: Nexus Blitz PBE V2 - Map Changes and New Events
: Hey EJS, thanks for the comments! Q impact sound- I'm tweaking the levels a bit here to get more of the punch back in over the next couple days - if you get a chance to play him later in the week or over the weekend let me know if you're still feeling this way! Q cast - there is currently a whip sound in there - similarly to the above, I'll tweak the level priorities a bit to have that whip come out more. E - I can look at bumping up the flames a bit here too as well! I did include the spurs sounds to keep some of the windup E reads for him, especially since this one is a knock up, but I see what you mean on it coming across as base when it's the most prominent thing you hear. Thanks again! :)
in addition to Ejs' comment, I feel like it needs a summoning circle inside his ulti (like in recall), its kinda empty now as is. Would be cool if there was flames gushing up when one of the walls are broken too
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Enduring Sword Talon!
The splashart OMG, props to the artist. Only thing I would like to see added is the sword slightly glowing I think his in game model hair could use a ponytail or a braid of some kind? The white also kind just blends in with his cloak, I think the cloak should just be shades of blue. Why do the blades only glow when they return? for W and R https://i.gyazo.com/b13825e004eb5c09062947073fd96ec0.png https://i.gyazo.com/746596f6f5e72939784b9e945a00a31f.png For E, the VFX could use more yellow, like yellow phantoms but slowly turns back into green for the trail. matching his blades with yellow in front and then green
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Divine Sword Irelia!
Looooove the dragon vfx but why isnt the one on Q purple? It would match the other abilities and red is kind of odd as there isnt any other traces of red in the rest of the skin. The E indicator could be slightly thinner and use the golden outlines like the ones on ult https://i.gyazo.com/25b7e1e37ad584fbc6ac22807c058619.png The Ult borders would look nicer if both the purple and golden line faced the same way https://i.gyazo.com/c1faef30502acfdfc076a0803ea00719.png
: I like his hatless design, personally. Always wished his new base skin had a hat toggle option.
toggle would be nice, just needs something to differentiate him from Graves
: Im also gonna leave my icon edit here. Its still nowhere near perfect nor does it capture zoe well, but its a change? https://imgur.com/a/FJHmyWs
Much better! Another improvement would be to increase the overall brightness too not just her face
: Pool Party Gangplank
could use a straw hat or a 'dad hat' which is basically a baseball cap
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party and Headhunter Akali Chromas!
maybe its a fictional fruit only found in runeterra but pineapples dont have pumpkin stem like that (its normal on his other shirts though) also some more fruits that could be used in the other chromas are dragonfruits, coconuts, durians and maybe papayas
: Pool Party Zoe
really nice skin overall. Some things I would like changed is about her Q, coconuts are Pool Party-esque but waterballoons wouldve been a much better alternative to fit with her childish/playful personality and theme. and the recall right now is probably bugged? Looks like the outer edge of her E trap right now, she should jump into an orange kiddie pool as she exits out of a green one when she 'lands' in base matching how her ult looks too. And why green and orange? Seems really odd because the skin is based around mainly blue. Would be nice if it was blue+green or blue+purple
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: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: Stats on PBE!
it will be only for stats on the same server right? would be neat if you could see stats of players on other servers too also will heavy roamers be an issue on the algorithm? eg: ASol mid might be considered jungle
: His hair is VERY white to the point it looks like PROJECT: Fiora. Maybe making it a little darker or have a touch of a grey gradient might make it better.
I was think something like his old splash https://i.ytimg.com/vi/0M15wr-5O18/maxresdefault.jpg Greyish with a streak of white running through
: Allright here it goes. I hope you take these into consideration. Skin is awesome but i think it has a lot voice issues. > Current 5 passive sound lacks something. I think its the ''fear'' aspect or the ''warning'' sound. Here are the other skins 5 passive sounds.(With timestamps) Classic: https://youtu.be/pFFAfKqMg70?t=38s Dunkmaster: https://youtu.be/fqIHvTEHr9M?t=1m35s Dreadnova: https://youtu.be/swBrKgTWs-c?t=1m51s God-King: https://youtu.be/8PUmXhzhvkg?t=1m3s It's a huge ''THWOMP'' sound, its really good but it lacks a certain aspect in my opinion. > The passive image that's appearing on the target is too static. Dunkmaster has a burning basket while this is just a wolf image with no effect. It needs to change to a fearsome wolf instead of a wolf image(probably won't happen) or needs proper effects to make it look intimidating. > While W is active there is no sound in background. The wolf sound when you hit with the W is awesome but needs something while W is active, there is one in everyone of Darius' skins. Dunkmaster even plays like ''We will rock you'' and Dreadnova has a saw sound. Classic skins has this https://youtu.be/pFFAfKqMg70?t=20 it would be weird if God-King didn't have one. > Also like passive, ultimate is probably the coolest thing ever but again, that ''Thwomp'' sound doesn't fit a huge wolf hunting his prey. And again, it needs something more. Please take time to consider these, these would make the skin a lot better. Well, at least i think this way. Thank you guys for the amazing work! BUG REPORT: If Darius is already in the running animation(Running animation is always active beyond 360 movement speed it seems) and you press ghost it turns back into the walking animation.
