: This change has gutted him.. Have you even played Morde on live?
It doesn't gut him, it changes his role. 50% exp is massive in competitive play! That's why Zilean went from dominating worlds to unplayed when they removed his global passive. You can do so much with the powerspikes you get from this if you have a coordinated team. Granted he'll be less of a soloq stomper than he is now since he will actually require team play and strategy, but if it adds competitive options and depth to the game then I'm all for it.
: Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread
Just wanted to say that I really like the direction of this change. This is the kind of rework that actually changes how the game is played, and allows for entirely new types of compositions to emerge. Obviously it's very different from the Morde people are used to, so I understand the more passionate Morde players being upset about the change. As a classic Karma main however I can say from experience that different isn't always bad, even if you do miss the old. If the numbers turn out right, this could be one of the most exciting reworks of the season.
: Loyalty rewards incoming!
Sounds like an awesome program! I work at a PC Cafe in the US and would love to see it implemented here! We have a coaching program with some of our more experienced players and it would be awesome to give newer players access to all the champions in order to help them learn more about the game without having to unlock each one themselves! We could do lessons on a specific champion each week and everyone would be able to participate! Hopefully this test goes well and we see it expand soon!

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