Skins
Yeh, Exiled should have recolored red VFX Totally agree with your suggestions on Sinful Succulence and with the new VFX they would instantly make me want to buy the skin My critique on Ghost Bride would be to have this instead https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b67041548f0942345298d2aaf507e146810d58dbe490442b28b18efedbbc8ab5.png I think Blackthorn could use some leafier wings and a rootier dress and her 'tail' should be tweaked as well. Many features on the old one were not brought over like the death animation, the falling leaf particles on her wings and spells. These are pretty much a must especially when the original had them. Blade Mistress is supposed to be space/tech themed now but I'm not feeling any of it. Same situation as Sinful Succulence where they should incorporate a bit more detail to improve the skin. An idea would be have her pool have some circuitry things like Cyberpop Zoe's E on the ground and it matches her 'Sombra (the Overwatch character) hair' Lunar Wraith is pretty good already with the effects, but some model changes would make it even better, her headpiece is way less detailed now, its nice that its less clunky but I think they took away too much, at least bring back the hanging bits. Also the snake head scarf thing could be a bit more detailed like in the splash art. The dress looks too vibrant, there should be less red and more purple, a gradient effect like in the splashart would be nice and most important of all... GREEN HANDS!!! Caitlyn has blue ones and on the old one in game she had green, but it was never shown in the splash art, so hopefully they can add that in to reflect that and I dont see any reason to have them removed as it adds to the spectral/eerie theme really well. Bewitching is nice but I'm sad her dress doesnt look as grand as it was and her hair is now very red and looks more like Miss Fortune with the hat, please change it back to pink hair as its whats in the splash. I think they've ruined Victorious with the new purple wings and the back bit of her dress, its what making the Graves one look really bad and make me never want to use it. They should change it back to blue and gold with minor silver accents
: Blackthorn Morgana various changes request
I think more leafy wings and rooty dress and her 'tail' should be tweaked as well Falling leaf particles on her wings and spells are pretty much a must when the original had them
: How Aether Wing Kayle should look in 3rd form
Hell yeh, right now it looks so chunky when the previous ones were sleek
: Ghost Bride's Bounded Wings Should Be Turned Into A Train
YES PLEASE! I just dont like how it looks like a giant tail, but this is the perfect solution (for this skin at least dont know how u can help the other ones One minor thing is that it should start from the flowers/headpiece part because its more like a cape if it starts from her neck
: Morgana Gameplay Feedback
The W change should be on her passive instead not just a change to W Could make room for it by reducing the amount of healing right now, could put a bonus on it if its cast on a CC'd target. But to reward the good players from the average make it so that healing is increased vs the target hit by Q. %Bonus could be outside of just damage as well. I think the new movespeed on her ult is great but would be nice if it also scaled with the HP of enemies shes moving towards to, the lower they are the faster she moves. Same could be said to her shield, if she or her allies are low HP, the shield is bigger. The bind is always regarded as kinda annoying at max rank with 3 second snare. Why not make it 2 seconds across all ranks but if they were full HP, this reduces to 1.5 and if they were below half it scales back to 3, and everything in between is calculated by how much %HP they had when the binding hits. Numbers might be off but just an idea to make her kit more interesting. Ratios on her other stuff would be adjusted to make room for new utility in her kit.
: > [{quoted}](name=PBE ProNoob,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=LzwGA40G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-21T05:43:25.230+0000) > > It just doesnt look like the Arclight skins that are already in the game, they have white base and gold accents. He has a dark purple/black base for some reason. That was my first impression too. The other Archlight skins have a kind of... light, flowing essence to them. Not just with the color schemes, but with the designs as well. The clothing of Varus, Vayne, and Yorick kind of lends themselves to it, as well as the tentacles on Vel and the wings on Aatrox. Brand doesn't really have anything that can be made "flowing", at least not without interrupting his profile. But at the same time, it doesn't really feel like Riot tried either. Not a big fan of the dark blue hair and skin. Seems like a strange choice. And the lines of light along his back and chest feel... too deliberate. The light doesn't seem to be coming from Brand, so much as put onto him. With Vel'Koz for example, Vel _is_ the light. Varus's bow and arrows _are_ the light. Brand's hands are glowing gold which I think is good, but there needs to be more. Maybe glowing accents on his hair as well? I guess I understand the dark blues with the gold. The contrast definitely makes it pop, but it draws away too much from the Archlight feel. Dark blue accents are good, but I think it's overdone in this skin. White, gold, and light blue should be the main color scheme with the dark blue accenting it. I think they did well with Archlight Yorick in that regard. In short; too much dark contrast. Not enough light visual effects on the model.
yes! needs more cyan too, both in the abilities and the model
: Morgana VU looks AMAZING, BUT this would be the cherry on top
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Prestige Edition!
