: Updated reports coming to the PBE
How severe will the punishments for false reports be and what is the threshold for amount of false reports needed for a punishment?
: We built this feature separate from the current public chatrooms so that we wouldn't disrupt existing communities. :3 We do have plans to build tools to be able to support them in the future, but until then we will be leaving them alone.
Ah yes, I just went over to your Q & A and noticed the answer. Would have edited it but you beat me to responding. I know that some amount of people were requesting this sort of feature for a while and it's nice to see something go up on PBE.
: New Upgraded Private Chat Rooms!
What about Chatrooms which are already active? For instance /r/summonerschool has chatrooms on multiple servers but they were created a while ago.
: > How do you feel these changes will affect Cassiopeia and Veigar? Cassie is already scary - and will likely be scarier. > WoTA It's less so pushing WoTA into being a more general buy as not requiring secondary items along with WoTA to make it function. Like, currently with WoTA - you pretty much need a Void Staff eventually, otherwise WoTA stops functioning entirely in fights due to the MR penalty. It's trying to reduce how many items WoTA locks you into, etc. > Do you think a perpetual 40% slow, like what Cassiopeia can do, will be agonizing to deal with? We'll actually be evaluating slow rules soon as we've been increasingly unhappy with them but also feel like we're unable to put any slows of significance because of the stacked case. > Rage Blade and Hextech Gunblade They don't fit in currently at the moment. Just doing a pass on Core AP.
Speaking of Gunblade. I have a quick question! What will happen with Hextech revolver because that gives spell vamp and WotA no longer has a Spell Vamp percentage from the item.
: Hey everyone, Thanks for the feedback so far. Taking it all in and delivering things that come up often to the relevant contributors. **Bug Fix** Thought I'd first let you in on a major bug we're trying to clear up. Currently the after-image on his ult is not working as intended. Whether or not you can see it on the enemy team is kind of up to random chance at the moment, sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't, sometimes it looks correct, and sometimes it looks like an exact copy of Ekko! Intended functionality for enemy team vision of the clone is as follows: If you can see Ekko, you can see the clone. The clone disappears if you can't see Ekko. The clone looks like a team-colored version of the one Ekko sees, not a fully textured copy of him. We're working to get it there so bear with us. **W delay** Second, a note on the W's 3-second delay. Frankly, it's very much intended. It's a predictive skill that you should be thinking about using BEFORE you fight, not something you should be using to react to the Vi who just jumped on your face out of nowhere. This feeds in to the goal of giving Ekko numerous things to feel "smart" about. Is it skillful to split second spell-shield a Vi ult right as she hits you? Sure. It's SMART to predict that Vi's going to ult you in 3 seconds and detonate a giant shield and stun on her face right when she's about to get her punch on. It may feel unreliable at times but my hope is that these failures make the success case feel all that much sweeter. **Why AP?** So Ekko to me thematically does not feel all that out of place in the AP space as he's a kid who isn't really all the physically strong but instead is leveraging the hextech powers of his Zero-Drive to move through and influence the timeline as well as damage opponents. Mechanically AP scaling is important on Ekko because it helps us regulate his maximum damage potential (no crazy AD basic attacks to worry about) which in turn allows us to give him crazier stuff in terms of mobility and CC. The power of Ekko's slows, hastes, stuns, and movement is only okay because the amount of benefit he gets out of standing there wacking an opponent affected by them is capped by his spells and AP ratios. Also helps to regulate things like tower pushing and vamp, which tend to get pretty crazy on chars like Zed and Talon. They kill you, heal up off the wave, take your tower, and then gank bot. For as powerful as Leblanc is at least she doesn't wreck your towers or remove all the damage you did to her before she died (and yes Ekko's R does that but it's on a CD). Are AD assassins bad to make? No, not necessarily, they just gain access to a whole new set of powerful things that I felt should not be as strong on Ekko.. **Changelist** Putting in a few nerfs for Ekko that should be out sometime tomorrow. After watching a number of PBE games we feel that Ekko tends to get pretty trainy (runs you down and beats you to do death with basics) especially when ahead. Additionally, his tower taking is pretty crazy. To combat this we're reducing the bases and scaling on his basic attack and hitting the AP ratio on the W passive. Hopefully this should make it a bit harder for Ekko to snowball and make him a bit less oppressive when doing so. **Stats** Reduced base attack speed to .644 from .658 Reduced AS/lvl to 3% from 3.5% Reduced AD/lvl to 3 from 3.5 P Q **W** On-hit AP ratio reduced to 1% missing health per 45 AP from 1% per 35 R Thanks again for all the feedback, will keep reading it and responding when I can.
I'm a big fan of Ekko atm. The only things I would change are the ones you have listed right now. His W on-hit is just REALLY strong. I think his ultimate is actually fairly balanced. I think people really don't know how to counter Ekko atm.
: YESSSSSSS {{champion:39}}
Calm yourself woops... But on another look i think this will probably be the new favorite for Irelia players. Edit: After seeing the model viewer I dunno now. I like her weapon the most out of any of the irelia skins though.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Playing Card Skins!
Isn't a Royal Flush when it's all same suit and a straight? That edit though Katey :^)
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
Moobeat wanted me to ask you about the scaling on the passive's slow and the damage calculation for max stack Q.
: Focus-empowered Q attacks are 5 arrows per attack. Each arrow applies Black Cleaver, so yeah, she can put 5 stacks of Black Cleaver on per AA while it is active.
Is this the same with Braum Passive or is that unchanged?
: Let's talk about The Black Cleaver
I like it! I've been trying to find out a way for Phage to actually build into something other than TF. We won't know how this is until PBE is up. The only thing i think could be changed would be to change it to 10% CDR. Also tweaking the Cleave passive cause it sounds a bit too strong. Edit: I still stand by the fact that 20% CDR might be much but i'm still wondering on the Cleave passive. Might be a couple of games before we can really judge it.
: This basically. It took some blood, sweat, tears and broken nails, but we seem to be managing pretty well :3
You two are doing good :) Being friendly as well.
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: new ap item available for testing soon!
This seems like a good DFG replacement although i could see someone like veigar possibly benefiting too much from it and his Ult.
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: Wait do we get 2 AP for killing cannon and champs?
You get 1 AP for each unit you kill. Since his Q can hit 2 units you can get 2AP from one of his Q's if you kill both units.
: Wait do we get 2 AP for killing cannon and champs?
You get 1 AP for each unit you kill. Since his Q can hit 2 units you can get 2AP from one of his Q's if you kill both units.
: Veigar changes hitting the PBE Soon
I posted my thoughts on the changes [here](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/BBW3k1wa-my-thoughts-on-the-veigar-changes)
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: Runes Bundle Not Including All Runes Available
As detailed in the FAQ under do testers get free things lists [this for the runes](http://i.imgur.com/uhcQpTj.png)
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: New Zilean bomb graphical issue with Yasuo's Windwall
I forgot to screenshot my side of this (whoops)
: invisible mundo clevers
I know i had an issue with seeing TPA Mundo or Bodybuilder Mundo cleavers at one point haven't been able to test it.
: Zilean 5.4 changes (discussion and known bugs)
So Sypher40 and I noticed that Zilean's Q gets cancelled by Yasuo's windwall. I initially thought that since he's lobbing the bomb that it would go over and be unaffected by the windwall. Is that intended or is it because his Q is considered a projectile? Also Sypher listed a graphical bug from his POV [here:](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/6nEoEP75-new-zilean-bomb-graphical-issue-with-yasuo-windwall)

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