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: That's great. I've only played supp for one year :P I just wanted to duo so you have 1 less person to worry about disrespecting their role.
If the wait time for a match wasn't over 10 minutes each and a minimum of 5-8 champ select dodges I wouldn't be stressing over it so much. Majority of the time I end up support it's because people just dodge room after room until I end up support and no one dodges anything. What makes it worse is the rooms I get my role people afk so it ends up a remake/no game, so I don't even get to play my role I lose out my guaranteed role slots to remakes then have to play support yet again.
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: The pbe community (at least the ones I get matched with) and riot are so hypocritical.
They had open registration not too long ago, for the most part the server registration is closed. There's bound to be people who are not qualified to be on here but hopefully if they're reported enough riot will take care of them.
: Consistent problems with latency.
I've had this same problem, it also prevents me from purchasing items.
: Im disconnecting on every game I enter in PBE every single time
I started getting this last night, I wouldn't be able to know if it froze or not because I never see the 0% to 100% loading numbers. The numbers sit at 0% then the map loads in. If the game freezes Id never know, so I end up just alt+F4 exiting the loading screen and reloading it. Some games it takes up to 3-4 reconnect attempts to get in, I usually get in right around 1:40 mark into the game just before creep hits the lane.
: Adapt, then report them post-game. Not respecting draft role selection is punishable.
Except majority of my games don't load the post game lobby, just sits there with the idle circle animation. So I have to exit the entire client and restart it to enter a new room. I've mentioned in the post that the lobby doesn't load for myself so I can't even report them, that means just laying there face down ass up and "adapting" to how bad it feels.
: thank you, maybe i'm far from North America where the server should load so slow, thanks again
ethernet plugged in should be your first choice over wifi as well.
: Did you learn to make sure that your intended target was the only one within range after that? If so, you learned how the ability was interactive.
it feels like old soraka q, just spam it and watch auto hit targets.
: We can duo or something if you want someone to take the support role willingly.
I don't mind playing support, I did it for 4 seasons. I just want people to pay their dues, it's a role every one gets from time to time. I actually seem to carry fairly well with support compared to letting other people support.
: Kajsa's Q is too uninteractive.
I've had times where I went to use it offensively on a player running, and it auto aimed majority of them behind me at creep score. If it was a skill shot like heimerdingers ulti + rockets situation you could have more skill impact the outcome.
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: I can't login into the PBE Client.
I was getting this error on the live server yesterday, then it wouldn't allow me to play games once the client was started.
: PBE need more testers!!!
If you want faster que times then we need to go back to blind pick, when the new preseason hit and we had blind pick it was within 10 seconds to find a match. Preseason and the new draft testing in que instantly bumped the wait times up to 5+ minutes depending on your role, I had fill and I still ended up waiting like 14 minutes before a que popped up.
: The items you gain are from using the keystone itself. Cast a spell and auto and you have a **chance** to gain an item immediately. Most of the items you can gain are not for purchase in the shop, barring Health pot and one other i believe.
I understand how the kleptomancy items are earned, it would just be nice to see them in my shop inventory instead of having to guess if my item slot is open or not. Look to purchase items from shop and it shows open inventory, can't buy anything. Look at inventory from outside of shop and it's full. If my inventory is full just show it in the shop that's all.
: Having issues with matchmaking
I haven't seen any one use game mechanics in game to troll, but I do see a lot of easily agitated players.
: Simultaneous Draft Picks are now enabled on PBE!
Are you guys going to re enable draft when you want to test this? NVM I see that the draft is on, it takes way longer to find people now.
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I logged in today and it actually saved my runes, thank god I am so tired of remaking these things.
: [In-Game] Kleptomancy bugs
I thought that was working as intended, since you lose out of power using this in exchange for more utility like advantages.
: -You do less damage for EARLY GAME, after a few minutes the debuff fades: And most tanks (The ones who would want the mastery) wouldn't mind the debuff, because they'd rather focus on teamfights than laning phase. -Free biscuits that heal a good amount of your missing HP and mana; if your champion has a poor early game (And maybe some mana issues), these can go a long way in keeping you from being forced out of lane. -As far as I know, the 1-time Zhonyas Stopwatch will become a component for Zhonyas Hourglass; If Zhonyas is a core component on your champion, this'd be great, because you can have a zhonyas effect to make plays earlier than you would otherwise, AND you get a discount on one of your core items. (600 gold I believe the stopwatch costs in the store? Pretty good deal if you askme) -And Zodiac talked about debt; pretty good for getting your core items earlier than you should (Like you're an ADC, and you're JUST short of 1300 for your first BF Sword, even if you sell Doran's Blade; well this fixes that problem!)