Try a white marble/quartz tail with tiny gold bits and streaks running through?
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arclight Brand!
NGL he looks like a slim Thanos It just doesnt look like the Arclight skins that are already in the game, they have white base and gold accents. He has a dark purple/black base for some reason. The white chroma is what it should've been and should be his base skin instead. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-3VmCzwB_HZQ/XG2yTRW5ftI/AAAAAAABPCs/vam9TrzrjGExJNdGbkr4OM_sP5e4xswOgCLcBGAs/s1600/63012.png Other than that the model looks pretty good, one thing that would make it better is have his back accents float out a bit instead of lying flat on the skin I find it weird that his autos leave a red/black trail while Q has a blue one, doesnt matter which but would be nice if they were the same and have the same effect on the other spells too The brightness and intensity of the effects could also be increased accrossed the board and match the color on his accents. His W is especially weak compared to other Arclight skins like VelKoz. It should look like a reverse Leona ult. And the 'Lucian W' effect in it could be moved to the Passive proc instead so it's not wasted when the brightness increases and prevents readability. The passive cooldown indicator also looks out of place with the theme. The circles should be 'perfect' with minimal accent. And when it explodes it should use the effect from W instead of a recolored flame explosion.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Papercraft Nunu & Willump!
Love the E!! logical feedback would be move the 'folding intruction' effect on Q chomp as it will make more sense there but it might look too busy on Q and rather empty on E so idk what else you guys can do While I love the rip of the ground, the ult still seems somewhat dull, first thing would be have his outline ring on ult flutter more like Anivia's, to tie in both of the skins further. Then for the explosion, not sure if its bugged cause theres only light and sparkles right now but it seems obvious to have pieces of paper/confetti fly everywhere after Not sure how I feel about the dance, I really liked the flute on the original and I know it wouldnt make sense for him to play the same sounds through a rolled up book, but right now it sounds like a Teemo blowdart, would be nice if the sound was a trumpet or something from the brass instrument family instead While I dont hate his hat, I feel like there are better designs and they resonate better with the Japanese origami feel https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS6AHhRrMPwGjNDg6vs5URik_d5kqHZZAs4ugUjqT6IuCe1QC_JEA https://media.gettyimages.com/illustrations/portrait-of-a-japanese-boy-wearing-origami-helmet-and-posing-side-illustration-id79334659 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f4/6f/7f/f46f7f8d29ecb28c9dd3e3b47c879c1f.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6e/24/05/6e24052370ad52cd253ec8173bd60764.jpg Also for Willump's death, with some magic leaking out he should fall apart and become a pile of paper scattered around (Rebuilds/folds on respawn too? maybe?)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Papercraft Anivia!
would be nice if the passive egg respawn had a single piece of gold/respective chroma color paper floating down like the feathers on her other skins. For the death animation, with some magic leaking out she should fall apart and become a pile of paper scattered around (Rebuilds/folds on respawn too? maybe?)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Firecracker Vayne!
the crescent should be at more of an angle or perhaps further to the sides, both in game and on splash
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coin Emperor Tahm Kench!
i think the hat would be better if it was like this https://www.google.com/search?q=Chinese+God+of+Wealth&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiRxcW9neHfAhWBOY8KHWiZCEkQ_AUIDigB&biw=1536&bih=723 and perhaps a more defined snout? was imagining it more like a walking piggybank
: Pyke's Blood moon skin need purple accentd
the fur changed to like Jhin's would be fantastic
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox!
can the mark on the ground in his recall be extended/glow during it?