totally agree with you there, copy-pasting from my separate comment: - the wolf howl should be on full stacks passive rather than W I think - not sure about the full stacks indicator either, looks more like one of those Welsh Dragons atm than a wolf - expected the death to be something similar to Dragon Trainer Tristana too, but the wolf just leaves him :(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: God-King Darius
This skin looks really nice the wolf howl should be on full stacks passive rather than W I think not sure about the full stacks indicator either, looks more like one of those Welsh Dragons atm than a wolf expected the death to be something similar to Dragon Trainer Tristana too, but the wolf just leaves him :(
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Icon/Wards Collections
Really like this feature! It would be nice if we could collapse a group, eg the Esports set with almost 900icons in it Some things to note: Snowday and Winter Wonder icons can be grouped under Snowdown as a whole (like Lunar Revel has all the different years in it) I dont think the Bee Singed icon was for April Fools Bilgewater crest icons should be swapped, as the newer one is more 'in-line' with the other faction icons Also, merch icons should be higher up like the Rengar plush and radiant Wukong ones Increase the Golden Spatula icon to Ultimate as a 'troll' as it was called the 9999999IP icon or something https://gyazo.com/831ec16bc8bc4612813d3ec61461cf01 could be ultimate too XD --- Lastly https://gyazo.com/ae6324399b301fe23133dd2371fdbd05 could be resorted: eg: Champs Skins Wards Icons Emotes Runes Items Spells
: idk why they made these kinds of emotes, aren't emotes to express emotions? the actual pyke emote is just his face, nothing expressive about that
I know! Its supposed to be an angry emote because of the red outline, but doesnt work well because half of his face is covered lol
: I mean I wasn't around when stormrazor was a thing, but to me the icon fits fine.
what, its a new item though
: Cursor Update on PBE
I like them but I feel like the orb at the back could be bigger maybe only when its hovering over something or have the entire arrow change colors. For the aiming crosshair one, I think its a bit {{champion:201}} 'too tight' maybe it could be a bit bigger overall as well
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: ARAM Updates on PBE
Hi can you guys fix this as well? https://gyazo.com/4623565060709ac2f248ff2613d3c50b
: Morning! The discussion here is for chromas only. Part of your feedback belongs in [the Dark Waters Diana](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/zfMlGz0O-pbe-bugs-feedback-thread-dark-waters-diana) thread instead.
I was actually the first one who posted on there! But the thread looks pretty dead(?) No replies or anything
: Nimbus cloak on some champions
{{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks would love this
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: Pyke could use a bit more undead appeal.
In the trailer he had big dead eyes, giving him that and a more blue-greyish skin in game would also fit his thematic better, something between the skin tone now and {{champion:83}} 's would be so nice. Also the scroll/list in his taunt could be of a cooler color
: The mask and skin of Pyke
In the trailer he had big dead eyes, giving him that and a more blue-greyish skin in game would also fit his thematic better, something between the skin tone now and {{champion:83}} 's would be so nice. Also the scroll/list in his taunt could be of a cooler color
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sand Wraith Pyke, Dark Waters Diana, and Dark Waters Vladimir
woooooo the Diana skin is awesome, love her hat! My only feedback though, would be the VFX looks too bright/contains too much white for 'dark, magical water manipulation', especially noticeable on the Passive Q and on R contact (also death), if it's for readability/clarity's sake I think it could get the Dark Valkyrie treatment, eg after the initial mark light blue fades into a darker blue/purple color like the ones on W which are spot on. But W orbs seems small and would look even cooler if they had a trail when they spin around her. Also the guard on the Red chroma should be gold or even swapped with the Black one. --- I'm kinda disappointed with how the Pyke skin and chromas turned out to be though, I think it had more potential around the theme but was constraint by the base model's shoulder armor and the ropes on his back. It also is too clean and in too good of a condition for being a sand wraith, the hood/cape should be more torn and armor more weathered with some of the jade gone missing etc Throne on recall could have more sand piles around too
: Missing emotes in collection tab
I have this too, I got these empty emotes from hextech chests. Also an empty summoner icon one time
: Riot Pls - Wards, Events & More
do you mean like a skins tab in your profile? that would be neat
: New Tutorials are live on PBE!
