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: Things like this should be posted on the Live Boards. PBE Boards reserved for PBE content. Sorry!
I posted it here, so I can have a discussion with PBE player base first. I'm going to post it on live board aswell as send Message to Riot Games, however, I doubt that I will reach an actual Rioter, more like a template bot.
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: New Possible Summoner Spell?
I kinda like this idea, however, it would take one hell of a testing to make that spell balanced and to "blend in" with other summoner spells that we have at the moment. And these are my thoughts why: Stealth, indeed, would create a new gaming experience and opportunity for new tactics and plays, but it will be quite difficult to make this spell worth taking in all situations ( in this case, whether you're snowballing the game or left behind ). What I meant here is that we still can have only 2 summoner spells, and at the moment, no matter what the game situation are, those spells are still pretty handy, like Flash, Ignite, Teleport etc. But when it comes to stealth, I believe there should be quite good tactic behind it to actually pick this spell, otherwise, I see it pretty weak. For example: If your team is really behind, I doubt that 3 second stealth can be the game changer ( at least on high elo ) and so the opposite, If you're snowballing, that wouldn't make much difference, you would still drove them over like a train. Although, I see that with some modifications ( and that may be a future thing for all summoner spells to balance gameplay and reduce snowballing ), like spell effect slight change or cooldown slight reduction / increase, depending on game situation, this could actually make stealth more effective. To make my thoughts more clear: For Stealth summoner spell; It's stealth duration and cooldown would be affected by the situation in game, for example: If you're the losing team ( can be considered by kill count, every 5 or 10 kills ahead ), you gain increased stealth duration or reduced cooldown; If you're the winning team ( also considered by kill count, every 5 or 10 kills ahead ), you gain reduced stealth duration or increased cooldown. This was more of an off topic to idea for more game balance and to reduce snowballing.
: Hey i have a problem
I agree with Amy Sery here, I doubt that you will receive any response here regarding this issue. Submit your ticket in "Support" section and provide them with all the information required.
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: League of Legends Faction Icons? ( Idea )
Hello, I'm still following this thread and I see that many of you find this idea to be kinda cool. Also, I think that we reached a respectable amount of views, votes and comments that someone from Riot should finally hear us and say his / hers opinion of all this.
: League of Legends Faction Icons? ( Idea )
Hello again, Thank you all who have voted and posted responses of this idea! We have 23 positive votes and 0 negative, which means, some of you actually like this :) However, guys and girls, don't be shy, leave your comment and or participate in this threads poll, so Riot can pay attention and take this under consideration. At the moment, this thread has been watched over approximately 1200 times, which is respectable amount of views, however, 6 comments and 23 poll votes is way too small amount for such number. Be more active and participate, PBE is THE place for new things, opinions and ideas. Share yours :) Have a nice day and Happy Christmas!
: Uuuh so someone is selling PBE accounts
That's a shame... Some people don't understand the privilege of being here.
: League of Legends Faction Icons? ( Idea )
Thank you guys for your support! And about what Gin Shadow asked, no, unfortunately I didn't make these icons nor I made relations table, I've found both of these on the internet and, immediately, found this to be a great idea. :)
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ranked Rewards - Victorious Morgana
About her looks and spells. There are few things that I don't like about her, but first, I'm going to say what I find really cool and awesome looking. * Her auto-attack animation and projectile color is great, I like that. * Her Q - Dark Binding, looks awesome I really like the color and style of it, specially when it lands. * Her W - Tormented Soil, Looks totally awesome, thumbs up for that one! * Her R - Soul Shackles, looks good. Now the things that I don't quite like. * Her E - Black Shield, I'm not artist or expert on visual things, but I find her shield quite ugly, my idea would be that the solid space on the orb could be kinda blue type of color and its facet - strongly golden, that would look awesome. * Her looks in general, I'm not quite satisfied with her wings, they should be reworked, also some rework on dress would be appreciated, mainly because of color intensity in some places and type. Those are my thoughts, hopefully Riot can take a look and maybe find something of this useful :) This is my first Victorious skin that I will get, therefor, I'm waiting for her to come out as great as she deserves to be :)
: Mystery Gift as Birthday present from Riot?
: Mystery Gift as Birthday present from Riot?
I agree with you guys that there should be some requirements like activity and behavior in order to receive Mystery Gift, but those are details that can be implemented and changed, and this is up to Riot to decide, what they want and how they want to do it. :)
: Mystery Gift as Birthday present from Riot?
Thank you guys for your opinions on this. I like that we can all discuss this and point out what we like and dislike about certain idea. I'm still waiting for Riot to comment on this, since the final word belongs to them. As I previously stated on my post, there is nothing impossible about this idea, this thing costs nothing in real life, since the gift you receive cannot be exchanged or traded in any way or used otherwise.
: Mystery Gift as Birthday present from Riot?
Guys, seriously, why down vote without any explanation? If you disagree with me then explain your thoughts, not just step by to down vote...
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: Not levelling up
For me it took 1 week to get myself upgraded to level 30. You shouldn't worry about this, until 1 week has passed since creation of your account.