: I think it's heavily due to the angle. Obsidian is typically black for us, but then the secondary color we try to leave up in the air depending on what looks best for the skin, and I think from the angle we see here the secondary colors stand out quite a lot (their weapons essentially)
dont get me wrong I still like them but its weird that both are Obsidian but doesnt really match, unlike Omega Squad chromas for example
: Hey hey, I absolutely LOVE this skin! everything is great just as it is, however just one thing I'd like to adres. I'm not sure if you also handle cromas, if so, please hear me out: I was really happy to find out there were cromas. Especially a purple version (I'm going to guess its Amethyst but I'm not sure for this one) because I mainly ALWAYS love purple ones and this absolutely perfect with it imo. Anywho, the only thing that I feel is bothering is that the mask is not white or just *too* blue. **The blue hue kind of ruins the skull-aspect from the whole Blood Moon theme.** Since every other croma is either white or an even slighter color hue to them (Which is almost unnoticeable but still keeps **white** base as main color) they still look really great. Why treat this one different? If decisions are to still keep it blue either way, then perhaps make it a bit of a less 'bright' blue? I made an example [Here](https://i.imgur.com/567OlDh.png)
yeh its weird that its the only one that was changed
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Chromas!
they look really nice, I'm more curious to the names/color choices as Obsidian Pyke this time looks more like Amethyst and Obsidian Sivir looks more like Peridot
: Hey, Appreciate the feedback! ^^ I was also surprised to see a Pyke skin, but I'm pretty excited for the thematic on him, aaand I don't even play him. :P Glad you're digging him, I'll pass along the kind words regarding his SFX and VFX to the team. I can totally bring up the texture suggestions to our team this week when we go over feedback! I didn't personally work on Cosmic Queen Ashe or Blood Moon Jhin, so I don't have too much insight on those. We did things a bit differently back when we made Jhin - our 'approval' proccess from gameplay/competitive is much more streamline now and we have more clear guidelines to follow. As with a lot of content, we evolve and push things, and reconsider things. A good example is with Braum - when we made Braum skins early, we were told in development that there was no way we could change his decals. After a few chats with gameplay, they reconsidered and gave us some guidelines to work with - a happy medium, basically.
was this regarding the passive indicator? really glad you guys changed the dragon slayer one
: Hi! I'm a big fan of the visuals of Pyke and I've loved him since his announcement. This skin is really beautiful but is held back by some design issues. **POSITIVE:** The particles and armor on this skin are gorgeous! I was worried they would interfere with pyke's sort of understated aesthetic but in motion he looks really nice :) I love the shape of his new dagger too. It's a shame that some of the color issues on him currently are drawing so much attention away from it and his darker aesthetic. **BIG ISSUE THOUGH**: His horns. Right now they're so bright that they are the focal point of him when you look from nearly any angle. Why is that the case? The focal points should be his dagger and his evil eye. Even on his chromas, the horns are so bright that they almost glow and it looks silly (the only exception being his emerald, bundle-exclusive chroma). They would be a lot nicer if you made them a darker shade of red that matched his inky particles, or one that just didn't feel so much brighter than the rest of his outfit. The second issue I have with the horns is one that is more labor intensive to fix. They cover his eyes entirely when viewed from every angle you've shown here and generally don't have a very appealing shape. He seems like an imp rather than a shadow stalking guy. Changing the shape so they don't fully obscure his face and mask from nearly every angle would let the skin shine a bit more and make it feel more "blood moon" (the white masks are pretty crucial). Alternatively, go even harder with the horns. Have you experimented with having them extend slightly further back behind him (kinda like how the horns on Loki's helmet are?) It could give him a more streamlined, efficient look rather than seeming kinda frivolous. **SECONDARY ISSUES**: His mask does not contrast with his fur collar enough in the default skin. It makes the lower part of his head difficult to distinguish from his shoulders. This is combining with his horns obscuring his head in a way that makes him not very pleasant to look at and makes the details of his head difficult to distinguish. Additionally, the white of his collar and of the cloth binding his gauntlets draws the eye due to their brightness. Making it more grey would be great. **NON-MAJOR THINGS**: Gold markings down his arms! The exposed skin on his chest and head look really nice (shame those markings don't change shape with the chromas), but his arms are bare and it would just be cool to see. The shading on the muscles on his upper arms makes them look deformed and lumpy. I know pyke is muscular, but this seems like trying to make his relatively slim arms (for a league character) look Terminator Arnie jacked without actually changing the shape of them and it feels strange. I think you guys do great work, and I don't want to seem nitpicky. But I see so much of the beauty of this skin being impeded by just a handful of things. I hope you take my comments into consideration, ESPECIALLY with regards to the horn color if nothing else.
agreed on the horns and my immediate thought was Loki's helmet as well
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Pyke!