I really like this update, if I had started with this back in the day, I'm sure I would've learnt the game much quicker. With that being said, there were a few bugs I encountered and some suggestions I have in mind. Bugs: In the third game, one of the announcements is broken https://imgur.com/qZjZ6tj In the third game, Annie Bot also goes AFK for some reason after a while And after you finish the third game you seem to be stuck in the selection screen? Might be related to my account being level 30 though Suggestions: Would be nice if the champ select in the old Battle Training was a part of this tutorial too First game starting off with level 5 or 10 instead of 18 so it can introduce you to your ultimate ability, and that you can put ponints in to upgrade your abilities
: Can I suggest for the 2nd and 3rd tutorials to offer the doran's items as starting items? Also I noticed right away that MF Ahri and Lux have some new spawn animations will those be for tutorial only or will they come to normal play as well cause they look pretty good
I think Darius has a new one too
: ARAM Updates on PBE
ooo you level up so quick! you can get level 6 before 2:30, I would imagine Lost Chapter being busted though Also Spectral Cutlass works with {{champion:14}}, so you can drive by and miss ult twice :) you have to use it before ulting tho But Ghostwalkers dont, pls fix so I dont have to steer :P http://plays.tv/video/5afb70bea1e30bcd05/ignores-collision-
: I like what I'm seeing, but please make sure these new items get their own sprites by today's standards. I really dislike how Twin Shadows ({{item:3905}}) and Stormrazor made it into the live servers with outdated icons.
I thought Stormrazors was new but yeh some of the old icons could use a little love
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Waters Diana!
woooooo the Diana skin is awesome, love her hat! {{sticker:sg-lux}} My only feedback though, would be the VFX looks too bright/contains too much white for 'dark, magical water manipulation', especially noticeable on the Passive Q and on R contact (also death), if it's for readability/clarity's sake I think it could get the Dark Valkyrie treatment, eg after the initial mark light blue fades into a darker blue/purple color like the ones on W which are spot on. But W orbs seems small and would look even cooler if they had a trail when they spin around her.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
Skin ATM looks more like Lunar Wraith than Blood Moon, mainly because of the excessive blue/cyan Some suggestions... Overall texture/model: Hair should be red/white, though I prefer the latter? All other BM skins are like that. She can have pink roots or tips Maybe add a bow of noose on her back? the rope lashers seem out of place just growing out of her (looks a bit like a robotic implant atm) Horns only in stealthed mode? Its how most of her other skins work Maybe even put the mask on? Blue horns dont really fit though I dont mind the blue on tips of the lashers Blue skin instead? Some people missed the old blue Tango skin and I think this could be a good compensation for them Clothes look too dark? Would like more gold accents (looks more like bronze right now) Spell effects: Q mark could resemble Hitodama (spirit flames) more, slight waving upwards Dark purple spikes on Q would look better imo W indicator and its style seem more suited for Masquerade. Instead, it could be like a heart eclipse? Sound effects: Bloom moon theme when you enter stealth is cool, But can something short also play when a W is fully charged? (For both yourself and the enemy) One flute note when you start the recall channel? (Like when you get a charge in BM the gamemode) and then it fades into the theme when you go in stealth during the recall Animation: Recall.. what I get its a literal blood moon but still... Hopefully you guys can make it better and that most of the community likes it
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pizza Delivery Sivir!
I think some of the effects are not updated yet but its looking pretty good so far Is it possible to make some cheese pull effects in between bounces on W? And bike on homeguard animation?