If you want to upgrade the watch into the zonyas then I believe you can't use it and have to just hold onto it ?
: Why is Inspiration so bad for secondary?
That tree is only worth it to get kleptomancy
: [Inspiration Tree] Kleptomancy Keystone Image is way too big
This is by far my favorite keystone so far, the hands are huge.
I think the only way to get around the que issue is finding a premade group, others have suggested a PBE discord but I don't know the link.
: I wasted 155 minutes in the queue! Previously, the queue time was not that long..
I got into 1 game today, but it was only because the allies I had were a premade of 4 I believe. After that game I spent 20 minutes in four 5 minute ques for no matches.
: thirty minutes of queue
I tried to play the other day, I kept my ques under 5 minutes like others have suggested. I had 1 game que in the first time I tried to play and some one clicked deny instead of accept. I never had another room que up after it was sad.
: No one on the PBE (doubtful) or bug with Ques on the PBE
I tried 2 different times to play last week, each time I sat for 30+ minutes in a que and decided to just log out.
: > I know the servers go through maintenance for 2 hours each day. I guess that's to help with the Lag? I don't know. Not really. It's to add new stuff (splashes), balance (buff, nerf, change, revert, tweak) and fix bugs. PBE is currently unstable because of the large amount of people online at the same time. This is because it's a new patch with a new champ and with high quality skins. It will die down in a few days.
Sounds like the only solution to playing with terrible lag is just not to play?
: European PBE Servers
150-200 doesn't seem like that high a ping for me, I was used to shitty internet so I had to play with ping from 300-500.
: We also all scared to dodge thinking we will get banned or wont be able to log back in. let us know what to do ASAP :D much love
Just wait to play until tomorrow, every one is trying to play at once and the servers are not capable. You just have to let the youtube clowns "record" the game play and explain away characters until the fad is done.
: Client issues
I was not able to get past character selection screen for the ARSR mode, I ended up having to type in I Agree to not afk anymore but it was literally the servers fault. I've never afk rage quit any matches on the PBE
: Ivern with new crugs
I read about this but it's way more interesting to see game play of it
: Why can't we buy some of the runes from the shop?
: If it's game breaking, it's either massive damage or game crashes. Doesn't really matter, will be fixed next maintenance.
We had maintenance and patch but still rengar and talon are MIA, sad face.jpg
: What's the point banning the reworked champions
I end up hosting a custom game and I named the game "Every one play assassins" and that worked out great because every one did play assassins. If you're playing a mode where you can ban stuff then that just stifles the availability. I feel like more people play on this for the free everything rather than testing stuff, which is why you see so many banned. Do custom games if you really want to test things out
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: Control wards and vision wards
When I played on PBE I didn't even see pink wards to buy
: armor pen runes got replaced and now they are lethality runes, they just dont have the words coded in yet
: After how much time of afk will i be removed from pbe
The PBE client is broken anyway, not missing out
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: You sound like a Riven player, perhaps a Vayne
: Please don't forget AP Ezreal is something lots of people love
: OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.2 I don't know if it's going to solve your problem but it's the only thing that comes to mind for me right now. Let me know if it works out
: can you please tell me how to check? I'm noob at tech lol
: Missed Deadline
When was this suppose to happen? I am a newer member to the PBE would that mean it's automatically connected?
: So is the Viktor player base but that doesn't stop the fact that he has an item that gives the most AP possible on its own.
Yeah but you have to sink all your gold into that 1 item in order to get it up, I never see any one use yorick and he's taken out of free rotation. Kind of apples and oranges
: Something needs to be done about ranked
With team builder gone this game is pretty much dead to me
: > [{quoted}](name=SoundChaosDebug,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=eJEK8OH4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-02-05T00:14:45.350+0000) > > What's the word on team builder? I really havent been playing this game as much since it's removal Gone for good
Is there any red posts in regards to it being gone for good?
: Yorick of all champs does not need a nerf{{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
His playerbase is nonexistant almost.
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