: Accounts still stuck at level 1
When I created my account, it took 1 week to get me upgraded to level 30. You shouldn't worry until 1 week has passed since your account creation.
: Two Days, And No Level 30
When I created my account, it took 1 week to get it upgraded. You can start to worry after 1 week of your account creation.
: Not level 30
When I created my account, it took 1 week to get my account upgraded. Don't worry, until 1 week has passed since account creation.
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: A very interesting visual bug
Dudes, seriously... Why down vote this topic? How about you write your thoughts here, so we can all discuss it, instead of anonymous down vote without explanation. I didn't post anything offensive here, this place is about testing and bugs after all. If admins would find this somehow wrong and offensive, they would remove this post anyway. My point is, down vote if you want, but explain, why you disagree with me and find this topic bad, inappropriate.
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: Level 30
As far as I know, new accounts were never upgraded to level 30 in few minutes. I had the same issue. For me it took 1 week to get my account upgraded. I don't remember that it was on Monday or Tuesday, but I guess they do this on weekly rotation times.
: it was already mentioned by some people and i'm not sure if it's intended: when using mecha aatrox ult his left shouldered jet thruster fires in a wrong direction and moves weirdly with every basic attack overall i like the skins, there is only one thing that bothers me: aatrox wings look like flannels being sticked together, i would rather like to see some solid metal wings similar to the ones of kha zix, but that's just my impression maybe people want to see a more original aatrox version :) EDIT: Rito please change these floppy wings, i cannot see them anymore - splash is out and he still wears them :(
I agree about wings on Aatrox, they look weird. Everything else, for me, looks good.
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: Just downoaded the PBE client and got this problem.
I looked for info all over the internet, try one funny thing. Go to your League of Legends map. Riot Games / League of Legends. And open: lol.launcher.admin Maybe that will help.
: Individuals that don't belong on PBE
I agree with you. I haven't played normals / rankeds here in PBE due to high ping ( I'm located in Europe ). But I know such players. They have no place in League, not even talking about prestigious place like PBE. If they are born like that, most likely they will remain like that. There are tons of non toxic players out there that would like to participate in PBE testing and yet, we have some, already PBE players, that deserve to be kicked from PBE and even banned from League itself. This is tough topic and not that easy to fix type of thing, but Riot should decide how to prevent toxic players from getting into PBE, and if they still manage to get in, how to rapidly remove them. If Riot could create such enormous and fantastic game as League of Legends, they should be able to solve this problem too. Riot, you must understand that PBE is THE example - our elite community, and it must be kept clean from toxic behavior.
: Next batch of PBE accounts?
Same here, however, I have only 1 friend waiting at the moment, who by the way, as myself, haven't got a single warning in our main account, therefor it's safe to say, that he's not toxic and will be a good addition to our PBE community.
: [HELP]Launcher Problems
Are you sure that it's PBE launcher? We have 2 launchers: All gaming servers ( including West ) and one and only - PBE launcher. Make sure you took the right one. Maybe someone trolled on your pc and swapped them, I dunno. Check twice.
: Server says unavailable
Yesterday I got the same problem, but now it works fine. Try today, if you haven't done already.
: Too much waiting time
PBE is for testing and feedback purposes, not for regular gaming. For gaming, League of Legends have other servers. We are not that many here, because Riot blocks ( well, tries to block ) toxic players from getting into PBE. As you can see, we have pretty toxic community, since from all those millions that play League, only so small part are in PBE. And even now we have problems with players in PBE due to their behavior.
: some advice from ,well,here
PBE play a few new maps, talk a little idea: a new map of the towers against flu or not, than crying into the abyss, the towers destroyed without destroying the sound, push the tower or did not feel, I feel that changed the model, not very satisfied; (2) There is a walk in the river can really be more driven by the pace of the water ripples, even if only he can see now how to see how the feeling is a painting on the play, that there is no sense of substitution, into a sense is really important, is not it? 3 Speaking into a sense, the background music is very important ah, hurry to update it; 4 small crystal (Summon Crystal) damage nor sound, blasting effect is not very good, as with the previous version lacks feeling; break means a large crystal the end of the game, the screen can be more cool it, such as meteorites fall from the sky or ground subsidence, collapse one day a crack, so that people feel more epic battle sense; 5 hit version of the creeps, especially the strange stone , actually DOT? Feel strange, but also almost lost some stone chips; 6 stores businessman basically motionless, and the hero did not voice interaction, strange distasteful; 7 cliff location down the road or even a mouse click heroes shadow feedback, which be wrong, right; 8 new maps do have rain and other weather effects, but barely visible, do indeed improve the clarity of the map, reduce interference, but a game in addition to your efforts, but also the players themselves efforts to strive to identify, eliminate interference. Increase in rain and other weather effects will increase the game into a sense of clarity compared to a little less, I do not think this is such a big loss, because it is tested, perhaps you can try to see if it is worthwhile. But in general the new map is very commendable, especially creeps ecological changes, three wolves will sleep, really hard, praise! I hope the new map perfect. This is my personal opinion, inadequacies also hope not laughed. *This is the translation from Google, don't get offended. This is how Google translated from your language, I just wanted to make it understandable for us. Translation is pretty bad, but I think you can understand this guys' point.*
Yes and No. We have normal chat and pings to communicate with our team, that should be way enough to make a strategy or signalize about your intentions, and if someone doesn't use this, then they should start doing it. Voice chat can improve communication and strategy, but there are more negative than positive. 1. League community is very toxic and immature. It will grant trolls and flamers brand new area where to abuse their teammates. 2. Trolls will have even better "playground" 3. Sometimes, when speaking, some players can't correctly explain their intentions and therefor it can lead to failure and misunderstanding, since pings and chat are more self-explanatory. 4. Sometimes it might be hard to understand what someone says, since not everyone has good english skills and they rather write their thoughts in chat than say them on mic. I understand your intention for voice chat. I wouldn't mind that, but because of our toxic and mentally immature community, I doubt that It would actually work as intended.