: SFX looks strange, like is pizza with a saber sound? Need better SFX overall More details: Q impact sound, W active and bounce sound, E sound, R sound (instead a scream, why not a byke horn sfx?) VFX don't have new effects on: W active, E (when you cancel a ability) and R looks like only the old ult with yellow effects (which is fine, but can get some pizza effects to be even more awesome) Also a homeguard animation will be so cool for this skin, and will fit very well with the skin thematic. The skin thematic is amazing, textures/model are flawless, just need better work on sfx/vfx and a new homeguard animation.
Yes!!! R activation needs to be the beep beep like on recall
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Birdio!
Haha love this skin, I think overall it could use some loose feathers flying off as a vfx, maybe on the passive smash, Q charge up, E dash/contact and on R contact.
: Cooldown Reset Flair
***WARNING: LONG POST*** First of all, I never knew {{champion:28}} had a reset.. TIL Think you left out {{champion:84}} R, {{champion:1}} Q and {{champion:105}} W on kill resets. (maybe some more but can't think of any on top of my head) For the {{champion:11}} conundrum: If these are limited to full resets only, How come {{champion:55}} R is on here? , getting one reset and 15 seconds off a Level 16 45%CDR Kat ult should leave it at around 10 seconds on CD, I think the limitation should be altered a little where if the partial reset will bring the ability back off CD it should do the animation. --- But truthfully, I think this looks really neat! My suggestion is that the same animation should be played on transformation/evolving champs, with the new abilities' icons replacing on top of the old ones, which IMO would look really cool! --- **Forms/Evolving** {{champion:60}}: QWER, Human/Spider {{champion:150}}: QWER, Mini/Mega {{champion:126}}: QWER, Cannon/Hammer {{champion:76}}: QWER, Human/Cougar {{champion:240}}: Q,Mounted/Dismounted {{champion:141}}: QWER,Base Kayn/Darkin/Shadow Assassin (Is it possible that this animation plays on champ portrait too?) {{champion:121}}: QWER,Evolved Abilty {{champion:421}}: QWE, Unburrowed/Burrowed {{champion:14}}: QWER, upon entering zombie mode where all his abilities become Death Surge {{champion:112}}: QWER, Evolved Ability Kai'Sa: QWE, Evolved Ability ^the portrait is not on here yet and will show Zyra instead{{sticker:sg-janna}} removed for confusion And what about on empowered abilities... {{champion:74}}: QWE, Upgrade {{champion:43}}: QWE, Mantra {{champion:107}}: QWE, Full Ferocity {{champion:7}}: QWER, Mimic and (more farfetched/not sure if possible but would look cool) when an ability reaches their final form... {{champion:164}}: Q2 could use this as well (on the true damage version only not on the normal one) {{champion:202}}: R, 4th Bullet {{champion:50}}: R, when Demonic Ascension becomes available to recast as Demon Flare {{champion:157}}: Q3, Tornado {{champion:82}}: Q3 Or situations where they give alternative effect? {{champion:83}}: Q with 3 Graves --- **Items** Not sure if they have any animation live in game (I know they do in spectator mode) but when {{item:2419}} comes online, and {{item:3003}} and {{item:3004}} transforms into {{item:3040}} and {{item:3042}}. As well as on the new reworked support items {{item:3311}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3097}} when they gain the sightstone effect on quest completion. --- Thanks for reading! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: BUG, champion emblem - 1 Day
The one you bought is for Worlds 2016, maybe they dont show up because new 2017 files replaced them. Whatever the reason, I think the should just remove it from the store so players dont buy them but get nothing out of them at all
: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Death Sworn Viktor!
Really like this skin overall especially when the souls fly out in the explosion effect on upgraded E. https://i.gyazo.com/d5ce97db3d0a8119bc45d21b4c26d352.png I have a few suggestions to make: 1.) Change voice processing filter similar to the shadow isle champs ones, the robotic voice now doesn't really suit this skin. (If he has the original VO that is since he's an older champion) 2.) Reduce opacity on Q shield, I feel like it would look more 'spectral-y' this way 3.) Souls leaking under his cape or something when he gets his shield/movespeed boost from Q (Kinda like Vayne's bats when she tumbles) 4.) Souls flying outwards and then fading out like they are escaping from the vortex during his ult? (or have them being sucked in from the enemy champions?) And I'm just really glad to see {{champion:112}} getting a skin after all these years {{item:3151}} and thanks for that
: You can right-click a champion in the grid and pick which position you want to favorite it for. In the future we might add this to Collection, but we wanted to keep the feature light so we could get it to players sooner rather than later.