**P** Not plain black would be nice, needs some red and purple here and the calligraphed runes would be neat here **Q** Dagger should glow red as he charges Q up instead of staying black, (+projectile itself is red). His other skins has his dagger glow during this chargeup so it would be weird to not have it here The stab could have some ink effect following it, right now it feels really solid, the tail on the brush strokes could feel more liquidy Hook projectile should not be entirely red, gradient of red into purple or red into black would be much better and matches with the ink effect that follows it Too loud, both visual and sound. The bright red stands out too much compared to his other skins, a darker shade/more purple as suggested above would help (almost feel like P2L) (not sure if its my delay to the PBE server or the skin itself) the 'bling' sound que is played when the chargeup reaches max range on his other skins, where as it plays earlier when it goes from stab to hook on this skin. **W** Entering/exiting has red ink effects but during stealth, the model is leaning towards more black or a dark purple ink but its kinda too dark this time and his model becomes a blob, + his other skins have a translucent kind of thing going on so that might help W detection range and the circle around you should be the same distance, the black outline is way more noticeable and makes you think that its the real range when they can already spot you Not sure if the indicator being a mask is a good idea as its too different to his other skins, but the ink swirling around underneath needs some red and purple (maybe only if they are below execute HP) **E** Phantom is unusually bright compared to other elements (exchange/rebalance with W?) **R** Love the chaotic vibe here on the ink splash as he jumps down, but this calligraphy stuff floating about when a reset is available should be on Passive instead The glow after when a reset is available is kinda meh, looks like a really pale and weak flame it could feel more menacing with more black/purple and higher opacity like an evil aura Possible to have the pattern on indicator (especially the mark itself) be 2 colors? red and black would be really good here to accentuate the blood moon mark TLDR: reds too bright, purples too dark (if its black it should be a dark shade of purple instead) , just need some rebalancing of colors in between, and swapping existing elements around **Splashart/Model:** Horns from the splash doesnt match the in game model, in-game it comes straight up whereas in the splashart and also on Aatrox are extended out a bit and matches with their splash, either is good doesnt which design but they just have to match Darker shade of red in clothing? Maybe some abilities could be tuned down too Patterns on head and/or one of his eyes could glow in the splash? Bloodmoon mark on forehead in splash looks a bit off (lighting?), a glowing effect might fix this as well On splash art have one eye glow red? (like Jhin's) This applies to all 4 splashes, actual blood moon? a slight tinge of purple/red to the moon itself and the lighting would be fantastic Ink cape idea form splash art is really clever, sad to not see it in game, wouldve been so fking good Ponytail in splash but not in game? Not convinced about the white floof especially next to the white mask, maybe make it more similar to Jhin's purple one? or have a black mask, they just need some kind of contrast
: Any chance you could change the cleavers Mr. Mundoverse throws? the cleavers don't fit him being a gym fitness leader.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: VFX and SFX Updates for Mundo, Teemo, Anivia, Gragas and Renekton
any chance Anivia ult could be slowed down? It swirls way too fast imo Mundo Mundo on attack sounds should be plastic/balloon like his Q Renektoy R could have lego bricks swirling around also a Gragas question, Santa Gragas Q has been historically smaller than other skins, has this been/will it be changed?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: VFX and SFX Updates for Mundo, Teemo, Anivia, Gragas and Renekton
Just some Teemo feedback Love the W on Cottontail! It looks really nice and fits the theme too Panda Teemo Q looks really odd, could be changed into a bamboo shoot Panda Teemo W could have bamboo leaves falling behind Happy Elf recolor to icy theme? R - Wrapped presents/ just a ribbon around shrooms?
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