: Cant see the new map
Was about to start a topic about this one. Yes, when I was testing Headhunter Caitlyn, I went in old Summoners Rift map, that is still current in League, and I noticed that there were no bushes. Not sure how big or intentional problem that is, since that is the old map now, but at least we inform Riot about it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback: Headhunter Caitlyn!
Well, I like girls with skirts. It's not like I'm perv or anything, but I think there is no problem for Caitlyn wearing skirt in this one. I don't understand why people are so mad about it, you should understand that this is fantasy game and anything can be strange and it will still be ok, specially, when mixing different kind of styles together. I looked on her from all sides and I like it, parts of her body that are bare, are making great proportions between clothed and bare parts. Well, imagine, that Riot actually does what you want and removes her skirt by putting matching pants instead. That skin will look dark and boring. If you want fully clothed Caitlyn, then there should be a brand new skin for it, because changing skirt with pants will ruin this skin model, it will look bad. Only thing that I didn't quite like, was her helm. It was too full and it should show more of her face / head. ( hair, cheeks ). Overall, I like this skin, she was created to look sexy and tough, and she still looks like that in my eyes, even with this skin. If someone sees her as a stripper or prostitute, that's their problem. This game is not 18+ after all, therefor Riot would not make skins that are meant for adults.
: Cool look , you can make some splash effect when walking on river , is a little odd is like walking on glass .. some circles or something , and for bugs Qing blue from side with yasuo gives a crash , monsters minions and recal icon shows only a blue square and when you hit the red tower on middle at his bottom is a red flower i think that is glowing when you select the tower
I totally agree with walking on water splash effect. That should be added.
: PBE unavailable for 2 weeks
Do this woodoo stuff and it will work. Open your launcher, where it shows unavailable. Then, write "thereisnourflevel" without marks. And it will become available. There will be no place where to write this down, just do it from your keyboard while your PBE launcher is opened.
: [SUGGESTION] Decaying Inhibitors
Yes, that would be cool. I'd like to add one more thing, about nexus. When destroyed, explosion could be more impressive. Nexus Crystal could explode in several shards, something similar like in old Summoners Rift, but with new graphics and style. But those are my thoughts.
: Summoner's Rift Feedback
I really like your review of this map, very detailed. About the small, red dot. Maybe that was meant as Easter egg, but who knows :D Riot should take a look on your post. At least we both cannot wait to get this map live!
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: Possibly update buff circles?
I agree with you there, buff circle upgrade would be great. I mean, it's not like there is something wrong with them, but since League is getting more and more visual upgrades and reworks, then something, that is so long around like buff circles, should have an upgrade too. I'm sure that Riot can come up with some great new designs. I don't want to make a new discussion about this topic, since you already made one, therefor, I'm going to post my idea of this rework right here. Before anyone judges me, remember, this is my personal opinion and idea, that shouldn't be taken as statement. * Red, blue and Baron buff should have a visual upgrade. * When you're having more than just one of these buffs, let's say, blue and red. Then a different buff circle could replace those two, with different color ( let's say orange or yellow ) and with different visual particles if you want. * Same goes in combination of Baron buff + blue or red buff, different visual particles that still are similar in one way due to Baron buff. * And lastly, All 3 buffs together. In that case, there could be unique visual particles and color. I hope you got my idea. Some of you or even Riot may think that it will be too colorful, but in the end, It actually going to be more simple. Since 1 ring around champion replaces 2 ( red and blue becomes yellow or any other color ). And champions no longer going to look like a walking planet Saturn. Feel free to discuss and share your ideas.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Soulstealer Vladimir!
Just finished playing with this guy, I really like it! From my personal opinion, I give him 9 out of 10. Everything looks great, specially the sanguine pool. Textures, effects and particles fits well with the name Soulstealer.
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: Orianna's Ult
I think that I haven't experienced this problem. Make sure that you don't rush with button combinations and don't accidentally press W before using your ultimate. And the ultimate itself, works fine to me.
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