Ah I see, speaking of Collection, any ETA on the Skins tab?
: Champion Select filtering, sorting, and favoriting now enabled on PBE!
Ohhhh yes! Really like the part where it uses data from the previous patch to determine roles. My question is do you have to go in the individual roles to favourite champs for each of them? If so perhaps make it so that you can do that under the collections tab, because you might not have enough time to do so in champ select, especially in regions like OCE with only blind pick which is the only nonranked queue most of the time
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Eternum Cassiopeia!
W seems bugged? Head piece could be darker and more metallic? Also I think the stunning effect on ult has potential. Maybe kind off like the Eternum-fying effect on the antler mouse during recall? So instead of having a cracking stone kind of texture, it would be black and red with some 'electric' effect. Poison effect could be updated too? Maybe something more geometric like hexagons instead of the bubbles.
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: Progress Bar bug
Yes but it fixes itself after the update is complete
: Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode available shortly on PBE
Just tried it earlier today, really like the Rengar ult demon mode, but is it camouflage or the other one? I've walked past a few people and they dont seem to be able to spot me (or they arent paying attention?). However I think the spirits are really hard to get early on and you said many defensive items were removed but decided to keep Zhonyas, are there any reasons to this? Also, the markings in mid lane could be changed to the [Blood Moon logo](https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=http://news.cdn.leagueoflegends.com/public/images/articles/2016/february/BMAN/Article.Header.BloodMoon.MODIFIED_en_thumb.jpg)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Diana!
Just some minor color/texture suggestions, I think the color of the fluff on her shoulder should be smaller and a lighter shade of dark grey or same as Jhin's purple-red; or changed to a giant knot of those strings thingys on Talon's cape The blade could use some black/dark-grey like the splash art; (EDIT: 1/27 PBE has updated weapon, and its way better) The pearls/beads on necklace having different sizes, larger ones in front and smaller ones around her neck, like in the splash. Really like her ult, transforming into the mask is a very clever idea! {{item:3151}}
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Jhin!
First time around posting constructive feedback like this hope it makes sense haha. This is probably one of my favorite skin releases of all time, good job on that the team behind it! (Can't wait to see his splash!!) My feedback would be that I think those ink-splosions on Q are cool but way too much, either tone down the opacity a bit and/or make it situational; a.) Only occurs on the last bounce, b.) Only occurs on the 4th bounce or c.) Only occurs when it kills a unit, (not sure on this one because it would mean less of this in the early game) On top of that, the effect ends anticlimactically, it grows larger then just suddenly disappears. If the effect could fade out more naturally it would be nicer. For the traps, not a fan of the 3 (why not 4?) crescent things to be honest, the model itself is kind of lame when compared to the rest of the skin, but adding some red patterns on it might just fix it and make it more interesting or alternatively why not just reuse the base skin traps? It works fine imo, as it already has some particles similar to those in BM Talon's E's vfx. Same feedback/comment for the traps' ink-splosions, tone it down a bit and would be nice also if it was resized so that the effect matched the radius of the explosion itself. [Base effect](https://gyazo.com/4b10e6064313e3e1c37f422781aa36f7) [BM effect](https://gyazo.com/d5e1224d4df1db732970fdcf6018d998) [BM effect GIF](https://imgflip.com/gif/1ibwcm) The light blue circle is the radius and the effect enlarges too much imo, if the most inner part of ink-splosion enlarges to the radius of the light blue circle and then it dissipates as I've suggested before. The ink-splosions on E could use more reds too. One of the reasons doing this is to differentiate Q ones to E ones even more by making the E one red-ish, and the other unchanged and purple-ish as it is. The trap's activated splatter effect is red, I don't see why the ink-splosion shouldn't be the same. Lastly, the glow on his eye should be 'recentered' as now it is a bit below it and looks rather odd. Again, really nice work on this skin, I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves from here and I can't wait to see the final product live! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} PS, no comment on SFX, because I'm not sure if its just the video thats loud or the actual ability itself (the R cue music), might update that after I've played some games on the PBE. Edit: can confirm the audio cue on R is very loud, at least for yourself that is
: Probably because HS Quinn can only come out on Valentines, while these could come back eventually at any time.
That and the fact that these two dont have a lot to work with in their kit, very few vfx can be changed
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