: so Riot said ARURF is more popular because their data says so
oooooo their data huh? does their data include all the other weak modes they made that no one likes as well but keep releaseing? If the servers were good and no login ques happened then other proof is forums, friends of friends who were playing, the nine to eight second queues. Urf is popular and will be the most popular game mode they ever made. and money? Riot could of made a killing off of this mode. btw i looked at your responses to all the other forums about ARURF and you defend Riot on every one. You have fun on everything they bring out dont you? Riot can't do nothing wrong because their data says so.
: What sounds stupid is your argument is bringing in ranked. And, ARURF was more wanted and IS more popular. They might aswell take it away because you guys whine about anything they do.
you responded the same to all ARURF posts the same way without giving a reason behind it. Also it seems like Riot cant be criticized in your eyes huh?
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: It's not fair you choose your champion, because you'll always choose the one that is stronger. If you do not want to play ARURF, follow your advice and go play normal
...... THATS THE WHOLE POINT FAM. If I choose someone like Yasuo who doesn't gain any benefits for one game and i feed, why would I choose him again? to feed again? that doesn't make sense. But lets say I choose diana. her kit in urf is awesome, she can stand up to anyone and she is fun. She is strong yes, but its a hell of a lot better then choosing someone like soraka. Just like in normals. if khazix is a top tier jungler and better then everyone else why not abuse him? In urf its the same thing. Will it get boring and less fun going against shaco every game? Actually it gets challenging. even in urf its still league, so counters exist. Will it get stale? yes. Urf is only out for a week or less so i am sure as it gets stale the event will be over and people will complain about how league itself is stale because of "OP" champions. Don't ruin urf because you hate losing and cant understand that every competitive game has strong and weak characters nad people will always choose the strong because the weak are not fun to play as.
: I liked to play {{champion:4}} or {{champion:9}} during when you got to pick.
I loved diana the most.
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